OWBC Scrapbooks Prologue Part 1


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Katrina, my founder starts off life in University. What surprises will she uncover about her life in this scrapbook that she wrote?

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OWBC Scrapbooks Prologue Part 1

  1. 1. An Officially Wacky Boolprop ChallengePrologue Part 1: Sky University By: EveningSky
  2. 2. My name is Katrina Sky and I the founder of the Sky family. I am putting together this biography toadd to my scrapbook for my family so that the legacy can carry on for the generations to come. My story starts at Sky University where I lived out the days of my young adulthood. I moved into adorm that housed 12 sims including myself. I was eager to make friends but even more eager to beginmy studies. I‟m a knowledge sim (secondary family) so learning is very important to me. I only hopeto uphold the tradition in my family of attending college. This time of my life was very exciting. I hada whole life ahead of me and it was full of possibilities!
  3. 3. ~Author’s note: Katrina is a knowledge sim with a secondary aspiration in family. Her lifetime want is to become aMedia Magnet. Her personality is: Aquarius with:  5 Neat  6 Outgoing  4 Active  5 Playful  5 Nice~
  4. 4. Immediately upon arriving, I noticed that there were 3 pink flamingos on the front of my lawn at theexpense of my own money! “Whyyyy?” I wailed, “I only had §500 to begin with!” ~You’d think she’d be happy with the nice new neighborhood I just made for her butoh well. She’s going to have to get used to these flamingos. Trust me , Katrina, they’regoing to be around for your kids, their kids and their kid’s kids.~
  5. 5. “Take that ugly flamingo,” I said as I kicked that distasteful little piece of lawn trash. ~*Face palm* Well this is off to a great start…~ I wasn‟t so much angry at the fact that there was a flamingo on my lawn as I was angry at the factthat I had wasted §36 on them. I mean §12 for one flamingo is bad enough… ~Katrina, you do not even know the meaning of wasting money and such, sims don’thave economical downturn!~
  6. 6. My transition to college life went well. I got my own room, although all it had was a bed and a desk,I couldn‟t ask for much more with all the facilities around, such as the pool table. I declared a majorin Psychology right away. I knew that, being a founder, I would have to provide a lot for my children,their children and the generations to come. My dream was to become a Media Magnet but I chosePsychology because I knew I had to secure an education bookcase for my family first. After all, themost important thing to me is passing down knowledge to my family. Between making friends, skilling and avoiding creepers, I was a very busy young woman.
  7. 7. I wasn‟t at Sky long before I went down to breakfast only to spot someone who caught my eye. I remember walking into the dinning hall, intent on getting my breakfast and racing off to class. Onesight of Pong Cox stopped me in my tracks. It wasn‟t his crazy punk outfit, or even his attractive facethat caught my attention. I felt a surge of energy and my heart swelled as I noticed his fit body and hisobvious work ethic. I just had to talk to him.
  8. 8. When I came in to eat lunch, I was focused on getting food and then going to skill some more butwhen I searched for a place to sit, there was Pong! My heart started racing as I walked over but Isucked up my nerves to make a confident stand, “Can I sit here?” Pong looked up at me and said with a certain distinction, “I don‟t see why not.” At those words, I felt like my heart filled. I sat down and we began talking about being new to thearea. It was nice to have someone who finally seemed to be interested more in philosophical questionsthan simple small talk like I am (Why are we here? Is it really possible to see a ghost? What would itfeel like to become a different creature?)
  9. 9. Pong and I hung out later that night. It was great getting to know him better. He seemed a lot like meand was very skilled, something that would be invaluable for supporting a family in the future. Iwasn‟t quite thinking that far into the future at that particular moment but I guess being a (secondary)family sim didn‟t help the daydreams about weddings and babies stay completely off my mind. Theyseemed to plague me the worst while I was writing term papers and sometimes even in class! ~I thought Pong was so perfect for her. Later on I had her ask him his zodiac sign forsake of personality (I don’t want the kids to be slobs.) Turns out he’s a Sagittarius ,they’re not very neat  But then again has astrology ever been very accurate?~
  10. 10. I was so flustered. My hands were shaking and sweating and I couldn‟t help but feel overwhelmed.However, I had to make a move. I started with a subtle flirt, which he seemed to like and ended withasking him out. He did admit that he thought I was hot. My chest leapt when he said yes to a date! Iwas suddenly overcome by all these desires to get to know him better and go out to have some dinner.The date did get out to a good start.
  11. 11. Then Pong locked himself inside his room DURING OUR DATE! The result? A good date from hispoint of view. I had no idea where that came from. I worried that I had maybe screwed up but Irationalized that I was in a wonderful mood already so things couldn‟t get too much better. I needed toskill and work toward a 4.0 anyway, so it was probably for the best in the end. ~*Sigh* I know it was the game’s fault, not Pong’s but I couldn’t help holding it againsthim for a while. If this had happened IRL it would’ve been a terrible date!~
  12. 12. Eventually I forgave Pong. He told me that he was really tired that night and he used all the energyhe had to walk up to his room. We talked and flirted a little bit in the gaming room until I feltsomething more for him. I started to really like Pong. I hoped we could be more than just friends and Ialso felt we were meant to be together. A rush of energy came up through my chest like I had neverfelt before and gave me the courage to ask him on another date. We explored the campus and town a little. It was so much fun! We played chess in the bookstore,got some coffee at the café and finally found this cute ice and roller skating rink with a shop and arestaurant! We were relieved because we were so hungry but when we got there we realized we werepoor students and shouldn‟t waste our money on food.
  13. 13. So we ran around exploring like the crazy knowledge sims we are and took pictures. Pong was beingso romantic that night. After we took pictures together we walked outside and admired the beauty ofthe beautiful garden and lovely trees.
  14. 14. And underneath weeping willow tree, we had our first kiss! In that moment, it almost seemed likethat night could last forever. My heart was beating so fast with anticipation and in the second it tookme to realize what was happening, it had slowed to a delicate rhythm of continent. It was as if for thatbrief time we had together, life was truly magical.
  15. 15. I wanted that night to last forever but we both were tired, hungry and had work to do. The moonlitpavement we walked down seemed to go on forever until we arrived at our dorm. In the end, it wastoo short.
  16. 16. The next morning, Pong and I were having a peaceful breakfast together when…
  17. 17. The dining staff actually caught the kitchen on fire! I couldn‟t think of anything more awful thatcould have happened. Luckily, there were sprinklers installed that doused the fire in seconds.
  18. 18. That day wasn‟t too bad in the end. I perfected my xylophone shot that night on the pool table. I alsostarted making progress with befriending others who lived in my dorm. It was the end to my freshmanyear as well. I came out on the Dean‟s list and kept a 4.0.
  19. 19. See that guy up in the right hand corner? That‟s Christopher. My dorm mates and I all wonderedwhy he wasn‟t given the name Goopy because we were all compelled to call him that. Doesn‟t he justlook like a Goopy? I was going on some outings and racking up friends during my sophomore year.
  20. 20. It wasn‟t just my friendships that grew early in that year, but my feelings for Pong grew as well. Iknew it, I adored him and it could only be true love! We had a date that seemed like it could have only been made of dreams at a beautiful park with arestaurant. I will never forget how we got so caught up in each other that we danced the night away. It‟s obvious that the creepers didn‟t stop either, just look at that creeper watching us make-out!
  21. 21. This just goes to show how chaotic living in a dorm was at times. I was skilling at the mirror when afight broke out just very randomly in the middle of the study area. As you can see, someone left theirdirty plate on the table. That plate seriously was never cleaned up. I wondered why the universityhadn‟t hired anyone to clean up the dorms in other places than in the dining hall.
  22. 22. On a winter night near the end of my sophomore year, a mysterious limo pulled up in front of the dorm. I was goingto clean the toilet to gain some more cleaning skill when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see a girl in afamiliar looking suit headed straight toward me. She did some sort of chicken dance and poked me. “Owww!” Iexclaimed, “What did you do that for?” “We‟re going to have to take you in,” she said. “Huh? Why? What did I do?” She grabbed my hand and pulled it behind my back. I turned around “Stop that!” Iyelled. Before I knew it she had me handcuffed and began to drag me outside. I was so scared. What was happening?My heart was racing. We went outside in the ice cold. There was a limo waiting there at the front. “Wait! At least letme get my jacket on!” “You can put it on in the limo,” she said, dragging me down the steps and to toward the limo. She opened the door tothe back of the limo and shoved me inside. I had no idea where we were going but there was a mysterious person in thelimo that helped me get the cuffs off.
  23. 23. The limo seemed to drive for ages, getting farther and farther away from civilization until we wereout in the middle of nowhere. Then I saw this huge mansion and the limo stopped right in front of it. Isat there for a second overcome by what was happening then I got out and who did I see but myfriends April, Mehrissa and Darren with my future friends Destry and Ocean. They were all wearingthe same suit and they handed me one of my own. “Welcome to the Secret Society of Sky,” they said,“you‟re now one of us since we know we can trust you. Feel free to explore the mansion.” I did explore the mansion. They had all sorts of interesting things to help Sims skill and makemoney. I gained all sorts of skills from the objects they had there. When I was done exploring Ihugged April, “Oh April this is so wonderful! I‟m so honored to be your friend.” “Me too. I‟m glad that you were able to be a part of us. I‟ve been telling the guys about you forsome time.”
  24. 24. One of those guys happened to be a guy by the name of Destry. He had been staring at me fromacross the room. My heart leapt when I looked at him. And we met eyes He was quite a bit more fitand hard working than Pong, I could tell. He was a lot like me as well. We even agreed about ourstances on pollution! For that night, I forgot about Pong. I felt like I was falling for Destry. We justhad so much in common, I couldn‟t stop talking to him or complimenting him. His personality is whatwon me over. Unlike Pong, Destry was more relaxed and clean. He seemed like someone that wouldbe more to himself but he opened up to me and that fact about him made me feel very special. ~Destry is obviously a knowledge sim and he’s a Virgo and they’re my favorite sims.At least their children would be neat. He only has 2 skills vs. Pong’s 3. But seriously,was she trying to start an uglacy here?~
  25. 25. I stayed at the secret society house for another day, until my final exam and even got a ride homefrom that in the limo. That ride seemed like one of the longest rides of my life. Thoughts of Destryhad taken over my head, it was as if he was seeping into my very being. I knew it sounded bad, but Ithought he was the man I wanted my kids to be like, not Pong. I felt terrible though, Pong was myboyfriend! I couldn‟t let some guy I had just met get in the way of that. What was I going to do? I feltlike I couldn‟t live not knowing what life would be like without either of them but that obviouslywouldn‟t be fair, I had to settle down sometime. What was I going to do? I had a 4.0, surely I couldfigure this out! The thoughts continued to torture me until the limo pulled up to my dorm. Reluctantly, I got out.Now what? Should I tell Pong, should I just try to forget Destry?
  26. 26. I went to eat breakfast but Pong wasn‟t there. As I was easting, I noticed the mailman bringing a strange package. I immediately went to check the mail when I was done eating and found a letter that had glitter dust and hearts all over it. I opened it immediatelyand read it. I said: “Dear Katrina, I had fun, I hope you know That dating you was good And if you wonder, “Should I ask again?” I say you should Love, Pong” My heart filled with joy! I loved Pong, I really did. „How could I have even considered being with another man?‟ I thought.
  27. 27. I spent most of that semester cleaning other people‟s messes for cleaning skill points, studying andmaximizing my creativity skill. It was work, work, work for me. I guess in a way I buried myconflicting feelings in my work.
  28. 28. One day, the worker in the dining hall caught the kitchen on fire twice, not just in one day but onefire right after the other! I know most sims are that bright when it comes to cooking, even when theyare maximized in their cooking skill but this was just ridiculous! I can understand a fire ever so oftenbut twice consecutively is just going too far. Those who start fires, deserve to get fired.
  29. 29. After what seemed like an eternity of working my butt off, I finally saw Pong again. I was having dinner and bumped into him just before leaving, literately. I looked up and my heartleapt. “Pong!” I exclaimed. “Katrina!” he said, “I haven‟t seen you in a while are things going okay?” “Yeah I‟ve just been really busy trying to skill and get my term paper done, you know, the usualstuff.” “Well are you free right now? I know an awesome place we could go.” And just like that, Pong swept me away for a date.
  30. 30. Pong insisted on going to Downtown Legacyland. It was a new part of town, just built so he just hadto check it out. I loved exploring new places so I was excited. He said he wasn‟t quite sure whereexactly we should go so we asked the taxi driver. He said “There‟s quite a few poppin clubs aroundtown, I‟ll just take you to my favorite.” A thrill rushed over me when I thought about dancing withPong a sort of „This will be fun‟ attitude. When we got there we saw it had this sleek almost futuristic look to it. Too bad because the placewas dead! “I know,” Pong said, “we can just make our own fun…” ~I downloaded this lot from Holy Simoly.~
  31. 31. Pong and I ran around exploring the place, we even met a vampire! Well, I did, Pong was too scaredto talk to him. I didn‟t know where he went while I was talking to Count Marcel but I soon found outwhen he came back outside and dragged me inside and away from Marcel. Once we got inside he led me into a little side room where he started kissing me heavily. We stoppedonly to look at each other and giggle. There was a photo booth to our right. Still giggling and kissing, we hastily made our way into the photo booth. We both knew this wascoming but there were no double beds in the dorms so we weren‟t able to there…
  32. 32. It was a little awkward and cramped but at least it was more spacious than a car (which was what wewere thinking until we remembered that neither of us owned a car, nor was there one parked outside).Since there was no one around we weren‟t too worried about it being too public, besides…the biggerthe risk, the bigger the thrill. Ah…my first woohoo. „That‟s what I call fun‟ I thought, and I hoped wecould do it again. Pong seemed to get an ego boast from it while I was just swooning over him. I didn‟t expect muchof a crowd, as I said the place was empty but one of the bar tenders came up to us and cheered us. “You‟re not going to kick us out?” I asked, dumbfounded. “No way!” she said, “That‟s the most action I‟ve seen all night!” I couldn‟t stop smiling the whole night after that.
  33. 33. Despite the bar tender being cool about us woohooing in the photo booth, we decided we should goahead and ditch the defunct club. So we walked up the street until we found a place with an iceskating rink. The place itself was closed but the rink was right out in the open. Being sims, we justhappened to have ice skates too. “We‟re so sneaky aren‟t we,” I whispered to Pong. “There‟s no need to whisper, babe,” Pong replied, “No one else is here!” “I know right?! Oh Pong, this is so much fun!” I giggled and grabbed his hand. He then grabbed myother hand and pulled me close to him, twirling us around.
  34. 34. “You know what?” he said as my heart skipped a beat, in hope that he would tell me how he feltabout me, “I should have talked to that vampire. I‟ve always thought it would be cool to become one.” I laughed, “Yeah it would be, but you know what would be even better? To become a witch! Thatwould be amazing! Think of all the good you could do!” “I would rather create chaos! Hehehe, wouldn‟t it be fun if I were an evil warlock?!” He laughedand cackled like one would. I giggled, “Look at you, staring into the face of a woman who just said she would do good for othersand cackling at her.” “I guess I need to work on my cackle.”
  35. 35. He began to cackle again, leaning back and back and…he was falling backward and I was fallingwith him as he had a hold of my hand. It was a frightening rush. I felt my heart stop my eyes widenedI began to sweat profusely and….clunk. A numbing sort of pain was felt on my arms and torso. I didn‟t know what had happened for a second. It happened so fast. I was shaken. “Hey Katrina,” Pong said, “You‟re okay, right?” I was okay. I lifted my head a bit and instantly scooted over. Pong‟s ice skate had nearly sliced me! Pong laughed, “Maybe we should go home. It is getting late.” I pushed myself up and brushed the ice off of the front of me. I was a little disappointed at the waythe night had turned out. Don‟t get me wrong, the woohoo and the ice skating was great but I wasputting so much effort into this relationship that I wanted to know if Pong really did feel the sameway I felt about him.
  36. 36. I have to admit, junior year wasn‟t getting any easier. Between my newfound love for waterballoonfights and Professor Go‟s repeated checkups on my academic well being, I had almost no social life.My date with Pong was the only time I had really gotten out, other than going to class. ~That professor seriously came to the door and rung the bell EVERY DAY! Yet,he kept showing disgust toward her as in, he didn’t even find her attractive! Some simsare just so weird!~
  37. 37. Not to mention Destry kept calling me everyday. I guess you could say that we were best friends bythat point. I probably wouldn‟t have admitted it at the time but every time Destry called, I got soconfused. I knew I was in love with Pong but Destry made me feel special in a way that Pong didn‟t. Inever really told him much about Pong, other than the fact that he was my boyfriend but Destryseemed to sense when Pong would upset me. The morning after the photo booth and ice skating date, Destry told me that I was very specialwoman who deserves to be told so at least once a day and loved. My heart swelled.
  38. 38. It was then that I decided I needed a friend to hang out with. Someone who was female (so Iwouldn‟t get any farther into this predicament) and someone who didn‟t know Destry so we didn‟thave to talk about him. Carla lived in the same dorm as me and I always thought she was really sweetso I invited her to the gym (which happens to have a beach and as well). We had so much fun buildinga sandcastle and swimming in the ocean that I forgot about my dilemma and just enjoyed a nice sunnyday and my first swim in the ocean.
  39. 39. At dusk, Carla left and I worked out a little until I started walking home when I came upon asouvenir shop and decided to go in to see what they sold. There was none other than Destry. “HeyKatrina!” he said with a smile, “What brings you to the beach?” My heart began racing wildly. I was a little sweaty already but I really felt this rush of warmth rundown my whole body. Here standing before me was a man who actually cared for me. A really, sweet,driven, fit, sexy man who I didn‟t have to worry over what he felt for me. I knew.
  40. 40. I don‟t know what overcame me to do this but I greeted him with a kiss! A kiss that clearly showed I waslonging for him. In that moment, the moment when we first touched lips, I felt the biggest spark I had ever felt for anyone inmy entire life. To hold him was comforting, to kiss him was welcoming. His lips seemed to be the perfectshape to fit mine. A moment later, I realized what I was doing. The warm rush was gone and overcome by a fiery rush ofguilt. I threw him back and stepped back, wide eyed. “Leave me alone!” was all I managed to wail out at himthrough my shock. I ran out the door and back to the gym ~The stupid girl seriously did this! I guess I can’t blame her. She has 2 bolts for Destryand only one for Pong. No one has exceeded Destry in boltage yet either. Surprisingly,they didn’t fall in love. As much as I really like him I just can’t stop thinking about thepossibility of this turning into an uglacy due to him. At least Pong’s pretty attractive.~
  41. 41. What was I thinking? What was I doing? I already have a boyfriend! I’m partially a family sim, notsome kind of romance skank! All these thoughts were running through my mind and the gym was theonly place I could work off some steam form being so angry at myself. How did I let it get this far? I didn‟t have much time to think though, shortly after, it was exam time. I was about to become asenior. ~I’m going to conclude it here for now. I really can’t decide between Pong andDestry and I need everyone’s help. I’ll be posting a poll and the link will be on thestory page.~