How to develop Insights


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A presentation on the much confusing area of insight development specifically in relation to the area of marketing communications.

What is an insight, why useful and how can they be created

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  • How to develop Insights

    1. 1. INSIGHTS Thomas Miles, Planning Director, Lavender* May 2010
    2. 2. Why is a good insight like a refrigerator?
    3. 3. Why is a good insight like a refrigerator? Because the moment you look into it, a light comes on
    4. 4. Why do we need them? Because people do not dash into a store or pick up a phone whenever they see an ad We need to connect with our audience (An emotional interaction)
    5. 5. Problem..... what is an insight? a piece of information that is interesting & useful..... new news presents an opportunity credible actionable can refer to a brand, product, business or in most cases, the consumer
    6. 6. Subjective...... but think of what will engage your audience
    7. 7. DRILL DOWN FROM YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEM What’s your business problem? Barrier to Psychological Life stage/Life Perception of Category/ Product/Service purchase needs style Value Competitor Issue Characteristics Status, How they live/ What you do Ease, Cost, Relevance Annoyances Support, want to live better Interface Confidence
    8. 8. How do you know you’ve got to an insight? “So What?” “Aha” “And?” “That’s interesting”
    9. 9. A statistic An insight “.... It is more acceptable for people to “the divorce rate is pursue their individual goals and focus on Increasing” what makes them happy.” Application of knowledge origin in numbers potency & expression & understanding.
    10. 10. How Ask yourself Interrogate Map it out Why does your business problem Work out what’s exist? the most So what? compelling & Why are people truthful behaving as they do?
    11. 11. Always try and go down one more level Need a lot of money to start saving Not enough money too many options to make a decision Customers aren’t Saving is not a priority saving as much Procrastination money as they need to As long as I’m doing as People believe well as my peers everything will work If I save, I go without itself out something I want People think they save enough People judge their wealth as a measure of what they own
    12. 12. Getting to great results A Fact Young male drivers think speeding is cool An Insight Young males drive recklessly to impress others in order to reinforce their masculinity
    13. 13. Finessing “Product satisfaction arises less from inherent construction and performance than from consumers’ internalised perceptions of personal utility “People don’t want washing machines. They want clean clothes” inspiration, immediacy & convey a great truth
    14. 14. A lot of knowledge already exists, but only consummate expression can unlock it
    15. 15. Recap - Importance of connecting with your audience - Find something interesting - Break through the so-what barrier - Delve a bit deeper - Mind-map - Write to inspire