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  1. 1. CATERINA Chuck T’s ambercombie jeans, Live down the street, In class your phone all waysbeeps. many trips with the pass, Always sneaking out of class. Secrets held… you know me well. Betty’s bag, Small girl but lots of swag,I know the things that make you mad. These words are deep and I will keep,Until its time forthe long sleep.
  2. 2. Deep Every day is routine A lot means nothing to me Why do I wear these brand name jeans What is wrong with Mr. Sheen A lot means nothing to me The mourning beep is scares me Its just the start of the daily routine I sit and get lectured while wearing a sweatshirt But why am I still cold It reminds me of the mold in the shower Why do girls love flowers I have so many thoughts I’ve done bad things And got caughtI have also got away a quiet place is where I want to stay
  3. 3. Ode to Nature Summer time is the best You can play all day and then take a restWay to hot for clothes so girls show their chests Pool parties.. People dressed in ambercrombie.. Some soo hot they drag around like zombies The best feeling is the summer breeze It’s been awhile since the wind hit my knees This summer I’ll be 16 and guess what? I’ll have my car keys.
  4. 4. The Line I hate standing in line It takes so long all the time I especially hate the people who don’t know what to buyOhhh Lori isnt looking a cut I will try Yesss the front of the line Just in the knick of time Wait….what was I gonna buy
  5. 5. I Gotta Go Man I really gotta go I take a deep breath and blow out slow I dont think I shoulda drank that coke As the bell rings out of class I float I gotta go so bad I dont know why but I almost chocked Finally into the bathroom I gloatI rush into the stall but ewww theres something afloat The standing stalls are full What will I do