[1 hr Lecture] Designing a Culture of Co-Creation

Leadership + Executive Coach
Jun. 4, 2012

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[1 hr Lecture] Designing a Culture of Co-Creation

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  3. What if there was as much intentionality around culture as design?
  4. Culture is a key driver of innovation & creativity
  5. "What we can do is construct an environment that nurtures trusting and respectful relationships and unleashes everyone’s creativity.” Ed Catmull, President Walt Disney Animation Studios & Pixar Animation Studios
  6. Designing an intentional environment
  7. Look within.
  8. “Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive edge.” Dr. Morgan Gerard VP Chief Resident Anthropologist, Idea Couture
  9. Competing Values Framework McKinsey’s Org Health Index Building Blocks of Design Studio Culture
  10. Cameron Gray Lynne Waldera Sarah Nelson Vice President, Engineering, Mindflash Founder & CEO, InMomentum Principle & Founder, Tapir & Tine
  11. Today: Culture assessment + design a new practice.
  12. “How did you become you?” Lynne Waldera Founder and CEO, InMomentum
  13. “Have an ideal dynamic in mind.” Cameron Gray Vice President, Engineering, Mindflash
  14. Cooper U values 1 Be people, first. 2 Make time for play. 3 Create work spaces that nurture. 4 Actively celebrate success. 5 Get curious about critique.
  15. Activity 1. List companies & environments you are inspired by. Think outside of your industry. 2. List specific attributes or practices.
  16. “Culture is generated from ongoing contributions and discoveries from both studio owners and employees.” David Sherwin Success by Design
  17. “Every time you add a person to the group, the dynamic changes.” Sarah Nelson Principle & Founder, Tapir & Tine
  18. “Social interactions are places where you can introduce and sustain change.” Lynne Waldera Founder and CEO, InMomentum
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  21. Activity Reflection: List three rituals or practices that your company or team is doing TODAY that embody the group’s values.
  22. “Level the playing field.” Cameron Gray Vice President, Engineering, Mindflash
  23. Now YOU!
  24. Activity Brainstorm a new practice.
  25. Activity Brainstorm a new practice...that would get you fired.
  26. Activity Now, how do you bring that idea down to earth?
  27. Environments happen. Make them intentional.
  28. Thanks! Teresa Brazen @TeresaBrazen