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A presentation on Oracle GoldenGate Disaster Recovery

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  • Oracle Recovery is efficient tool to recover inaccessible Oracle database objects of the corrupt .DBF files. This tool repairs Oracle databases created in Oracle 9i, 10g, or 11g.
    The software searches all Oracle databases present in your system and enables preview of recoverable database objects. Moreover, the tool facilitates selective recovery of DBF components and creates the Log Report of recovery process.

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  • ***Multi-master***
  • Business Drivers:Manufacturing Division4 data centers around the world – next to big manufacturing plants – Dallas, Waterloo, CAN, Singapore, UK / EnglandEnable highest level of availability across all Mnfg. PlantsSynchronize same data across all plants so each plant has exact same view of manufacturing processDevices move around the world depending on regional supply / demand. Some plants pick up production for other geographies depending on overall capacityNeed to meet telco carrier SLA’s – otherwise, they are $$ penalizedTechnology Drivers:5 way active-active across Oracle 10g RAC systemsAbility to handle large data loads and extreme spikes in data volumesRead from Archive logs only – avoid any CPU on source systems during peak timesAbility to offload to a reporting server or downstream data warehouseRESULT:Imrpove cycle times for production of devicesMeet Stringent SLA’sHandle capacity / growth now and in future.
  • Oracle GoldenGate for Disaster Recovery

    1. 1. Oracle GoldenGate Disaster Recovery Solution <br /> Fumiko Yamashita<br />Middleware Solution Architect<br />
    2. 2. Real-Time Business Operations <br />Customers Demand Continuous Real Time DataWhile Lowering IT Costs and Gaining Operational Efficiencies<br />Real-Time Information Access for Intelligence & Decisioning<br /><ul><li> Instantly available Data for Reporting
    3. 3. Access to Key Information for Analysis
    4. 4. Across Heterogeneous Systems</li></ul>Continuous Availability of Critical<br />Applications and Data<br /><ul><li> Continuous Uptime in event of disaster
    5. 5. No downtime during planned outage
    6. 6. Load balancing & Data distribution</li></ul>Lower IT Spend & Improve Efficiencies<br /><ul><li> Choose best system for need
    7. 7. Modernize Legacy Systems
    8. 8. Offload for reporting</li></li></ul><li>Oracle GoldenGate Use CasesEnterprise-wide Solution for Real Time Data Needs<br /><ul><li> Standardize on Single Technology for Multiple Needs
    9. 9. Deploy for Continuous Availability and Real-time Data Access for Reporting / BI
    10. 10. Highly Flexible
    11. 11. Fast Deployments
    12. 12. Lower TCO & Improved ROI</li></ul>Disaster Recovery, Data Protection<br />Standby<br />(Open & Active)<br />Zero Downtime Migration and Upgrades<br />Log Based, Real-Time Change Data Capture<br />Operational Reporting<br />Reporting<br />Database<br />OGG<br />ETL<br />EDW<br />ODS<br />ETL<br />Heterogeneous Source Systems<br />EDW<br />Real-time BI<br />Query Offloading<br />Data Distribution<br />
    13. 13. Oracle GoldenGate Technology Differentiators<br />4<br />Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous environments in real-time<br />Key Differentiators:<br />Performance<br />Non-intrusive, Low Impact, Sub-second latency<br />Open, modular architecture - Heterogeneous sources & Targets<br />Extensible &<br />Flexible<br />Maintains Transactional Integrity - Resilient against interruptions and failures<br />Reliable<br />4<br />
    14. 14. 5<br />Key Plays for Oracle GoldenGate<br />
    15. 15. Solution – Continuous Availability<br />Zero-Downtime Migration / Upgrade<br />Disaster Recovery / Data Protection<br />Data Distribution / Synchronization<br />“We believe this is the only product on the market that can meet our demands for 99.95% database availability, performance and scalability.” <br /> Chris Uriarte, CTO, Retail Decisions<br />
    16. 16. Continuous AvailabilityZero Down-time Migration and Upgrade<br />Continuous Availability<br />7<br />Solution<br />Migrate from any heterogeneous database to Oracle11g with minimal downtime<br />Migrate hardware or OS platforms with no downtime<br />Upgrade Siebel CRM with no downtime<br />Allow active users to move to new system gradually while both systems are live<br />Benefit<br />Standardize your data center and modernize platforms<br />Zero down-time for mission critical applications<br />Safely migrate users from one system to the next, while keeping both systems running.<br />Lower risk by enabling failback<br />What products to position?<br />Oracle GoldenGate<br />Get in the door with Zero Dowtime Migration/Upgrade<br />Upsell ongoing ZDT Operations for a higher value deal<br />Previous Version<br />New Version<br />OGG<br />Old DB Version<br />New DB Version<br />Qualifier?<br />“Do you need to migrate your database or upgrade critical applications but can’t afford to take any down time and impact critical business processes?”<br />
    17. 17. Continuous AvailabilityDisaster Recovery, and Data Protection<br />Continuous Availability<br />Solution<br />Create standby database for failover in case of failure/outage<br />Automatically repair data corruptions on both primary and standby<br />Use standby database for queries<br />Benefit<br />Eliminate unplanned downtime<br />Protect data against all kinds of failure<br />Leverage standby systems for offloading<br />What product to position?<br />Active Data Guard. <br />Up-sell the additional value of GoldenGate since it also includes Active Data Guard, can be utilized for upgrades/migrations<br />Read<br />Traffic<br />Live<br />Transactions<br />ADG<br />Active <br />Standby<br />8<br />Qualifier?<br />“Can you afford to have your mission critical systems to go down in a catastrophic event or a system failure – do you have a reliable contingency?”<br />
    18. 18. Continuous Data AvailabilityData Distribution / Synchronization<br />Continuous Availability<br />9<br />Solution<br />Replicate data for distributed applications to drive global operations and improve operational efficiency <br />Distribute data in real-time across Oracle and Non-Oracle environments<br />Active-Active configuration keeps multiple data centers in sync<br />Benefit<br />High Availability for mission critical data<br />Ability to scale, handle large & growing data volumes <br />Access to consistent data across geographically dispersed data centers<br />What product to position?<br />Oracle GoldenGate<br />Oracle 9i<br />Oracle 11g<br />OGG<br />Oracle 10g<br />SQL Server<br />Qualifer:<br />“How does your data keep up with the demands of your 24x7 global business. Can all business units access the same, up-to-data information at any time, continuously?”<br />
    19. 19. Complementary and Used Together Active Data Guard and GoldenGate<br />Continuous Availability<br />Active Data Guard Physical Standby<br />Central Hub<br /> Example of a how a global hub & spoke manufacturing operation may be deployed using both Active Data Guard and GoldenGate<br />GoldenGate Targets<br />GoldenGate Source & Target<br />GoldenGate Source & Target<br />GoldenGate Target<br />10<br />
    20. 20. Continuous Availability Case StudyHigh Availability of Manufacturing Application Meets Stringent SLAs<br />COMPANY OVERVIEW<br />Research In Motion (RIM) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market.<br />GoldenGate PROVIDES<br /><ul><li>Active-Active configuration provides same data across worldwide plants
    21. 21. Improved system performance & response times
    22. 22. Zero downtime DB migration to new version using phased approach</li></ul>CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES<br /><ul><li>Experiencing exponent growth and stringent carrier SLA’s to meet growing demand for Blackberry devices
    23. 23. Maintain continuous availably of critical data across all global data centers (4) for manufacturing plants
    24. 24. All plants see same data and can move devices based on regional demand</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>All of manufacturing from VP to engineer on plant floor can access most up to date info.</li></li></ul><li>Continuous Availability Use Case<br />24x7 Fraud Detection & Payment Processing for Blue-Chip Retailers <br />COMPANY OVERVIEW<br /> Retail Decisions (ReD) is a payment card issuer and a world leader in card fraud prevention and payment processing. A specialist supplier to the payments industry worldwide. Its blue-chip international clients come from the global telecommunications, retail, travel, petroleum, banking and the broader e-commerce sectors<br />Oracle PROVIDES:<br /><ul><li>Fraud Detection (ReDShield) using Oracle 9i and 10g databases
    25. 25. U.S. Payment Processing system, using SQL Server databases – also supports data access for Web apps and Reporting</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>“Lightning Fast” implementation
    26. 26. Time to recover: ZERO minutes
    27. 27. Reduced database license & infrastructure costs</li></ul>CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES<br /><ul><li> Typical Service Level Agreements dictate 99.95% availability & aggressive sub-second average response times
    28. 28. Must ensure quick, massive scalability
    29. 29. High cost of downtime -- ReD’s clients lose millions of dollars per hour
    30. 30. Global clients; data centers on 4 continents</li></ul>"We needed a mega-scalable architecture capable of handling increasing e-commerce traffic, while meeting our customers' stringent SLAs.” - Chris Uriarte, CTO<br />12<br />
    31. 31. Continuous Availability Use Case<br />During Siebel Upgrade & Database Migration<br />COMPANY OVERVIEW<br />HSN is an interactive lifestyle network and retail destination, offering a curated assortment of exclusive products combined with top brand names. HSN incorporates experts, entertainment, inspiration, solutions, tips and ideas to provide an entirely unique shopping experience for its customers. <br />Oracle PROVIDES:<br /><ul><li>Continuous availability during major migration project.
    32. 32. Active-Active configuration provided data synchronized across old & new systems
    33. 33. Provided upgrade & downgrade logic between old and new Siebel versions</li></ul>CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES<br /><ul><li> Eliminate downtime during major Siebel upgrade from version 6.2 to 8.0
    34. 34. Additionally, upgrade Oracle database 8i to 10g with no downtime
    35. 35. Conduct a phased migration approach to allow time for training & testing
    36. 36. Minimal business disruption</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Enabled migration of 1500+ users to new system
    37. 37. Reduced risk with live parallel running of both old and new
    38. 38. Zero downtime
    39. 39. No disruption to the business & continuous order processing on mission critical system</li></ul>13<br />
    40. 40. Continuous Availability Use Case<br />Data Distribution & Enterprise-Wide Data Movement <br />COMPANY OVERVIEW<br /> Headquartered in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland, UBS is one of the world's leading financial firms. It serves a discerning, international client base for wealth management, investment banking and asset management. In Switzerland, UBS is the market leader in retail and commercial banking.<br />Oracle PROVIDES:<br /><ul><li> Data distribution among internal applications
    41. 41. Data distribution for read-only archiving and reporting
    42. 42. Database High Availability and Disaster Tolerance
    43. 43. Database rolling upgrade/active migration
    44. 44. Topology includes one-way and multi-master on Oracle instances</li></ul>CHALLENGES / OPPORTUNITIES<br /><ul><li> Large, Complex & Heterogeneous environment for 100 back office applications
    45. 45. Numerous installations that require a flexible solution. (Oracle, Sybase & MS SQL Server) for both production and development.</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Replaced Sybase Replication Server product and standardized on GoldenGate for all data movement
    46. 46. Reduced costs by eliminating mid-tier servers
    47. 47. Replicating all heterogeneous databases across the enterprise protects against downtime.</li></ul>14<br />
    48. 48. GoldenGate for E-Commerce & Retail<br />Industry Challenges<br />Promotion Optimization<br />Logistics & Distribution: Real time Warehouse Management<br />Align per Customer Costs to Revenues<br />Cost-effective Systems that Handle Peak Loads<br />GoldenGate Provides<br />Real time data integration for optimizing logistics and customer promotions<br />Query offloading to reduce system costs<br />Data distribution to support applications in a hub/spoke business structure<br />Benefits<br />Improved customer reach and shopper to buyer conversion<br />Increased operational efficiency<br />Maintain margins in good and bad times<br />Key Customers:<br />“Our requirements seemed simple: find a solution that can transfer our customer data in real-time while keeping up with peak volumes and with the ability to… meet the future needs of the business. In actuality, GoldenGate was one of the only solutions…that is able to handle all three requirements with ease.” <br />– J Seelan, DBA Manager,<br />15<br />