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Anand pathrika                                    narrating Anandotsava-2010

  Inaugural Ceremony-beginning the extravaga...
He shared his concern about fact that the enrollment ratio in India, a country that constitutes
40% of the worlds youth is...
Principal‟s note...
  I am really happy to witness the festival mood while con-
  ducting „Anandotsava 2010”. About 20 col...
My partings…Difficult to follow yeah?well,we don't
                                                     blame you, But we ...
Showing funny, Talking serious...
One of the other major attractions at Anandotsava-10 was on the spot caricature and cart...
Western Solo singing...
Songs that are tough to follow? Songs tat are crazy? Songs that are melodius?songs that are fun?
sketches and shades
 How often have you doodled your lecturer while in the middle of a
 boring class? Although we don't en...
Sing along...
              Eastern group singing saw a passionate patriotism spirit! Some were great some
Publicity &
Chairman: Dr.Seetharam

Dr.Janardhan Nayak
Prof.Vasudeva Shettigar
Anand Pathrika
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Anand Pathrika


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Anand Pathrika is the newsletter of Anandotsava-2010 ,an anual state level cultural fest of NMAMIT,Nitte held on 8,9,10 April2010

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Anand Pathrika

  1. 1. Anand pathrika narrating Anandotsava-2010 Inaugural Ceremony-beginning the extravaganza “Sadananda means always happy, but during Anandotsava being more happy”, Prof Yuvaraju welcomed the dignitaries and audience of the inaugural function-Anandotsava-2010 by tak- ing us back to the time of the inception of this college, then into the fact that name “Anandotsava” comes from our beloved founder Late Justice K S Hedge’s first name and into the immediate future i.e. an entire walkthrough the events of this three day “state level musi- cal extravaganza”. He welcomed the Chief guest of the function Capt. Ganesh Karnik,MLC, Govt of Karnataka and Deputy Chairman of the NRI forum, Karnataka, the Principal Dr.S.Y. Kulkarni, who “conceptualized our Anandotsava ,which is quite different from other competi- tions”. This followed by the Introduction to the chief guest of the function and lighting the lamp by dignitar- ies-an auspicious gesture of start- ing the three day event. “If he had been forgotten it would have been a gap in the feast”, by quoting William Shakespeare the Master of the ceremony Mario D’Cuhna invited the chief guest Capt.Ganesh Karnik to share with the audience a few words of wis- dom. Capt Karnik began by saying that it’s no big deal for politicians to give speeches and it should naturally not make him nervous, but “speaking before a campus that has made me, to share a few words is making me nervous”. With such obvious modesty and simplicity Capt. Karnik shared with the students an incident of Socrates once being asked by a few men the reason for his profound knowledge and what his prayer to the almighty is? Socrates replied “God, make me beautiful from within”. He cited the example of our beloved Principal Dr. S Y Kulkarni, that even after such great accomplishments in his life it is listening to Pandit Bheemsen Joshi that gives him a real inner bliss. We should try to understand and realize our “true inclina- tions” he said. “Life is a continuous pursuit of happiness-look within, youth is bound to get distracted but over years they will know their true inclinations”. He expressed his desire to get the young entrepreneur Mr. Suhas Gopinath to this event. He quoted what Mr. Gopinath had to say when he was asked by Captain as to how the former achieved what he has been. The Former replied “ I got passionately involved into things I did…”.By citing this small talk with Mr.Gopinath ,Capt Karnik shared the message that the youth and others have to be passionate about what they do, if they do so then success and hap- piness are bound to visit us.
  2. 2. He shared his concern about fact that the enrollment ratio in India, a country that constitutes 40% of the worlds youth is just 9%.”We really must be fortunate and grateful to the facilities and opportunities that we have got”. He also inspired the audience by saying “instead of work- ing under someone, can you dream of creating an enterprise yourself, can you think of giving job opportunities to others?” to corroborate this he pointed at our founder Late Justice K S Hedge that not many Supreme court judges bothered to come back to their roots. He empha- sized that the amount of development, employment opportunities created by one man’s return- ing to his roots is mammoth and it really is unimaginable what should happen of us if a few more of us decided to do so too! “Anand is a difficult word in philosophy to explain; every day we must move from a lower level to a level of higher happiness." he said. He also said that the best moment of his past in this campus is his time of interaction with students. “This campus has made me…”a grateful Karnik said. He narrated the incident during alumni meet, when a question in a quiz was –what is that one thing hostelers do the most? Capt Karnik by his experience with students answered that sleeping is the thing hostelers do the most, and this an- swer matched the answer got by surveying! He spoke profoundly about his concern that wonder- ful opportunities are being given to the youth and they are sleeping over them. He thus con- cluded by quoting Socrates again but this time underlining his message “God! make me beauti- ful from within”. The audience roared with the applause appreciating Capt Karnik’s simplicity and profundity of the speech and the message he delivered. The MC Mario D’Cunha remarked that after such an inspiring talk the sleeping in hostels is go- ing to see a dip! He then invited the Principal Dr. S Y Kulkarni to the dais to share with the stu- dents, his thoughts and knowledge. Dr .S Y Kulkarni started off by saying that Capt Karnik has always been generous and when- ever is invited to NMAMIT without even slight delay agrees to come. To this Capt Karnik re- marked that he was the one to get Dr.Kulkarni to Nitte from Hubli. The Principal agreed too with him and there was a light moment between the two that showed their closeness not only as colleagues but also as good friends. Dr.Kulkarni said that although NMAMIT has recently had many branch specific fests the participation of other colleges in Anandotsava –10 really did not see a dip. As a matter of fact the Principals of other institutions did express their concern but at the same time shared an opinion that “since it is Nitte we want to send our students”. He said that this is an occasion to celebrate our happiness. Adding humor to the ceremony he said that with so many activities going on in the college, he has time only for Inaugurating events and that he has become an “inaugurating expert”. He said “get more such events and make me better versed in inaugurating”. The Anand of Anandotsava-10 seemed to have touched everybody by his speech. He ended his speech by saying “let this friendship between us and other institutions be like salt and water that mix so well into each other. A little less salt makes it tasteless so does a little more salt. Let there be a perfect balance in the friendship.” Event coordinator Prof.Venkatesh Murthy delivered the vote of thanks.
  3. 3. Principal‟s note... I am really happy to witness the festival mood while con- ducting „Anandotsava 2010”. About 20 colleges around Nitte are taking part in this festival.My special and heart felt appreciations to all our staff and students for all ar- rangements being made to make “Anandotsava 2010” a memorable event. - - with best wishes Dr. S Y Kulkarni Editor speaks… Anandotsava is a festival of joy, commemorating our beloved foun- der Late Justice K.Sadananda Hegde. It is the most highlighted and celebrated annual event of our college. It is a platform to showcase the hidden talents of engineering students of all the streams from all over the state. For this Mega Event, we started preparing in the month of Febru- ary 2010 along with the coordinators, Prof.B.N.Yuvaraju and Prof.P.Venkatesh Murthy under the able guidance of our Principal, Dr.S.Y.Kulkarni. We, both staff and students have been working together to make this event a grand success. „Anand Pathrika‟ highlights all the activities of the first two days of this cultural extravaganza. I congratulate all the team members of Publicity & Display committee for putting their best ef- fort in bringing out this beautiful Anadotsava bulletin. I wish you a very happy Anandotsava 2010! -Dr.Seetharam Shettigar Team anand pathrika  Editor-in-chief –Dr. S.Y Kulkarni  Editor-Dr.Seetharam Shettigar  Ashrith Kulai-6th sem EC  K Narendra Pai-4th sem ME  Varun Rao P R– 4th sem ME  Abhijith E –6th sem EC  Photographs- Aadarsh Ayappan,4th sem IS
  4. 4. My partings…Difficult to follow yeah?well,we don't blame you, But we like to give you difficult things because we know that it doesn't get better when it gets tougher. The young artists spilled all the colors they had carried from home to paint “my part- ings...” .Some could, some failed, rest went missing! But we never say that someone lost, do we? Spot painting, nothing anand about the topic but paint- ings that came in were actually visual treat! WINNERS– 1-NMAMIT,Nitte 2-NRAMP,Nitte 3-NMAMIT,Nitte If antakshari was just starting another song from the last letter of the previous song, then we reckon you wouldn't have sat to witness it. This antakshari was a tough one! With tunes picked up from songs that we all hummed and some may be we were sung to by our mothers, this antakshari was an ultimate test. The anchors, an en- thusiastic Roshan Fernandes who also showed us some thumkes and the melodious Archana Rao, lecturers of our college kept the musi- cal experience undiluted. anand pathrika says,”phew!that was a tough one man” yes! tougher the better, again. WINNERS-1-KSHEMA,Mangalore 2&3-NMAMIT,Nitte Ek se bhale do, do they say so? Nitte saw the perfect coordination between two dancers shaking legs! We say, it was graceful. We say It was awesome. We say it was Anand. Romance, passion, exuberance almost all the expressions were seen on the floor. Just as if to appreciate the performances the clouds poured cats and dogs. Oh!what a sight it was. WINNERS: Surprise! 1,2&3 NMAMIT,Nitte grabs it all Frowning, fighting, yelling. Stammering, stamping and then contradicting self, yet smiling and laughing! That‟s debate for you at Anandotsava-10. Although some topics were clichéd anand pathrika is of the opinion that unar- guably Nitte saw one of the best debates held in the campus. With innovative IPL-like format for the final rounds the enthusiasm of contestants fighting for and against an issue got heightened as their spirits to win got fierce! WINNERS: 1&2-NMAMIT,Nitte 3-SJEC,Vamanjoor
  5. 5. Showing funny, Talking serious... One of the other major attractions at Anandotsava-10 was on the spot caricature and cartoon exhibition with the theme “global warming” The artists, brother duo Harishchandra Shetty aka Harini and Jeevan were present in the campus during Anandotsava-10. anand pathrika interviewed Jeevan. 1)Sir,given the fact that global warming is a serious topic, how easy or rather how difficult it is involve humor in it? Our aim is to educate the students by means of a medium that is not just by the text book s but also using creativity as a tool. The focus is clearly on the youth because we realize that they are the ultimate office bearers of development. It is very much visi- ble from my experience that its always easier to communicate with the youth, they are always accepting and open to new ideas. Keeping this in mind we have invited around 20 best cartoonists Harini-doing what he is best from all over the state to present their best two cartoons on this subject, and I think its doing a swell job. 2)The next question is quite opposite the previous. Accepted that humor is an effective way of communication but often is just laughed over and taken for granted. How effective has it been for you to imprint social mes- sages in people’s minds? It is important to make myself clear that we don‟t much desire that cartoons in themselves get accolades. Our aim has always been the subject what we work on. I think even this case as the issue demands immediate actions from every level of the society it is essential to reach the masses via such initiatives. If you might observed the few of the exhibits it can be noted that although humour is a part the core ideas and concerns are CO2 emission ,water scarcity ,ozone depletion et cetera.So I think it is reaching well. Capt.Karnik waiting toto see Capt.Karnik waiting see his funny side. his funny side. 3) Sir, could you share with anand pathrika your experience at Nitte and the response you have got so far. Yes, that is a very good question. After a wonderful reception by NIT-K students, we are overwhelmed by the amount of response we have got in NMAMIT. Anandotsava in my opinion is an ideal event to promote awareness. But One of the many in doing so we must not sound serious or lose our cool. Hence I think by exhibits going through the opinion book it is been a wonderful ride. Thank you anand pathrika : Thank you Sirs for coming to Nitte and sharing your thoughts and works with us. We wish the initiative a success that it de- serves and we hope to inculcate these ideas to save green. Cartooning competition Just as if to reiterate the global warming message Anandotsava –2010 had a solo cartooning competition as an event. The topic was “save trees” .Some innovative in house artists showed their talent in the event. What was even more thrilling is that all the winners were part of Nitte Education trust. So are we more aware? Or are we more creative? WINNERS-1-Nitte Usha Nursing Sciences,Mangalore 2&3-NMAMIT,Nitte
  6. 6. Western Solo singing... Songs that are tough to follow? Songs tat are crazy? Songs that are melodius?songs that are fun? and songs that make you Dance? and songs that are really really really hard to sing! that's western solo sin. WINNER 1 –NMAMIT,Nitte . 2 SJEC,Vamanjoor Being yourself, sounding different Event we are talking about is Mimicry. Although it is an art that hasn't got the recognition it deserves and its often branded faking it et cetera, Anandotsava-2010 appreciates and em- braces mimics as one of the other white collared arts! WINNERS 1 KVGCE,Sullia 2 NRAMP,Nitte 3 NMAMIT,Nitte Rose by any name…. The event we are talking about is floral arrangement. The participations were meager and hence dismal. Although such was the case the ones that took part had some talent!! WINNER: 1 NRAMP,Nitte Rangoli… Along the same lines we had an event Rangoli, an event that hardly needs no explanation! WINNERS:1-MITE,Moodbidri 2 Alva‟s Institute of Engineering and Technology,Moodbidri 3 NMAMIT,Nitte Mime your tongue! Welcome to Mime! I am not allowed to talk, so Speaking is so out Everyone‟s so happy you just have to guess of fashion Jaani. here in what's on my mind! Silence is golden Anandotsava, I and gold is In practiced just being Watch your nose mister, the trophy's mine Yeah right! Check below whose the winner!huh WINNERS– 1-KVGCE,Sulia 2-Nitte Usha nursing sciences, Mangalore
  7. 7. sketches and shades How often have you doodled your lecturer while in the middle of a boring class? Although we don't endorse it ,it is an art indubitably! You came with your pencil and eraser and walked out sketching marvels! WINNERS-1&2 –NMAMIT,Nitte 3– NRAMP,nitte Keeping dumb... Well, If everything in life goes all perfect then you are going the wrong way. Anand pathrika remains grim about the event Dumb charades. Given the high standards of DC in Nitte, this in particular was a quiet event filled with classics that were more appalling than appealing. Only thing to boast about is that Nitte showed its domination! Anand pathrika isn't judging anyone. Well we too have slipped here often (that‟s for you to find!)and there still is a childish Anand in falling (failing), right? WINNERS: 1&2 -NMAMIT,Nitte 3-Alva‟s Institute of Engineering & Technology,Moodbidri Walking tall... So you think you can dance…. Most awaited event-Fashion show!We had cave Jive,Salsa,Hip-Hop name it as you like. West- men,Sherlock Holmes,Avataars walking on the ern solo dancing is the event if you have ramp for us! Here are the winners guessed it already here are the WINNERS: WINNERS:1&2 NRAMP,Nitte 1 JKSHM,Nitte 2&3 KSHEMA,Mangalore Rack your brains... At last Anandotsava gets a perfect quiz. The Quiz master Mr. Rohan Fernandes kept the audience and the contestants gripping. anand pathrika says it wasn't at all mediocre! what's even more a news is that out of 6 finalists 5 were from Voila! NMAMIT! WINNERS: 1 NMAMIT,Nitte 2-KSHEMA,Mangalore 3-NMAMIT,Nitte Soap Carving Students toiled to get the sculptor out of them. Slipping and so on! They were asked to make an ele- phant out of soap! Now that‟s an elephant even God couldn't have made WINNER 1-NMAMIT,Nitte. Clay modeling Along the same lines was a competition Clay modeling. Turning the soil into clay and then into a village lady! WINNERS 1&2-NMAMIT,Nitte 3-Alva‟s Institute of Engineering & Technology, Moodbidri
  8. 8. Sing along... Eastern group singing saw a passionate patriotism spirit! Some were great some groups had no traits of music. But that‟s being just cynical! Do they say that a cynic knows the price of everything and value of none? Here are the winners- 1-NMAMIT,Nitte 2-Nitte Usha Nursing Sciences, Mangalore Stick to the skit! How often have you used your acting skills to get out of an awkward situation. Lets see, there‟s no dearth for good actors in this world and they came pouring in in Anandotsava-2010. WINNERS: 1 NMAMIT,Nitte 2 KVGCE,Sullia Day 3-the Utsav is not done yet! Anand Pathrika as mentioned before covers the first two days of Anandotsava- 2010. Wont it be good if we gave you the insight of what's in store for the third day? Here is the list of the events on day 3 and how we miss the pleasure of reporting them to you! Mad Ads-Fool‟s paradise.. A team performs an ad commercial for wackiest of the products! Think of a punch line or punch a fellow actor the Laurel-Hardy style to generate humor. The funnier the better. Just a minute... “Anandotsava is a cultural ex- travva “ OBJECTION “stammer” objection accepted of faces and frescos...Face painting “...Anandotsava is cele- You have painted hands as a child. Time to be a child just for today. brated..” “OBJECTION” Trash all those cosmetics today because paint on face is gonna eat up “Late start” objection ac- all the space on your face! On the face of it this is one of the most cepted. This is JAM(just a awaited events... minute) for you. Show up at the JAM for a rather 3D view of it! The Anand Patrika feels deprived of qualities such as video live telecast et cetera!! Group dance-hit the floor! Needless to explain this! Dance one, dance all! Eastern solo singing-go oriental Raag malhar,Deepak Raag,Ahir Bhairavi.Ghazal,thumki or kavvali.As long as its east- ern (and as long as you sing well!) you are welcome to make magic by these Indian notes. A perfect Anandotsava sprit. Who knows, there might be a Tansen waiting in the hideout to set the stage on fire!
  9. 9. Publicity & Display Committee Chairman: Dr.Seetharam Shettigar Members: Dr.Janardhan Nayak Prof.Vasudeva Shettigar Prof.Ashok Kumar Prof.Venugopal Mrs.Nayana Shetty Student Volunteers Ashrith Kulai, Abhijith, Varun Rao, Narendra Pai Flexon, Karar, Rasik, He- manth , Anish Shriyan, Shashi Raj, Adarsh, Gowtham, Kirthiraj, Nishanth, Sudhir K Anuj Agarwal, Nikila Belle, Navya C.A., Maithri Ballal, Swathi Rao Shodan S, Sushanth Bhat, Anudeep S, Prinson Manoj,