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Freestyle Rap Lyrics By Amr Zaki


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this freestyle's about mortherfuckerzzzzzzz..and i'll make this video with this freestyle rap in this summer......

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Freestyle Rap Lyrics By Amr Zaki

  1. 1. Part 1Man fuck u nocks u punk lil pussy,Why don’t u go sit your ass down and i guarantee,i teach u some fucking respect,u and your whole grew are a bunch of rejects,u just mad cause u cant spit like me,u fuck with me and ill take it to the next degree,i fucking leave u stuttering,And all you can do is just keep muttering,Your weak ass rhymes and u think u a g,When i am finished with u just say good-bye to your dignity,Bitch u think u hard and shit,ur fucking whack and bitch im straight legit,i don’t give a fuck what u say,i be rapping on u all mother fucking day,And u think i rehearse my rhymes,i don’t do that shit and i think its about time,to stop playing around,keep fucking with me and ill take u down..part 2My flows like a nuclear weaponI cause disaster the minute im rappedNone of You fagots can see what’s happeningI’m here to take your crown bitch what’s crackenI’ve already seen that your rap is whack menYou cant do nothing cause im not stoppingMess around and the guns will be poppingpart 3U motherfuckers think u can freestyle............u guys think u rich u ain’t got no bitchi make bets higher den your paycheckslife’s to short so dun mess wit me I ain’t gonnaSleep till i see u go 6 feet deep below meDumb ass mother fucker watch me watch you back