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  1. 1. Fujio Hayashi, PE 5747 Morlich Square Dublin, OH 43017 Cell: 614-915-5382 Email: SENIOR-LEVEL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Maximizing Operations, Increasing Sales & Driving Profitability AREAS O F EXPERTISE Joint Venture Negotiations Manufacturing Leadership Market Development Lean Manufacturing Commercial Issue Resolutions Opportunity Targeting Relationship Management Startups & Turnarounds P&L Responsibility New Market Identification Strategic Planning & Initiatives Vendor Negotiations Margin Improvement Client Maintenance & Retention Labor Relations New Business Development Productivity Improvement Mergers & Acquisitions CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Developed and implemented strategy to commercialize Cycolor - innovative color imaging technology - and managed first product (35mm slide printer) commercialized for Mead Imaging from initial concept to technical fea- sibility to field tests and launch, on schedule and on budget. Subsequently managed product line for color copier products and directed marketing programs and technical support that contributed over 80% of division’s total revenue ($10 million). Director of Market Development - Mead Imaging Division of Mead Corp. Managed entire product line sold by International Paper in Japan including pulp, printing paper, bleached board, and Kraft linerboard. Implemented teamwork approach in office to enable company to be more customer- focused on value-added segments. Increased Japanese subsidiary’s profit from $10 million to $20 million per year over 6 years. President - International Paper Co. (Japan) Ltd. Improved operations of wire cable manufacturer and enabled company to join Honda’s Lean Network made up of leading Honda suppliers by utilizing Lean Manufacturing principles, addressing root causes, and moni- toring key measurables, resulting in invitation to deliver presentation of achievements to other Honda suppli- ers. President - Hi-Lex America, Inc. Led corporate development efforts in Austria, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Zambia and managed negotiation team seeking to acquire remaining interest in $70 million Brazilian joint venture with Alcoa. Saved over $6 million by negotiating tax advantageous transaction process and played key role in marketing division to potential buyers. Director of Strategic Planning - Phelps Dodge Wire & Cable. Successfully expanded customer base by pursuing large customer ($1.3 billion annual sales) through bench- mark quotations and development of prototype parts. Awarded over $2 million annual sales mass production business by establishing close relationship with R&D group to demonstrate total capability. Assistant Vice President, Sales - HFI, LLC. Established Japanese liaison office and helped establish full-fledged wholly owned subsidiary. Oversaw numerous projects involving market entry strategies for American and European companies interested in entering or expanding into Japan, many relating to strategic alliances with Japanese companies. Senior Associate - Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Japan. CAREER PROGRESSION HFI, LLC ( – Groveport, OH Leading automotive interior products supplier; $140 million annual sales. Employs 1,700 in 5 locations (OH, AL, Mexico). Assistant Vice President of Sales (2007 - 2008) Organizational leader for new business development to strengthen existing Japanese customer relationships. Devel- oped/led execution of commercial strategies from opportunity targeting, quotation generation, award negotiation, and commercial issue resolution through launch and product build-out and supported development of business plans, fore- casts, and strategic initiatives. 3 direct reports: 1 senior sales lead and 2 sales leads. 5 indirect reports: 4 program manag- ers and 1 cost estimator.
  2. 2. Fujio Hayashi Page 2 of 4 Awarded over $2 million mass production business for Acura crossover armrests and center pads by dem- onstrating total capability to R&D group. Saved $13,111/year by resolving year-long pricing discrepancy in HFI’s favor through persuading client to agree to pay $10.77, service price (vs. $4.70 mass production price). Resolved $179,000 warranty claim from customer who unilaterally debited HFI from regular monthly payment by negotiating patiently with purchasing, quality, and field warranty departments and carefully addressing all issues raised, resulting in zero payout and no potential liability. Successfully led quality claim negotiation from client for Pilot armrest cover and maintained HFI’s excellent reputation. Played key role in gaining contract for door armrest prototypes for Acura crossover by systematically strengthening client relationship. Helped gain prototype for 2AX headrest and request for formal presentation to client’s entire R&D group by actively cultivating R&D relationship. Gained support to improve packaging for 2011 Odysseys as way to protect business from competitors. Recovered entire $16,439 cost of abruptly cancelled Russian armrest program from client (including obsolete rolls’ expense). Gained interior parts qualified vendors listing that produced request for quotation (RFQ) for Mercedes console cover and steering column boot and GM door armrest, console cover, door center, and instrument cluster. Obtained RFQ for Acura Crossover, Odyssey door armrest, Toyota Highlander and X61B( Armada) by im- proving relationship with client. Developed/implemented strategy to keep tooling for dash insert parts in Monclova as leverage should client be unwilling to pay $60,000 obsolescence claim. Provided guidance regarding Japanese sensitivities to program launch managers and worked together on vari- ous customer issues. Played instrumental role in recovering $97,000 by resolving labor invoice and trim pricing dispute. Led effort to move substrate manufacturing of Armada armrest from American National to Moll and signifi- cantly increased HFI’s margin. Secured additional business for Civic, Accord, Odyssey, and Acura TL programs by identifying/resolving major customer’s concerns, strengthening communication, and building trust. Persuaded customer to pay for $150,000 obsolete and unusable inventory by submitting detailed forecasting and order fluctuation documentation. Gained inclusion on large customer’s ($1.3 billion annual sales) preferred suppliers list by determined pur- suit and submitting benchmark quotations and prototype parts lists. TOMASCO MULCIBER ( - Columbus, OH Honda-affiliated US subsidiary with plants in Columbus, OH employing 330 and Winchester, IN employing 180 ($80 million combined annual revenue). Produced steering hanger beams, radiator shrouds, hand brakes, hood locks, and other products. Vice President, North American Operations (2005 - 2007) Brought onboard and challenged to boost sales, improve quality, and increase efficiency for both OH and IN opera- tions. Oversaw Manufacturing (including stamping, welding, painting, assembly, maintenance, process engineering, and delivery), Quality, Sales and Design Engineering. Administered manufacturing operating budget and maintained P&L responsibility for all departments (except Purchasing, Administration). Direct reports: Assistant Vice President of Manufacturing, Senior Manager of Sales, New Model Manager, and Quality Manager. Reported directly to President. Improved stamping department’s labor efficiency and overall equipment efficiency (46% to over 65%) by utilizing Lean Manufacturing principles, implementing new training/incentive programs, and replacing underper- forming stamping manager.
  3. 3. Fujio Hayashi Page 3 of 4 Led effort to improve stamping department’s productivity (company’s lowest) by initiating employee survey to uncover issues, hiring temps to record all instances of short disruptions, and re-evaluating/modifying numerous procedures (after competitive benchmarking). Helped to reduce quality defects by over 80% and reduce third-party sorting costs by more than 75% by championing initiative to require production department (not quality department) to identify root causes, develop countermeasures, prepare answers, and visit customers if necessary. Cut expediting expenses over 70% - from $52,000 (2005) to $15,000 (2006) - by mandating formal reporting dur- ing daily production meetings to reduce unexpected production delays and by reducing unscheduled downtime. HI-LEX AMERICA, INC. ( - Battle Creek, MI Leading supplier of innovative, high-quality electromechanical devices and mechanical control cables for automotive and power sports market. Employed 1,100 with $100 million annual sales. President / Chief Operating Officer (2002 - 2005) Oversaw Manufacturing, HR, IT, Sales, Product Engineering, and Finance and maintained full P&L responsibility for entire organization. Tasked to maximize profits while promoting “reliability first” management philosophy through im- proving quality, meeting promised delivery schedules, reducing costs, efficiently managing inventory, decreasing scrap, maintaining satisfactory labor relations, and managing with long-term outlook. Direct reports: VP of Sales, Product En- gineering Manager, Director of Manufacturing, HR Manager, Finance Manager, IT Manager, and Program Manager. Reported to CEO. Honored with prestigious Delivery Award from American Yachiyo for maintaining 100% on-time delivery for entire year. Improved labor efficiency from 77% (2002) to 85% (2004), on-time production/shipment from 85% (2002) to 95% (2004), and reduced quality defects 80% by implementing/utilizing Lean Manufacturing principles. Helped determine best Lean Manufacturing practices by assembling benchmarking team to visit several other Honda suppliers to gain first-hand understanding of necessary changes. Rapidly moved Hi-Lex from “problem supplier” to “strong supplier” classification by implementing Lean Manufacturing principles to improve operations and reduce quality defects. Invited to deliver presentation to other Honda suppliers. Dramatically improved submitted ideas’ quantity/quality by assembling team of management and hourly as- sociates to systematically review all employee suggestions and award 10% of annual savings to associate providing suggestion. Skyrocketed from 44 ideas, $18,500 savings (2002) to 254 ideas, $117,900 savings (2003). PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION - Coral Gables, FL $800 million division of $3 billion global copper product producer with plants in US, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Zambia, and Austria. Customers included appliance manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, and utility companies. Now Freeport- McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (since 2007). Director of Strategic Planning, PD Wire & Cable (2000 - 2002) Led corporate development in Austria, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Zambia; reported to Chief Financial Officer. Helped divest Austrian, Venezuelan, and Zambian plants and negotiated Conelca sale (El Salvador) to local investor. Played major role in acquiring remaining interest in $70 million Brazilian joint venture (with Alcoa) by heading negotiation team and saved over $6 million by negotiating tax transaction process (advantageous to both parties). Played key role in marketing Wire & Cable unit to potential buyers by working extensively with investment bank (Goldman Sachs) to assemble sale information. INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY ( - Memphis, TN 1991 - 2000 World's largest forest products company produces uncoated paper, industrial/consumer packaging, and pulp and distributes printing, packag- ing, and graphic art supplies in North America and Europe. Employs 51,500 with $ 22.3 billion revenues (2007).
  4. 4. Fujio Hayashi Page 4 of 4 Director of Strategic Planning, Printing Paper Division (1998 - 2000) Initiated/managed key strategic projects within $5.8 billion Printing Paper division composed of office & printing pa- pers (copier papers), converting papers (envelope papers), coated papers (magazine papers) and fine papers (stationery papers). Initially worked in Binghamton, NY and Tokyo, Japan. Reported to VP of Strategic Planning. Helped facilitate $4 billion Champion Paper purchase as member of acquisition evaluation team and led ef- fort to evaluate acquisition of Brazilian timberlands and pulp mills (unnecessary after Champion acquisition). Managed major effort to reduce manufacturing cost $400+ million/year (within 18 months) among division’s 13 mills and saved $250+ million (9% total manufacturing cost) within 9 months. President, International Paper, Tokyo, Japan (1993 - 1998) Wholly owned Japanese subsidiary of International Paper Company. Employed 10 with $100 million annual revenues. As leading spokesman for foreign paper producers in Japan, worked closely with Japanese Ministry of International Trade & Industry, US Department of Commerce, Japan Paper Association, and American Forest & Paper Association regarding international trade issues. Managed all major products sold in Japan and maintained overall P&L responsibil- ity for Japan operations. Board member for 2 joint ventures: IPI and Rengo-IP. Reported to Executive Vice President. Increased subsidiary’s gross profit from $10 million to $20 million (in 6 years) by concentrating on areas of competitive advantage and avoiding commodity business. Developed/implemented several successful marketing initiatives, such as active participation in international trade fairs and prominent presence in annual meetings of Japanese paper merchants. Business Development Manager - Imaging Products Division, Binghamton, NY (1991 - 1993) EARLY CAREER MEAD CORPORATION - Dayton OH Director of Market Development, Mead Imaging BOOZ, ALLEN & HAMILTON Senior Associate, New York NY; Senior Associate, Tokyo, Japan; Associate, Cleveland, OH XEROX CORPORATION – Rochester, NY System Engineer EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER - Rochester, NY MBA in Finance - Simon School of Business MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – Cambridge, MA MS & BS in Mechanical Engineering LICENSURE & MEMBERSHIP Professional Engineering License (OH) President, MIT Club of Central Ohio ADDITIONAL ACHIEVEMENT Running – Successfully completed Half Marathon in 2007 - 2008