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  1. 1. THE KOSHISH CHRONICLE SPECIAL NEWSLETTER EDITION PUBLISHED BY PCTE GROUP OF INSTITUTES 22nd SEPTEMBER 2011-DAY 2 EDITORIALNEWSLETTER TEAM THE SECRET OF SUCCESS LIES IN KNOWINGEDITOR: “THE SECRET OFTahir Sufi FAILURE”Director, Tahir SufiPCTE IHMCTSPECIAL ARTICLE: The game has already begun and the hunt for winners is on and the time is notDr. K.N.S Kang far. The literary events are over and the winners have been declared already.Director General, However, this is not an end of it. The activities are repeated again and againPCTE Group of Institutes and the sensible ones among those who could not make it this time shall learn from the mistakes. This newsletter also aims in the same direction- it invitesDESIGNER: the faculty members who evaluated these activities to share their views onHarmanjit Singh how the students can improve next time. The success is a journey and notKanwer destination- learning is an ongoing process and we can get on and get down from this process anytime. However, it is always better if we stay in sync withREPORTER: the learning process throughout our lives. Let us go through the articles writtenAjay Kumar by our faculty and act upon them. This quote puts it beautifully “Success will not lower its standard to us. We must raise our standard to success!”ARTICLES:Rajesh ChandranAnshu Singh KOSHISH: DISPLAY OF DIVERSITYShruti Sharma Dr.K.N.S.KangPHOTOGRAPHS: Weve all been to a fewSunny Beas MBA-1B Colleges or University Fests asDeepak Sedha BCA 3B we grow up, but PCTERamesh Gulati BCA 3B 1Jatinder Singh BCA 3B
  2. 2. KOSHISH-2011 is more than just a fest. Imagine having Afro students play drums on traditional tabla forinstrumental music, and a renowned panel of local fame, Karmasa absorbing and responding to the entirenew tunes of Tabla through and through. On the same day, you see Afghani boys walk down the ramp tounearth shimmering Arabic Girls out of Pardas, and Bhutanese Ninja Girls set the stage on fire with WarTechniques. And if you are thinking, we are talking about students playing these roles, then hold yourhearts, because at KOSHISH, the PCTE Annual Fest you actually see nearing 100 odd Internationalstudents from a dozen odd countries across the globe including USA, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Angola,Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Bhutan, Uganda, Rwanda, Lesotho, and many more performing alongsideIndian students in 22 events on and off the stage. These students bring true amalgam of culturesconfluence into new fusion culture across borders unseen and unheard anywhere else. Koshish kicked offto a grand start this morning events like Folk Dance, Nukkad Natak, Instrumental solo performance, Picto,Cartooning and not to mention Western Group Dance, Fashion Show and Rock Band performances. Thethemes in these shows ranged from addressing everything like violence, drugs, to seasons, and socialawareness. The stage and the audience remained jam-packed throughout the day right unto the night,when two PCTE Rock Bands performed live to the audience. The students of PCTE Group of Institutes have created a wonderful amalgamation of cultures,nationalities and ethnicity, PCTE has become the melting pot of several national and internationalregional tastes through various forms of expressions like dance, debate and fine arts at its annual fest –Koshish 2011. The solo Instrumental performance saw one of the African students showcase amesmerizing display of talent by creating traditional African instrumental sounds out of an Indian classicalinstrument like tabla, which set the ball rolling for the event. Later in the day the events like fashion showcast a spell on the audience with Afghan boys dressed up as traditional Indian warriors and breaking intoseveral surprise acts in between. One of the acts included a Mizo student coming out of the box dressedup as ninja and this was beyond the expectation of the already engaged audience. Towards the end it wasthe two college rock bands that raised the tempo with several heart thumping covers both in Hindi andEnglish from rock on, Dev D’s Emotional Atyachaar to Green Day and Linkin Park. The three day event willturn more colorful with the senior wing consisting of P.G. students from various disciplines competing inevents on Thursday. 2
  3. 3. JAMAnshu Singh-Asst. ProfessorIf you think you are a fluent speaker, wait a minute and try your luck with JAM. Koshish 2011 at PCTEGroup of Institutes organized JAM on 21st Sep 2011.JAM means JUST A MINUTE. Every speaker has to speak just for a minute. The fun of the game is thatwhile a speaker is speaking, every other individual in the team can point out the errors in speech and baga chance for himself/herself for the remaining seconds of the minute. The chain continues till 60 secondsare completed. Errors generally include fumbling, stumbling, stammering, wrong pronunciation,repetition of ideas, late start, early start, stealing others ideas, pause etc. Points are scored by people whoare able to point out the right errors. It is surprising to know that excessive blinking of eye, eyebrows in movements, smiling, shaking legs andhands etc can also be pointed out as errors and form a part of incorrect body language. Even moresurprised you would be to know that these 60 seconds could be completed in as long as 15-20 min. It isgreat fun to be in JAM as one has to speak for just a minute.Results of Junior Wing1st Position: Nikhil Kaura (BBA 2C), Incorrigibles2nd Position: Kapil Sahni (BBA 2A), Mean Machines3rd Position: Rabjot ( BCA )PICTOAnshu Singh- Asst. ProfessorWelcome to the world of Geometric figures. PICTO is a game which helps you express yourself withlimited use of language. The limited language includes all possible geometric shapes, “YES”, and “NO andOF SORTS”. The game is played by two people where in one is the sender of the message and the other isthe receiver. The victory lies in decoding the message correctly. One speaker has to explain an objectgiven to him with the help of geometric shapes and the partner is suppose to draw the object on a boardusing the clues and directions given to him. Oh yes…It’s a real test of how well you can connect andcommunicate with your partner. 3
  4. 4. Picto was organized on 21st Sep 2011 at Koshish and students participated with immense enthusiasm.Various objects were given in different difficulty levels ranging from simple ones like mobile and jug totricky ones like army tank and arm chair. It was amazing to see how very complex objects were guessed injust 4-6 seconds and very simple ones also could not be guessed due to overloading of message. Truly,PICTO is an art of communication.Results (Senior Wing)1st Position: (Glowing Pixels)2nd Position: Manpreet and Jaspinder (Assasins)3rd Position: Khushboo and Shaileja (Jallalians)TURNCOATShruti Sharma- Asst. ProfessorYou think you have a brain which you canuse!!!! Think once again. If the answer is yesthen this event is for you. The name isTURNCOAT. Turncoat is a literary event inwhich the speaker switches his/her stands after the two minutes of his/her speech which he/she has todeliver on the topic given.  Basically it is a creative exercise in which a person is given only four minutes to think and to speak as well.  To keep the speaker updated about the time, one bell ring at the end of two minutes and second one rings at the end of four minutes.  The speaker has to be well versed with the language (English) in order to leave impact on the judges. However, content is also important.It can be said that, one turns his/her coat tactfully to emerge victorious. 4
  5. 5. KABIR BEDI & HARBAJAN MANN ROCK PCTEKABIR BEDI, the famous Bollywood and Hollywood actor andHARBHAJAN MANN the well known Punjabi singer and actor literallyset the Koshish Stage on fire today. The whole movie crew of “Yaara-O-Dildara” including the actors and actress came to PCTE. The entirestage event was greeted with great enthusiasm by the students.While Harbhajan Mann sang the famous songs of the movie, KabirBedi made a brief speech in Punjabi. He stressed the need of makingPunjabi Cinema as big as South Indian Cinema. They requested thestudents to help in curbing piracy. The actress of the movie alsomade a brief appearance on the stage who was very happy to see thegreat PCTE crowd. A great entertainment for the “PCTEians”indeed!!! ______________________________________________________________________ Contact “The Koshish Chronicle” on for suggestion, contribution or feedback. We welcome any contribution from students or faculty in the form of photograph or article. PCTE GROUP OF INSTITUTES Campus 2, Baddowal Ferozepur Road-Ludhiana 142021. Website: Telephone: 0161-2888500 ______________________________________________________________________ 5