Narendra Modi
                                                           The Chief Minister of Gujarat

Narendra Modi
         Chief Minister of Gujarat
                             A Man with a Mission

• Narendra Modi first became the
Narendra Modi's career chronology
first elected Government of the State in the 21st Century it was essential
   conferencing, telephariyad (grievances over ...
• On conclusion of the workshops, he further directed the departments to           • The investors present at
• However, at the same time, it is his conviction that in order to hinder the
                            • Another organi...
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Narendra Modi Profile


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Profile of Hon. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat

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  • To,
    The Honourable Chief Minister
    Government of Gujarat

    re – An earnest appeal to redress the tribulation and injustice of more than 2000 Ad-hoc teachers of Sikkim.
    Respected Sir,
    With profound respect, we the Ad-hoc teachers of Sikkim being compelled to hold on Pen down strike and Dharna for the last 24 days in order to seek justice from our government to make our job secure, since our rendered services as of now have not been counted though Ad-hoc teachers have been serving the Government schools of Sikkim for the past 15 years.
    I. We Ad-hoc teachers delivering the services to accomplish quality education mission of government of India however, the much rendered services have not been counted as experience, which in turn gave to the Ad-hoc teachers’ insecurity of vocation.
    II. Significantly, the ‘Time’ being spent by Ad-hoc teachers on their services can never be retrieved however, we Ad-hoc teachers now being deprived of our rights, because Government decided to implement certain parameters in the name of quality education today.
    III. NCT’s norms and notification came into effect from 2009,wherein without any precautionary measures in regards to Ad-hoc teachers, HRD department kept on recruiting Ad-hoc teachers jeopardizing their career too, moreover, violating the supreme court judgment.
    IV. Since, Ad-hoc teachers fall under the category of temporary capacity wherein, notwithstanding Government of Sikkim has not grant any provision to make Ad-hoc teachers’ job stable.
    V. Ad-hoc teachers of Sikkim have been imparting quality education in Sikkim so far, however, when demands of our future security are being raised, our democratic pursuits being persecuted. Is this democracy?
    Hence, it’s our humble appeal to you kindly do grant our prayer so that, we enjoy justice completely in the democratic form of Government. For which act of generosity we shall ever remain grateful.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully,
    All Adhoc teachers of Sikkim.
    Asish Lepcha
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  • As Jesus said, 'See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.' The Son of Man came to save what was lost.'

    Matthew 18:10,11
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  • Dear Respected Cheif Minister,

    This is to bring to your attention the 3 Critical issues which I think you should take an quick and necessary action to make Gujarat no one among all other states of India.

    1) The hollow mentality of discrimation among those who eat only vegetarian food and those who eat non-vegetarian. I agree that vegetarian food amounts to good health but it enters our stomach through mouth and is excreted without giving any spiritual advantage or benefit. The real non-veg food that we should avoid is evil thoughts, evil words and evil action through which our body that is the living temple of God is defiled and unclean and not by food. For all the good food for eating with thanks to God is clean.

    2)Even after more than 60 years of independence still we like discrimation of religion, caste, creed and mis-belief. For according to the Spiritual encounter I had with God, I realized that their is Only one God in heaven for all and he had sent his one Son called Jesus Christ who died for all on the cross that by believing in him and walking like him we can be transformed into the supreme nature of Christ. There are nearly 70% of people living in destitution, lack of knowledge & understanding, helpless because of immorality, impurity and all kind of evil activities. I hope you should utilize your best 30% intellectuals, outstanding resources to develop these 70% so that atleast another 30% are well equipped with knowledge and wisdom for the betterment and welfare of society, city, state and our world. We all have one common objective of growth and development to reach to the state of permanent life from the temporary lives.

    3) Martin Luther King said: 'But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard.'

    We have so much of indifference in religion, creed, caste because they were unheard and so all started working on their different beliefs and it was made so that all may know and learn the universal law of nature and love each other to grow in life. So much of work at many parameters needs to be done for better or no one gujarat without which our words will only be in air without actual result.
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  • 31) A person should try to learn and understand the dimension, function and application from the tiniest atom to the greatest elephant in our visible and invisible universe.

    32) What one understand's is voice and rest all is noise.

    33) The one who receives understanding to interpret and convert noise into voice is a real wise man.

    34) The utmost important objective of God for the creation of humans and mankinds is optimum utilization of righteousness to achieve perfection in holiness to receive permanent life.

    35) The real human is the one who is spirito-socio-economic being.

    36) Unless the process of evolution is completed, eternal revolution for permanent evolution of creation in the Will of God is not completed.

    37) Communication is the oxygen for all the eternal lives.

    38) Talking=speaking+listening+understanding

    39) Efficiency= effectiveness+proficiency

    40) The one filled with evil thoughts, evil words and evil actions is in real destitution.

    41) The richest man in the world is the one who is rich in good thoughts, good words and good actions.

    42) One needs to be master in converting the richness of his good thoughts in parallel lines with good words and good deeds.

    43) The only one united, unique and universal goal of God is the destruction of sin and death among all in Christ Jesus to reach perfection like him.

    44) The key area of human life is self-development but only few receives insight to invest time for it.

    45) The real self-development is one's spiritual development with God that leads all the areas of one's development in right direction to achieve perfection in God.

    46) If one seeks the Spirit of truth with diligence and determination, the Spirit of truth will set him free.

    47)Christ is the real law of freedom because in him we are freed from the law of slavery of sin and death.

    48)When death is destroyed in you, the sin is destroyed because both of them were already destroyed in Jesus Christ for all.

    49) The real growth in life is to attain the highest spiritual revelation till the death is destroyed in you.

    50) When the things that are personal to your becomes an advantage for the welfare of public you have reached the elevation of Chirst.

    51)Those who belong to Christ Jesus have curcified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Galatians 5:24

    52) The entire law is summed up in a single command:'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

    If you keep on biting and devouring each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other. Galatians 5:14,15

    53)For in Christ, The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

    Galatians 5:6

    54)The pure thoughts in mind works like a broom of God into the room(heart) for God to clean the dirt of impurities that has defiled the room.

    55)The death of sin in the mind is the end of law of death and the law of righteousness in the mind is the beginning of the law of life.

    56)With the beginning of love there is the end of fear for those who have enrolled participation in love of God for permanent life.

    57)Unless there is no faith in the love of God(Christ) there is always death for the one who has not tasted the truth.

    58)There are many who loves to hear flattery but avoid hearing the truth.

    59) The truth has no followers but only disciples once they are disciplined.

    60) The one who does not understand the difference between a good and an evil is the real blind and not the one without eyes.
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  • 1) Unless one learn and understand the height, length, width and depth of the love of Christ Jesus he cannot fulfill the one universal law, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

    2) The greater the areas of your studies in your large ocenarium, you can understand the perfect will of God.

    3) It is not the color of our skin but the color of our heart that gives correct odour to our fellowman.

    4) The most easy thing to find in the life is lies inside and outside the world but the extremely difficult path is to find truth inside and outside us even though it is right at the door of our heart.

    5) God has not compromised with the world but in his love for the world established his perfect will by a Supreme Quality of Nature in Christ Jesus so that His children and sons of light are transformed in this supreme quality of nature and likeness of Christ.

    6) All who have not received reconciliation with God are lost in death.

    7) All that is reconciled is never lost.

    8) We have to suffer with external medicines because we are not ready to utilize the internal medicine of truth available in Jesus Christ for reconciliation with God.

    9) Unless our veins are completely cleansed from the vipers poison by the blood of Jesus Christ we are in reins of sins.

    10) Only those who live right in this life become bright in this and that life.

    11) In the days of 80th century we have windows-8 but without Wind windows would not have been possible but who is wise to understand eight, height and windows-8.

    12) Water is the key essential for the growth of each and every cells of life but still the height is defined for all the living organisms.

    13) Only multidimensional and multifunctional work can be ultimate, universal and final.

    15) What is height?

    Height= h+eight

    Who is wise to understand the mystery hidden in it?

    16) Only one mind can be multidimensional and multifunctional.

    17) The dimensions of your thoughts decide your real character.

    18) The height of your thoughts decides your closeness with God.

    19) It is not only knowledge and wisdom that leads us to perfection but the preservation and the presentation of same knowledge and wisdom in right direction.

    20) It is good to have pertinent and relevant knowledge about subjects and objects but what good it is to us if we cannot retain the same because of lack of our memory till eternal life.

    21) Unless one consider that he a foolish against others and ask more foolish questions to himself about everything he cannot be a true wise man.

    22) I thank the living God for he has been glorified in the facebook created by the Jewish atheist, 'Mark Zuckerberg.'

    23) It is twenty percent who are in work among rest eighty percent so that we can have the total of fifty percent on right with upright hearts and works and fifty percent on left with wrong motives and works(sins).

    24) We are living in this world of death so that we may learn to follow to get rich in values of Christ for eternal life.

    25) For God's gifts and his call are irrevocable. Romans 11:29

    26) For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all. Romans 11:32

    27) What God wants is our hands up to surrender him not like a criminal but like a sinner for our sins.

    28) All other forms of worship is a mere worship unless we learn to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God---this is our spiritual act of worship.

    29) Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will

    is---his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

    30) The knowledge has been introduced and increased in the world so that we may understand that if we learn to keep faith and trust between each other we would have learn all and everything in 8 years instead of 80th Centuries.
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Narendra Modi Profile

  1. 1. Narendra Modi The Chief Minister of Gujarat Chief Minister's Secretariat Block No. 1, 5th Floor, New Sachivalay Gandhinagar - 382010. Gujarat Ph. : +91-79-23232611-19, Fax L +91-79-23222101 E-mail:
  2. 2. Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat A Man with a Mission A Leader with Conviction An Executive with Vision
  3. 3. • Narendra Modi first became the Narendra Modi's career chronology Chief Minister of Gujarat in October, 2001. With his vast experience at the grassroots 1972 level in Gujarat and other Came to prominence as an effective 'Pracharak' with the States, he immediately Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). identified the flaws in the administration. He rejuvenated the entire administrative 1974 machinery by taking various corrective measures like the Played a key role in the Navnirman Andolan, an anti-corruption movement. organisation of Gram Sabhas for discussion and resolution of local issues. • Along with key initiatives in other areas, the focus of his Government 1975 during his first tenure was on: Entrusted with the responsibility and appointed General Secretary of the effective delivery systems at the grassroots level - he rejuvenated Lok Sangharsh Samiti, Gujarat. the local administration, organised Lok Kalyan Melas and made the review and monitoring of schemes more effective. 1984 welfare of women and children - he created the Department of Women & Child Welfare to undertake welfare activities. Became one of the select few individuals to be deputed to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by the RSS. supply of drinking water to scarcity prone areas - special attention was paid to the extension of piped water supply schemes based on Narmada and other rivers to scarcity prone areas. 1988 education, especially female education - effective schemes were launched to enrol children in schools, reduce drop-outs and motivate girls Elevated to General Secretary of the State unit and actively participated in to attend school by implementing an incentive scheme called the Somnath to Ayodhya Rathyatra led by Shri L. K. Advani and 'Vidyalaxmi Yojana'. subsequently the Kanyakumari to Kashmir Ekta Yatra lead by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi. 1989-1995 Given charge of the BJP Election Campaign, during which the BJP lotus blossomed, culminating with the installation of the party's own Government with a two-thirds majority in the 1995 assembly elections in Gujarat. 1995 Shouldered the responsibility at the national level and was made the National Secretary of the BJP in charge of various states units like Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. reconstruction and rehabilitation of the earthquake affected areas - effective monitoring was carried out to bring the earthquake 2001 devastated areas back to normalcy and create sustainable arrangements. Took over as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. development of science & technology including information technology and biotechnology - he created the Department of Science & Technology to administer and promote initiatives and ventures 2002 in these sectors. Sworn in for his second term as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, after a On all these fronts, he took prompt and effective actions, which would landslide victory. result in better long term management and benefits to the people. A tech-savy person, he saw the potential of Information Technology to reach out to the people. Hence e-governance was made part of the regular administrative processes. He used devices like video and setcom
  4. 4. first elected Government of the State in the 21st Century it was essential conferencing, telephariyad (grievances over the telephone) to monitor for his Government to lay a strong foundation for the State in the new and communicate at various levels of administration and to get feedback millennium. He has categorically stated that he cares for all of the 50 directly from the citizenry. In his office and at various departments, he million people of the State and does not believe in the division of society insists on computerised systems for reporting and monitoring. on the basis of religion or caste. For him, all people are equal and have to • While primarily focussing on organising the administrative machinery for be treated equally. effective grass-root delivery systems, he also stressed on investment • At the time of his swearing-in for his second term the Chief Minister, he promotion in the State. He believes that strong infrastructure in the had stated as his motto “justice to all, appeasement to none”. • Having seen the Government and all its facets in his first tenure of 15 months, he realised that a major shake-up in the thinking process of the bureaucracy and the ministries was required and that it was time to start with a new agenda. • The inter-departmental lack of coordination, lack of understanding and appreciation of the issues, duplicity of schemes and efforts at various levels, wastage, leakage and redundancies, were all addressed during this period. • Owing to his prior exposure at the village and state level as well as at the national capital and various States combined with his visits and network in around 40 countries around the world, he strove to induct the best practices as well as national and international benchmarks in the functioning of his Government. State is the only way to get investments. Investment is imperative for the • With in mind, he directed the organization of departmental workshops creation of wealth and is necessary for the prosperity of the people of the within a week of his taking over as Chief Minister for the second time. state. • According to this initiative, each department was asked to prepare • With this in mind, an International Mega Event “Resurgent Gujarat- detailed presentations of their activities, their strong and weak points, the Business Partnership Meet” was organised at Ahmedabad in February, opportunities and threats - a SWOT analysis of each department. 2002 to bring together various players from within the country as well as • They were expected to include their future vision of the department and from abroad, to use the launching pad of Gujarat for leaps in activities, how they would bring in c-governance, how they would industrialisation, mainly in sectors like Information Technology, generate, save and effectively use resources and what they would do to Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Gems & Jewellery, Garments and many develop human resources. others. • These detailed presentations of each of the departments of the • This event was a big success. However, before the environment created Government were made before a house comprising of the Hon'ble by this event could fructify, unfortunate incidents like the burning of Ministers of his Government as well as the Secretaries. The presentations Sabarmati Express at Godhra Railway Station on 27th February, 2002 and of the departments were followed by detailed discussions and the subsequent communal riots diverted the attention of the people, the suggestions on their activities. The Chief Minister himself presided over all Government and external agencies. these presentations which often extended through an entire day. • During this time, the real political and administrative acumen of the Chief • In this month long process, nearly 150 man hours were spent in Minister was put to the test. Narendra Modi understanding, analysing and forecasting the activities and charters of not only sailed through all these each department. This gave a deep insight into the functioning of the situations but emerged as an Government to all concerned. unequivocal and strong leader of the • On various occasions, experts like Professors of the Indian Institute of masses of the State. People started Management (IIM), the Comptroller and Auditor General of the State, calling him “the Strong Man”, Credit Rating Agencies, Bankers and achievers in various fields were also “the Iron Man”. invited to present their views on the state's economy, its administration • The Elections for the Legislative and other developmental and managerial issues. Assembly of the State thereafter proved this point. He fought the elections singlehandedly and was voted to power in a grand way with a greater than two-thirds majority for his party. • He realised that the thumping majority with which he won the election, had also cast tremendous responsibility on his shoulders. He has stated that as his Government was the
  5. 5. • On conclusion of the workshops, he further directed the departments to • The investors present at immediately prepare comprehensive and concrete Action Plans based on the interaction meets could the presentations and discussions. He strongly believes that the clearly see the dynamism Government, educational and R&D institutions and other such bodies in the Chief Minister, the should work in close liaison. He has expressed that the vast experience of administrative machinery such institutions should be used as an input by the Government while of the State under his framing the policies and processes of administration. leadership and a strong commitment to make • In keeping with this policy, he led a team of all the Ministers and all the Gujarat a 'vibrant global Secretaries of the Government for a workshop at the IIM, Ahmedabad. entity'. This Institute is the most renowned management institute in the country and the workshop was very useful to the Ministers and Secretaries in • With his understanding of framing their viewpoints on various policy and administrative the State and astute requirements. diagnosis of the challenges the people have faced, he • Narendra Modi firmly believes that governance is finally a matter of the has evolved a 5 pronged delivery capacity of the bureaucracy and the staff. He has said that the approach for the most important way of bringing efficiency in administration is to change development of the core the work culture. By work culture, he means that the staff has to be pro- sectors of the State. He active, has to be responsive to the needs of the people, has to take calls this “Panchamrit initiative and above all, has to have integrity and transparency in the Yojana”. It consists of the process of thinking and working. development of 5 core • With this in mind, he directed the organization of training programme for areas namely Education, the officers and staff in his own office and the offices of Hon'ble Ministers. Water, Electricity, Training programmes were organised at Ahmedabad Management Human Resources and Association and were conducted successfully. This process is being Security of the people. carried further. • He believes that the • Immediately after the formation of his Government, he started work on Government cannot afford the agenda of economic development of the State. To begin with he to be lacking in these moved towards attracting further investment in the State. He used the sectors and that very opportunity of the celebration of Pravasi Bharathiya Divas (NRI Day) by focused and concerted efforts are required. • As a process of changing the work culture of the State, he believes in converting the “red tape” to “red carpet”. As per this strategy, he has already created single window clearance systems for industrial and infrastructure projects. He has also directed the creation of effective and sustainable institutional arrangements to ensure that various stake holders especially investors find it pleasant and hurdle-free to work with the State machinery. • He also understands the problems in the public finance sector and is keen to reform and set right the anomalies which have crept into its management which has lead to budgetary deficits and the consequent dearth of resources for developmental programmes. He has taken steps on three fronts i.e. generating and augmenting resources of the State, saving precious resources for important developmental programmes and the Government of India on 9th January, 2003 to talk to NRIs and cutting down administrative expenditure, so that money is available for particularly NRGs in order to associate them with the developmental development. process of Gujarat and bring in inputs in terms of technology, know-how • He has identified areas where user charges have not been revised for and resources. This interaction meet was organised under the auspices of decades. Here, he feels that in order to make various public utility Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) with organisations run efficiently, it is necessary to allow them to manage their NRIs/PIOs/NRGs on 11th January, 2003 at New Delhi. Extensive affairs professionally and give them the freedom to levy and collect discussions took place during this interaction meet which wil fructify into appropriate user charges. Recently, in one stroke, a long pending issue of long term mutually beneficial linkages in various sectors. revision of passenger tariff in the Gujarat State Road Transport • As an extention of this strategy, two interaction sessions - one each at Corporation, which is the monopoly service of the State for carrying Mumbai and New Delhi - were organised for the Chief Minister to meet passengers was resolved. Now this Corporation has been allowed to with investors and industrialists. These programmes resulted in the suitably increase the tariff and further to link the same with hike in the orientation of the investors and industrialists towards Gujarat. diesel prices in the market.
  6. 6. • However, at the same time, it is his conviction that in order to hinder the • Another organisation the Gujarat Electricity growth of the country, the enemies would hit at Gujarat, which is the Board (GEB), which generates, transmits and engine of growth in the country. He anticipates that terrorist activities distributes electricity to most domestic, including motivating, training, equipping and executing retaliations and commercial, agricultural and industrial users attacks on soft targets is a constant possibility. This may happen with a of the State has been crippled because of view to: subsidies on the electric tariff and inefficiencies in the working of the - create and widen the gap between the majority and the minority organisation. The Chief Minister is moving communities. strongly to rectify the anomalies which have - curtail and weaken the economic development of Gujarat, which is set beset this organisation. to emerge as an economic and industrial leader. • Narendra Modi has a very unique - neutralise the efforts of the State to bring about the healing touch and combination of understanding and thereby tarnish the image of the State in the national and international knowledge of grass-root administration, arena. openness and ability to market the State to attract investment in the industrial and - to force the minority community to move to coastal and border areas infrastructural sectors and the vision to foresee emerging trends in so that terrorist activities gain ground at those places. society and the economy. - force the State to employ security forces in large number to counter • He has maintained that his these initiatives and cause economic strain. Regular troops sucked eyes are on the emerging into controlling the situation render the Indian defences imbalanced and sun-rise sectors in the strategically. economy like Information - activate the sea route to smuggle arms and ammunition in addition to Te c h n o l o g y a n d narcotics and drugs. Biotechnology. For him, - use the Taliban or those elements, which hitherto were employed in development and use of Afganistan as trained manpower for subversive activities and terror Information Technology infrastructure. sector is no longer a fashion, but a necessity. - use Gujarat as a firm base for spreading violence in other States like Combining the tools of information technology in his daily work is his Raj asthan, M . P., and Maharashtra. passion. He feels that e-governance is easy governance, effective - In Sepetember 2002 there was a heinous and organised terrorist governance. attack on a famous temple at the capital city of Gandhinagar. No • He strongly believes that Gujarat, with its strong base in agricultural, wonder, why security of people finds place in his core programme pharmaceutical and marine biology has great potential in the i.e. Panchamrit Yojana. Biotechnology sector. • He has begun the planning of a consistent and integrated strategy to • He has taken steps to promote this sector in the State. In February, he counter terrorism in the State, which broadly comprises of the following: interacted with high profile experts in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Identifying and isolating the disruptive forces from the common at New Delhi in an international workshop and invited experts and population. investors to Gujarat. He announced formation of a Venture Capital Fund Effective action against organised gangs and anti-social elements. to help kickstart this area. Professionalizing the Police and the security agencies. • His vision of a developed Modernising the intelligence and pre-cautionary agencies. Gujarat of 21st Century Curbing the activities of anti-national organisations and platforms. combines a robust Viewing terrorism as socio-political and economic issue not just a police or infrastructure, world class military issue institutions, vibrant industry, He realises that in Gujarat the essence of counter terrorist strategy does a motivated and skilled not lie in a fragmented, compartmentalised approach. It is not to be seen workforce and bright and as a trans border threat or a law and order problem only. It is in fact a mix talented youth. He is working of fundamentalist, narco terrorism sponsored by a hostile neighbour. relentlessly to gain the Hence, he feels the need of an integrated strategy combining all organs of cooperation of each and the state apparatus, its political leadership and the people. everyone in this process. • He emphasizes that while deciding the growth rate of the country in the Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-2007), the Planning Commission of India has given a growth target of 8% to the entire country and similar targets to other States of the country, However, the Planning Commission has found it expedient to fix a growth target of 10.2% for the State of Gujarat, which is highest for any State of the country. This means that the Government and Planning Commission of India have realised and assessed the growth potential which exists in Gujarat. He is intent on achieving this target by working effectively on various fronts.