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Using Wealth Dynamics profiling to get your work and life into flow. Create more success with less effort by learning which game is naturally easier for you. Gina Lazenby gave a talk to the Inspired Entrepreneur community in October 2010, London, as part of the launch of her new book 'The Wealth Garden - Catching Butterflies without a Net".

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  • The Wealth Garden new book

    1. 1. Gina Lazenby on flow
    2. 2. mastering the art of flow The Healthy Home retreat in the Yorkshire Dales
    3. 3. tonight’s goal how to get into flow what is wealth dynamics & profiles blueprint for collaboration possibilities
    4. 4. who are you?
    5. 5. what is Wealth Dynamics? guidelines for enterprise & personal success based on a body of knowledge from the I Ching study of energy in motion creating attraction
    6. 6. look at nature
    7. 7. Spring - Dynamo
    8. 8. Summer - Blaze
    9. 9. Autumn - Tempo
    10. 10. Winter - Steel
    11. 11. what is FLOW? being in alignment with the natural order experience a sense of grace and ease power versus force
    12. 12. We create Innovation Value in one of 2 ways:- Value Timing
    13. 13. We leverage Innovation Value in one of 2 ways:- Value Process People Leverage Wealth = V x L Timing
    14. 14. DYNAMO spring Faster, Intuitive, Dominance, new Growth STEEL BLAZE winter 4 Frequencies summer Multiply, Magnify, make bigger, Simplify, Complex, build around ME! do it without ME Extrovert Introvert TEMPO autumn T Slower, Sensory, Steadiness, Process
    15. 15. Look at the where are Phone a manual? you? Friend?
    16. 16. Full of ideas? Always starting new things? Look at the where are Phone a manual? you? Friend? Keen to complete? T
    17. 17. MECHANIC CREATOR STAR best completers, best initiators, new projects best promoters, wrap up process, give space to shine, + create chaos smart ways to make support them better PROFILES LORD SUPPORTER best analyst, focus & Roles in best leaders, behind scenes, study detail, deliver data the TEAM let them build the plan with team, ACCUMULATOR TRADER DEAL MAKER best Ambassadors best negotiators, best peacemakers, project managers, have ear to ground thrive on r/ships, reliable, get things in market & team nurture customers done on time & partnerships
    18. 18. DYNAMO Visual, aerial view, snapshot, summary, no small print! Impulsive decision STEEL BLAZE Analytical, data, modes Active listening, social, detail, manual, SLOW conversations, no small talk! collective decisions TEMPO Feeling, gather market research T take it apart, makes sense
    19. 19. REPLICATION PRODUCT CREATION BUILDING BRAND SYSTEM better product unique identity prototype better business inspire, promote, sell CASHFLOW KING Roles in business LEADING people, team, network order, structure, relationships process BUYING NEGOTIATORS CONNECTING invest in a business, buy & sell right time right people, right time, due diligence, transactions matchmakers, know when longer term, slow money down
    20. 20. what this means for you.... knowing your profile gives permission to be YOU step into authentic self - own your strengths articulate your value - create attraction your weakness is an opportunity for others clarity for when to say NO
    21. 21. what are your thoughts? where are you out of flow in your life right now?
    22. 22. Cycle of natural questions... What? How? Why? Who? When? ask questions in THIS order
    23. 23. Questions... What is the better way, better product? What to do? FIRST: LAST QUESTION: Who do I need to call? Why do this business, How can this be done? Who can help me? why is it worth it? When is the right time? When should I act
    24. 24. the power of questions good questions create flow. Magnetic “How can I help” - puts you in their team “What are the greatest challenges facing your business this year?”....... great opener help people get back into their flow - be an opening for them
    25. 25. self-made? success is a team sport you can’t create wealth on your own
    26. 26. collaboration pick a location & do what you are good at become the go-to-person grow your wealth garden help each other create more
    27. 27. last few tips your value is someone else’s leverage your value is WHO you are, not what you DO weave yourself into someone else’s web all differences are needed we hold the keys for each other 1+1 = 3
    28. 28. Wisdom retreats - create your wealth garden
    29. 29. gina’s blog
    30. 30. Gina Lazenby NEXT: ‘Leverage Your Profile’ webinar ......
    31. 31. more... Blog: Wealth Garden: Profile: Retreats: Email: