Flying Carpet 09 may-2012


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Weekly Bulletin of Rotary Club of Bombay West, Dist.3140, India

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Flying Carpet 09 may-2012

  1. 1. R. I. Pres. Kalayan Banerjee • Dist. Governor Dr. Vijay Jalan • Pres. Arvind Shah • Secy. Dr. Tehemtun Driver • Hon. Editor Brinda DesaiVOLUME NO. XXXXXVIII ISSUE No. 45 Published on: 9th May, 2012 PRESIDENT SPEAKS MEET REPORT - 2ND MAY 2012 The Power of Attitude and We For all of us, there are turning points in our life. The known fact and the secret about this is described by Earl Nightingale and that is "You become what yo think about. Negative thoughts reap negative results. If you thinkpositive thoughts, you will get positive results." Thus one littledifference almost always makes a big difference. The littledifference is attitude.William James, over a century ago, said, "The greatestdiscovery of this generation is that a human being can altertheir life by altering their attitude." I believe this with all myheart, and over the years have seen it happen countless times.What most people fail to realize is that your attitude not onlyimpacts your happiness and your success, it can also impact Todays speaker, Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari (Priya) Gupta worksthe happiness and success of all the people around you, your as a Vegan Nutritionist and Campaign Coordinator withfamily, your friends, and your peers at work. We need to ask People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Usingourselves, "Is mine worth catching?", while the importance of combination of Power Point slides, Video film and lecturepositive attitude in our life is well understood. However noone can underestimate the difficulty in maintaining it. delivered with great passion, Priya created a huge impactAlthough it is not easy and its a very personal thing, but it on the audience. She mentioned focus areas in whichcan be done. animals are used:Our approach to Rotary Service projects needs the sharing of • Foodthis attitude of contributing of might in terms of time, money • Leatherand experience especially in creating the most needed aspectaround us cleanliness, good sanitation facilities and vocational • Experimentstraining in variety of the fields to the youth. As per the national • Entertainment Contd. on Page 4 Contd. on Page 3 9th May 2012 : Mr. Vinit Rathod on "Adventures Unlimited - Covering Mansarovar" Sunday, 13th May 2012 : Regular meeting of 16th May is preponed to 13th May – Club Assembly from 9.00 am to 12.30 pmFlying Carpet 9th May, 2012 1
  2. 2. MEET REPORT - 28TH APRIL 2012Saturday 28th April. The meeting held specifically to KDN Shruti School Principal by Chief Guest Ian Cardozo.present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Rtn. PP Principal Bhavna praised the work and influence ofRamesh Oza at the august hands of Major General (Retd) Rameshbhai at KDN Shruti School and ended herIan Cardozo, AVSM, SM, an outstandingly brave officer appreciation with a gift as a token of appreciation on behalfof the Indian Army. of the School to Rameshbhai.The meeting started with the normal proceedings initiated This was followed a talk by Rahul on Rameshbhai as aby President Arvind Shah. After the formalities of father. He read out letters from Rameshbhaiswelcoming the guests which included the family of PP Grandchildren showing their love and affection for theirRtn. Ramesh Oza. Rahul, Rameshbhais son had specially doting "Dada" - Rameshbhai and bringing out his care forflown in from USA for the occasion. The Principal and them through small gestures of action.staff of KDN Shruti School also graced the occasion.Specially present on the occasion were PDG Badar Rtn. Shirish Rege introduced General Carodzo in hisMaskati, who was the Governor when Rameshbhai was inimitable crisp style, highlighting his achievements andthe President and his co-President PDG Prabhakar Store. how he overcame the handicap of leg amputation and became the C.O. in charge of an Infantry Battalion creatingThere was a Power Point Presentation on Rameshbhai history in the annals of Indian Army.presented by Rtn. PP Shashi Walavalkar. This presentationwas prepared by Rtn. PP Shashi Walavalkar alongwith General Cardozo in his address spoke of the difficult timesRtn. PP Robin Nath and Rtn. Naresh Merchant, who was the country was passing through and said there were stillSecretary of the Club in the year Rameshbhai was islands of hope with Rotary Club of Bombay West andPresident. Ramesh who offer leadership and hope for the future.The Power Point Presentation highlighted the He greatly praised the work done by Rotary Club ofachievements of Rtn. Ramesh Oza as a family man, and Bombay West with special mention of hearing impairedas a professional, the various influences in his life including and the vision of the Club and passion of Rameshbhai.those of his parents, his brothers GK and Suresh Oza, his He also appreciated the great leadership qualities of Rotarylove and affection for his family, wife late Usha, children Club of Bombay West and Rameshbhai which have beenRahul and Deepa alongwith their spouses and children implemented with a lot of love and affection and thereforeand other facets of his life and profession. he could think of no other person more deserving for theThe Power point presentation was followed by a Lifetime Achievement Award than Rtn. PP Ramesh Oza.presentation of books and DVD on Value Education to Contd. on Page 32 Flying Carpet 9th May, 2012
  3. 3. 2ND MAY 2012 MEET REPORT - Contd. from Page 1 28TH APRIL 2012 MEET REPORT - Contd. from Page 2She showed a film titled "If Slaughterhouses had GLASS The citation which was read by Rtn. PP ChandramohanWALLS everybody will be VEGETARIAN. The essence of Saigal who was the Master of Ceremonies was presentedanimal cruelty was shown throughout the movie with clear by one of the most valiant officers of the Indian Armymessage as under: Major General Ian Cardozo. He presented the citation, silver salver alongwith shawl and coconut.· Animals feel pain, just as people do. They value theirlives, just as we value ours. They are terrified by the sights Responding to the Honour bestowed on him, Rtn. PPand smells of slaughterhouse, and they fight every last Rameshbhai said that right from the age of 12, he wantedbreath. If you eat animals, you should know what happens to be a doctor. However, his father did not permit him toto chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, goats and fish which are dissect dead bodies. He was then thrown out of Science and put into Arts. The fire within was burning strong.used for food. though he graduated with Advanced Psychology, he· Milking machines take more milk out of the animals than headed towards Medical field.they would naturally and easily yield. Many workers do He expressed his gratitude to his two elder brothers fornot pay attention, and the machines keep suctioning the helping him throughout his career. Brothers GK and SK.animals dry udders, causing extreme pain. SK being none other than our own Ex Rtn. PP Suresh· Chicks have portions of their sensitive beaks cut off Oza.without any painkillers. Rameshbhai is always at the top in whatever he does.She also mentioned that more chickens are raised and Whether it is Occupational therapy, Artificial limbkilled for food than any other animal combined. Those designing and making or Audiology and speechraised for their flesh are packed into filthy sheds, often pathology.with thousands of other birds. Fumes from their He has played a vital role in setting up top of the lineaccumulated waste burn their throats and eyes. Cows facilities eg. Occupational therapy school in Nagpur,have long term memories and complex problem solving Audiology and speech therapy school and centre at Nairskills. Cows and Buffaloes are gentle animals who grieve hospital and Kamla Dharamshi Narsee "SHRUTI" Schoolwhen separated from their loved ones. at Juhu and the Audiology and speech therapy department at Nanavati Hospital. All these have beenWhen you replace meat, dairy products and eggs in your internationally acclaimed. He has always believed thatchildrens diet with healthy plant based foods, you are work efficiency increases and results jump whenstarting them off with a significant health advantage, environments are bright and beautiful.lowering their risk for host of adult diseases that havebeen linked to animal products, including heart disease, He expressed grateful thanks to Rotary and particularlyobesity, diabetes and cancer. Animal products are also to our late PP Chatrabhujbhai, his son Jairajbhai and Shrilinked to many of the ailments that tend to affect children, Narendrabhai Parekh and his family (Pidilite Industries)including colic, ear infections and flu. for their continued patronage of SHRUTI.PETA is creating awareness of animal cruelty with help Last but not the least these Rotarian brothers and sistersfrom well known people with active support from National have always been supporting this cause. He has a dream to fulfill …. which will cost Rs. 7.00 lakhs… equipmentmedia. Finally, she gave message that every VEGAN saves that will complete the requirements for universalmore than 100 animals a year. For information she screening programme for newborn babies for which thesuggested to log on PETAINDIA.COM Club has in the past gifted the equipment with kind effortsRtn Chandramohan Saigal introduced the speaker and of Rtn. Naresh Merchant. Hope it will soon become aRtn Mohan Joshi proposed a vote of thanks. – Rtn Mohan Joshi Contd. on Page 4Flying Carpet 9th May, 2012 3
  4. 4. R.N.I No.: 16778 9th May, 2012 Regn. No. MH/MR/N/188/MBI/12-14 28TH APRIL 2012 MEET REPORT - Contd. from Page 3 0)22; *1460,); reality. He appealed to members of the Rotary Club of Veeresh Shah 12.05 Bombay West for their generous help. Chandrasekar Khobrekar 13.05 In his own words - Professionally speaking I can never forget Late Smt. Kamla Nimbkar, Dr. L.H. Hiranandani HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO R/ANNS and Dr. T.H. Rindani who gave me full freedom to develop the best equipped departments with highly Vandana Shah 10.05 qualified staff. How can I forget my own family, late Usha, my HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY children Rahul and his children and Deepa who are an integral part of my success? They are my real Hemant - Vandana Joshi 10.05 Lifetime Awards. He profusely thanked PDG Badar Maskati who was CALCULUS – 28-04-2012 the Governor of our District in 1978-79. When Rameshbhai was the President of Rotary Club of Members 45 Bombay West - it was our Silver Jubilee Year and PDG R/anns, Visiting Rtn. Guests 65 Prabhakar Store who was his co-President in Total 110 1978-79. President Elect Rtn. Ashok Deorah proposed a befitting vote of thanks with Hindi shayari couplets which define CALCULUS – 02-05-2012 his style. Members 28 – Rtn. Naresh Merchant R/anns, Rotaractors Guest 12 Total 40PRESIDENT SPEAKS - Contd. from Page 1survey organistaion, monthly consumer expense in the village 6DA9=O6AIJis Rs. 1,054/- while that in the city is Rs. 1,984/-. The survey Of things we think, say or do:has pointed out that 60% villagers live in less than Rs. 35/- Is it the TRUTH?per day and equally similar city lower strata people live less Is it FAIR to all concerned?than Rs. 66/- per day. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIP? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?It should be our humble and committed task to improve thesocial status by catering and reinforcing our service to thegoal of cleanliness, sanitation and vocational guidance toyouth..Regards, – Rtn. Arvind Shah Printed by Manish Mehta, published by Manish Mehta, owned by Rotary Club of Bombay West, Rotary Service Centre, Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400 049 and printed at UNIQUE PRINTERS, 103 Jagruti Industrial Estate, 771, Mogul Lane, Mahim, Mumbai - 400 016. and published at Rotary Service Centre, Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400 049. Editor: Manish Mehta • Annual Subscription : Rs.1000/- 4 Flying Carpet 9th May, 2012