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This is a presentation of images which helped me with my interpretation of the tempest.

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Visual influences

  1. 1. Visual Influences The Tempest
  2. 2. Tim WalkerThe key elements within this image are-• The Caravan and the stair case.• The Caravan and the Staircase, symbolize travel and upward movement into a higher space and this has helped me with my interpretation, which I have set in a school; therefore I can’t physically put the children into space and this would also be too literal which I don’t want. It has shown me that even with such simple elements I can represent a lot of meaning.• The caravan arouses a questioning attitude in the audience and some apprehension about why it’s there as you wouldn’t usually see a caravan in that setting, just like when the children go to Mars they are being put into an abnormal situation.
  3. 3. Magritte- The Son Of Man’The Son of Man’ provides meaning to myinterpretation of how I want Prospero to beconveyed. For me the apple symbolizes theplanet, Mars. The man’s face is obscured butbecause of his stature he still dominates theimage. In my interpretation I do not wantProspero to be seen and so I feel this imagehas influenced my version of The Tempest as itproves that I can give him the power andcontrol he needs even without the audienceseeing him.
  4. 4. Tim Walker• The apple in this image represents for me, the planet, Earth which is well developed and ripened. This contrasts with the child on the frame who is young and in experienced which links to my interpretation because the audience would have left an established way of life (the apple) for an unknown area, which is difficult to reach.• The child on the wooden framework which reminds me of a climbing frame, influenced my decision to base my interpretation on the intended audience being children. This is because the image reminds me of the learning processes that children undertake through play and exploration.
  5. 5. David Hockney- Pearblossom HighwayDavid Hockney’s image has many connotations which are relevant tomy interpretation. For example: Before the stop sign you can see thewild and unfriendly nature of the area. Beyond the stop sign you can’tsee what’s ahead, and this is what I want the audience to imagine onthe difficult and uncertain journey into space. Looking at this imageHockney has almost created a world inside a world which in a similarsense I would like to do. My audience will be coming onto Mars withprevious knowledge and awareness of danger and will use thisbackground to help them survive and create a new way of life.
  6. 6. Orion Nebula. Michelangelo• The figure pointing in this image, signifies to me the power of Prospero. It is almost as if he is touching the Planet along with him pointing represents direction and that he has a clear vision of the future.• The muted pink, purple and blue colours, suggest a misty and magical atmosphere, which with my previous knowledge of the Tempest I can relate to Ariel.• Overall, I feel this image presents the underlying notion that Prospero has the power over his people. The colours which have been used to resemble the meaning in this painting I could use in my set, to depict these mystical aspects.
  7. 7. Although this is a very simple child-like image from the childrens programme (My parent arealiens), I felt it was relevant to my interpretation because essentially it’s a story about alienswho went onto Earth and had to create a new life for themselves there and adapt to normalhuman life. This is straightforward to understand and has helped me to establish my chosenaudience on children, as if these themes can be easily portrayed in a TV series there is noreason why children won’t be able to relate to it in my interpretation.
  8. 8. The single footstep and empty surroundings is suggesting the journey into the unknown; this is what I want I my audience to experience when they first step foot on Mars. It will start off as an individual activity but they will grow into a team. This image signifies the beginning when they are starting out on their adventure.
  9. 9. Planets in Space• This is a powerful image which for me through it’s choice of colours and interlocking shapes depicts the planets are separate entities but also interrelated systems. The image is relevant to my interpretation as it shows how humans can appear similar and will share similar emotions when they step onto my planet yet they are all unique as they have different experiences and understandings.• The differences in size between the components of the image, are indicative of power relationships, which is key in The Tempest.
  10. 10. An image which I photographed myself I believe was an useful resource for myinterpretation. The different colours represent times of day and the passage of time in comparison to life. The circles represent continuity of life and how the messagesfrom my interpretation of The Tempest will have an on-going and powerful effect on the future. The shadows and reflections on the shapes imply direct and indirect influences.
  11. 11. Anish KapoorBubbles: I related it to my firstimpressions of Ariel, an ethereal figurewho can see the world from a higherpoint to everyone else.The multiplicity of the balls and theirplacement shows what Ariel is capableof achieving through the manipulationof Prospero. The mirror reflectsProspero looking in and influencingthe world through Ariel.The distorted images of thesurroundings reflected in the balls forme represent the plot of the Tempestwhere the outcomes are unclear andare viewed at various angles. Thedistorted reflections in the mirror areshapes that are new to the viewersbecause the elements are being seenin a different way. I could link this tothe idea of going to a different planetand island because everything therewill be strange to them.
  12. 12. My own image This image of a deserted concentration camp in Poland is very evocative. The train tracks imply a sense of direction and an on-going journey which I feel the Tempest unleashes. The fencing represents the constraints and barriers that I want to encounter within my production. I also feel there is a duality in the symbolism of the fence in that it is both forward looking and retrospective. The fence forms a division: although you can look back you cannot revisit the past. This aligns with my idea that the children will be looking into their future.
  13. 13. The Metamorphosis of Narcissus Salvador Dali :This image is very mystical and highly symbolic . The two identical shapes in the centre appear to represent the omnipresence of Prospero. I imagine this because although the outlines are the same, they are different. A hand with an egg is discernible which may represent growth in many forms for example, the characters, my audience, Prospero, the story line. The egg can also imply vulnerability and uncertainty concerning future developments because the shell is protective and also very fragile.
  14. 14. Salvador Dali-Melting clocksThe image reminded me of a desolate island as describedby Ariel during her soliloquy in act 3 scene 3. The idea oftime is clearly depicted. The timepieces are melted, andshow different times, suggesting that time is notimportant. The themes of the play are timeless. Futurepossibilities are boundless. The mountains in backgroundand the emptiness of the island in the foreground areresonant of the contrasting themes that are portrayedwithin the Tempest.
  15. 15. Jerry UelsmannThis photo is a surreal image with twophotos merged together. The top half ofthe photo is a picture of a home and thebottom half of the photo is the roots of atree. I can justify why this is such a keyimage bringing a special message into myinterpretation. The home indicates afamily to me and the roots of the treestress the roots of the family. A tree is aliving organism which grows and growsjust like my audience I would like them togrow and develop as people and realisethe importance of teamwork. There aremany roots growing, this emphasises thatthere are many different things that go onin a family however they are all one team.