Introduction to Submission Writing 2012


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Introduction to Submission Writing 2012

  1. 1. Townsville, Saturday, 21 April 2012 Presented by Gerard Byrne Townsville City Council Volunteering North Queensland
  2. 2. Some housekeeping to start with - Evacuation – main exits in an orderly fashion Mobile Phones – please turn off or silent mode Amenities – at the end of the building Break – 11.00 am Finish – before 12 pm
  3. 3. Your presenter today – Gerard Byrne 20 years experience in submission writing Co-author, Grants Management in Australia Chair, NQ Community Supporting Police National Not for Profit Advisor Served on numerous boards, committees Townsville based
  4. 4. What will we cover today?How to turn your great idea into a winning submissionWhere to find the facts and figures on Townsville (andelsewhere) to support your caseBuilding successful partnerships in Townsville andbeyond
  5. 5. What do you want covered today? Pair up with the person on your left Agree on one thing you want to take home from today We will write it up on the whiteboard At the end of the session, we will check that it has been covered
  6. 6. Setting the scene New Queensland Government National Not for Profit Reform Council Elections National Broadband Network (NBN) Queensland Health Fraud Ourcommunity and Philanthropy Australia
  7. 7. Submission Writing 2012 Why do you want to write a submission Gain support and / or resources Partner another organisation, attract a patron Access Government and Private Support Gain Corporate Support and / or sponsorship Win a Grant
  8. 8. Submission Writing 2012 How to turn your idea into a successful submission? Purpose Pitch Planning
  9. 9. Submission Writing 2012 Project Title – Purpose and Pitch Increase Community Services eg Meals on Wheels Link Meals and Wheels to an aging population, isolation, engaging community, impact on crime rate
  10. 10. Ten Point Plan1. Plan Ahead2. READ the Guidelines – use highlighter3. PHONE the contact person4. Be realistic5. Do your homework6. Gather your evidence7. Collaboration8. How can you measure your outcomes9. Tailor your grant application to the criteria10. Always proofread your own work
  11. 11. Submission Writing 2012  WHAT DO WE MEAN BY PLANNING? Clear Purpose Resources Capacity and Abilities Series of Actions End Date
  12. 12. Submission Writing 2012Project Planning Checklist The Project Planning Checklist is prepared and revised regularly. The Project Planning List forms the basis of future submissions. Not all the information is needed in every application. Have others comment on the checklist.
  13. 13. Submission Writing 2012Project Planning Checklist What is your project? What / whose need are you meeting? What are the facts and figures you need? What resources / people do you need. (Copy on the Volunteering North Queensland Website)
  14. 14. Any Questions? (Short Break)
  15. 15. Submission Writing 2012How to prepare a budget? What is a budget? Refer to the Ourcommunity website? Use the Westpac Treasurer’s Guide Treating in-kind amounts in budgets
  16. 16. Submission Writing 2012How to use Wikipedia? What is Wikipedia? What to use, what not to use? Checking References Cross checking multiple entries in Wikipedia
  17. 17. Submission Writing 2012How to use Social Media? Facebook? Consider having a “Page” (photos) Is Twitter for you? Using alerts in Twitter. Linkedin to contact experts Promoting events: Alerts and Photos
  18. 18. Submission Writing 2012How to use Google/Search Engines? Be as specific as possible Specify pages from Australia Check Ourcommunity website for links Google Alerts, Google+, Docs
  19. 19. Submission Writing 2012How to make your submission stand out Catchy Title Facts Figures and Faces (3 F Rule) Primacy and Immediacy Rule Rule of Three
  20. 20. Submission Writing 2012How to make your submission stand out Facts, Figures, and Faces (3 F Rule) “Townsville is a major regional centre of 178,000 residents (?), 137 klms inland from Townsville, located in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.” (Check for more details.)
  21. 21. Submission Writing 2012Facts, Figures, and Faces Number of people involved Number of possible beneficiaries / users / customers Geography / region Percentages Trends Comparisons (Apples and Oranges) Charts
  22. 22. Submission Writing 2012Possible sources of Facts, Figures, and Faces Townsville City Council Library Townsville Enterprise Limited Chamber of Commerce Local Members of Parliament (ring or email if necessary) Google (beware how time this may take) Websites (, Newspapers eg Townsville Bulletin Your networks
  23. 23. Submission Writing 2012Example of Facts and FiguresBernard Salt Report May 2011“…population of around 180,000. It was forecast to add 64,000 people - about 4000 people a year - to around 236,000 by 2026.Mr Salt said the growth would lift Townsville from Australias 13th to 12th-largest city, surpassing Geelong - a position it was likely to hold for at least a generation.The growth would require the building of 21,000 new dwellings over the next 15 years, meaning the development of at least another two or three suburbs.The growth would support about $4.26 billion worth of new residential mortgages and add another $640 million in new retail spending.” Source: Finlay Homes Newsletter May 2011
  24. 24. Grants Sources and Ideas Newspapers Word of Mouth Internet / Websites (eg Google Local Government Councilors Local Members of Parliament Council Libraries Volunteering North Queensland
  25. 25. REFERENCES Submission Writing Ten Point Model Grants Writing Tips (Do’s and Don’ts) References (eg Ourcommunity Books, etc) ( Volunteering North Queensland Website (
  26. 26. How to make Google work for you? Google Alerts If in doubt, “Google it”.
  27. 27. 2012 Workshop Program
  28. 28. Questions?Thank you for your attendance today Need further help? Volunteering North Queensland Townsville City Council Learning Links