Submission Writing Townsville Saturday 2 March 2013


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Grants Writing made easy.

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Submission Writing Townsville Saturday 2 March 2013

  1. 1. Saturday, 2 March 2013 Presented by Gerard Byrne B Com FCPA FAIMVolunteering North Queensland Townsville City Council
  2. 2. Gerard ByrneAuthor, Grants in Australia BookChair, NQ Community Supporting PoliceMember, Townsville Lifelong LearningPresenter, Volunteering North Queensland
  3. 3. Submission Writing 2013Major TrendsNational Not for Profit ReformsOnline ApplicationsSocial Media
  4. 4. Submission Writing 2013What do funders want?Projects that match their needs closelyDemonstrated community benefitRecognition
  5. 5. Submission Writing 2013What funding seekers want?Resources to achieve an outcomeShort – term outcomesSatisfy members
  6. 6. Submission Writing 2013Fundraising StrategyClear GoalProject PlanSkilled peopleSystematic ApproachHard data
  7. 7. Clear Goal • Build a new club house by 1 January 2014 • Assist 100 youth gain employment by 1 January 2014 • Provide services to 100 clients per month
  8. 8. 2013 Project PlanWhat makes a good Project Plan?ClearConciseCompleteCorrectComprehensive (
  9. 9. Skilled PeopleSkilled peopleOrganising skillsFinancial SkillsNetworking SkillsMedia SkillsOnline support(Ourcommunity Website)
  10. 10. 2013 Ten Point Plan1. Plan Ahead2. READ the Guidelines – use highlighter3. PHONE the contact person4. Be realistic5. Do your homework6. Gather your evidence7. Collaboration8. How can you measure your outcomes9. Tailor your grant application to the criteria10. Always have your work proofread
  11. 11. Hard DataResearch – Supported by dataThe number one reason why submissions failCouncil Library Reference Desk (Ring)Office of Economic and Statistical ResearchPeak Bodies
  12. 12. Submission Writing 2013A sporting organisations main aim is to field teams each week, compete hard andhopefully win. But it also serves other important purposes in the community. Forexample, the club could also:• Build community spirit through providing a rallying point for an otherwise disparatecommunity, and by offering a number of community events and activities - from gamesnights to other social functions.• Provide opportunities for young people in the area - and maybe in an area of lowsocio-economic status or high youth unemployment. The club offers supervised trainingsessions and builds self esteem and team-work.• Maintain and develop community facilities - the playing field and clubrooms.• Provide opportunities for people in far-flung rural areas that might not normally haveaccess to a sporting club, opportunities for residents from non-English speakingbackgrounds as well as running a program that offers coaching and participation forchildren with disabilities. (
  13. 13. Where do you get some good ideas?
  14. 14. Submission Writing 2013How to make your submission stand outCatchy TitleFacts Figures and Faces (3 F Rule)Primacy and Immediacy RuleRule of Three
  15. 15. Submission Writing 2013Facts, Figures, and Faces (3 F Rule) Number of people involved Number of possible beneficiaries / users / customers Geography / region Percentages Trends Comparisons Charts
  16. 16. Submission Writing 2013How to make your submission stand outFacts, Figures, and Faces (3 F Rule)“Townsville is a major tropical, regional centre of 196,000residents (?), 1358 klms North of Brisbane, located in NorthQueensland, Australia.”
  17. 17. Submission Writing 2013Possible sources of Facts, Figures, and Faces Townsville City Council Library Chamber of Commerce and Townsville Enterprise Limited Office of Economic and Statistical Research, Townsville Local Members of Parliament (ring or email if necessary) Google (beware how much time this may take) Websites (, Newspapers eg Townsville Bulletin Your networks
  18. 18. Funding SourcesNewspapers (Too few, too late)EasyGrants (Ourcommunity)Internet / Websites (egLocal Government CouncilorsLocal Members of ParliamentCouncil LibrariesVolunteering North Queensland
  19. 19. The power of saying “Thank You”
  20. 20. Submission Writing 2013How to use Social Media?Facebook? Consider having a “Page” (photos)Is Twitter for you? Using alerts in Twitter.Linkedin to contact content expertsPromoting events: Alerts and Photos
  21. 21. Submission Writing 2012How to use Google/Search Engines and Wikipedia?Be as specific as possibleSpecify pages from AustraliaLink off the Ourcommunity website for linksGoogle Alerts, Google+, Docs, Wikipedia
  22. 22. REFERENCESSubmission Writing Ten Point ModelGrants Writing Tips (Do’s and Don’ts)References (Ourcommunity Books)Volunteering North Queensland
  23. 23. How to make Google work for you? Google Alerts If in doubt, “Google it”.
  24. 24. Questions?Thank you for your attendance this morning Need further help? Volunteering North Queensland Townsville City Council