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Ab 02


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Ab 02

  1. 1. Amruta Bindu Editor in Chief Editor Dr.G.B.Patil Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad Volume 1, Issue 2 email:- October 2000 The Divine Soul Releasing event of “Amruta Bindu” Shree Danappa.G. Melmalagi On the occasion DG Melmalagi 15th death Shree Danappa Melmalagi, devout and copi- anniversary, in the presence of His Holiness Shreeous form of Charity, was born on the 13th of June 1922. Parama poojya Abhinava Shivananda Mahaswamiji, He hailed from Benakanhalli vil- shree Sri S.B.Sanshi, Chairman of the DGM lage in Kundagol taluka. True to Ayurvedic Medical College Inaugurated “Amruta his name Danappa developed be- Bindu”. Sri B.C.Patil, member and Smt Girijamma nevolence and charity as his spe- D. Melmalagi, member and wife of DG Melmalagi cial traits. The agrarian family to which he belonged did not show present in this occation. Dr.G.B.Patil, Principal, any inclination for sending DGMAMC Introduced the News-Letter “Amruta Danappa to school. Thus, Danappa grew in the midst of hisfield and nature became a teacher, guide and phi-losopher to him, which made him to persuade him selftowards religion. Danappa was wedded to smt Girijamma, thefourth daughter of Shree Byalyal Nagappa, but thecouple was not blessed with any issues. Danappa andhis wife became devotes of the pontiff of the Shivanandamath Shree Nandiswara Swamiji. There were pres-sures from the relatives to adopt a child but the couple L to R:- Shree Abhinava Shivananda Mahaswamiji,resisted and sought contentment in benevolence for Sri S.B.Sanshi, Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad and Dr.G.B.Patilneedy charities. Danappa decided to join hands withthe Swamiji in establishing an Ayurvedic Medical Col- Bindu” to the gathering and mentioned “This is thelege. He donated bountiful funds to this institution and need of the Hour to uplift Ayurveda through edu-it was named after him, D.G. Melmalagi Ayurveda cating Physicians and scholars of Ayurveda as wellCollege. From the modest beginnings this institution as masses. For that we need media such ashas grown to tremendous heights within the two de- “Amruta Bindu”. Late sree Danappa Melmalagi’scades. Dannappa’s charities make a big list of benefi- sacrifice and donations made this effort possible”.ciaries. He has helped many individuals, many chil- After the releasing event Miss Rohini Deshpande of Shiggao with the party sungdren to make their careers. Hundreds of people re- Hinustani classical and light music.membered him with grateful feelings as they have madebrilliant careers. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Danappa became eternal on 11th September 1. The Divine Soul Shree Danappa.G. melmalagi1985, leaving behind his excellent fore steps worthy of 1. Releasing event of “Amruta Bindu”being emulated by all of us. We thoughtfully remem- 2. Editorial, DGM Campus NEWSber this great man and pay rich tributes to him for what 3. Slokas for recitation - ÍFêò™ÌÌFòÌ¡ô - ²ÌÉZ̙Ìhe has done for our society. He has immortalised him-self by his charities. He was truly ‘Danappa’ “Man of 3. Management of PsoriasisCharity”. May his soul rest in peace. 3. ÑÛ¢Ú%OÚ ¶¥ÚßOÚß * Dr.R.R.Joshi 4. ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚOæQ ÈÚߥÚߧMlß! October 2000 Amruta Bindu
  2. 2. 11th September 2000 Editorial DG Melmalagi’s 15th death anniversary, homage in the SR campus by Smt Girijamma D. Language in Ayurveda “Sanglish” Melmalagi in the presence of Speech expressiveness is the best way his holiness Sri Parama poojya to exchange the intellectual thoughts and emo- Abhinava Shivananda tions of an individual. This verbalization in the Mahaswamiji. Shri C.S. Bhat acknowledged the past changed its shape and brought many dia- lects and jargons in India. Especially in the fac- ulty of Ayurveda, Sanskrit as the language of the guardian angel community of the Veda pe- riod has not reached the other society and dropped Iron curtains between these groups. Of course it is a fact that it maintained the secrecy of the technology of Ayurveda. As and when the awareness appeared and translations are made for the original Sanskrit Ayurveda texts, with the poetic discretion made the Ayurveda further com- greatness of the DG Melamalagi in the form of plicated with multiple synonyms and ideologies. Poetry. On this occasion “Amruta Bindu”, a monthly It is as such five blind men trying to decide the trilingual Newsletter was released by Chairman shape of an elephant. Recently Shri L.K.Adwani, S.B.Sanshi. Miss Rohini Deshpande of Siggaon with Central Home minister, called people’s support the party sung Hindustani Classical and light mu- for the construction of 21st century as Indian cen- sic. Dr.R.R.Joshi organised the function. tury, to uplift the glory of the Indians with ultra 16th September 2000 super information technology. Whether tradi- Dr.B.S. Patil, Asst. Professor and 10 students tional Ayurveda gets any place in it or not, time who participated the “Tatwaprakashini - 2000” held at only decides. But it is legitimate that Ayurveda Coimbatore between 10 - 20 August 2000 shared their has to be reconstructed and made to reach the experiences with the Staff and students of DGMAMC. common man in his mother tongue in stead of Dr.B.S.Patil, expressed that this sort of the activities making it “Sanglish” by mixing English. will help the Ayurvedic Students to develop Dr. K. Siva Rama Prasad themselves.Function presided by Dr.G.B.Patil, Princi- pal and Dr.U.V.Purad organized the function.DGM Campus NEWS 24th- 25th September 2000 The NSS unit of DGMAMC at Govt. High School, Siddhalinga Nagar, observed NSS day of the by Dr. Veeresh. B. Kotturshetty year 2000 by conducting free health check-up and st1 September 2000 Blood group analysis of the students. NSS officer On the occasion of Gajanana utsav, Vinayak Dr.G.S.Juktihiremath, conducted the camp andPooja celebrated in lively mood and many competi- Dr.B.S.Patil addressed to the students.tions were conducted, like Rangoli and quiz. Dr.K.S.Paraddi, Dr.S.V.Sankanur and Dr.Smt.5th September 2000 Jayashree Hiremath examined the students. Sri On the occasion of teacher’s day, teach- Rajashekhar.D.Savanur of III BAMS won the 2nd prizeers are honored and entertainment programs were in the pick & speak and 3rd prize in debate competi-conducted. tions, held at KVSR college, on the occasion of NSS8th September 2000 Day celebrations, by Gadag City degree Colleges. A guest lecture on the topic “ Orthope- 29th September 2000dics in General practice” by Dr. B.R.Basava Prof. Pierre Shilvian Philiosa and Prof. Smt.Reddi, was organized to observe the death an- Vasundhara Philiosa from France have delivered aniversary of Shri A.S.Dolli (old student) by guest lecture on the topic “Role of India in Global tra-Dalhana Vedike. Dr.B.G.Swamy presided the func- dition”. The function presided by Dr.G.B.Patil andtion and welcome address by Dr. P.V. Rakkasagi. Guest of Honor was Dr.B.M.Alur. October 2000 2 Amruta Bindu
  3. 3. Management of Psoriasis. Sarvanga svedana:- Dr.U.V.Purad Vamana:- With Madanaphala yoga. H.O.D.of Roga Vignan After 15 days Virechana with Trivrutta leha then shamana should be followed with - Skin disorders have become the Arogya vardhani vati, Kaishora guggulu withcommon most health problems in the routine Aragwadarishta internally.practice since a decade and there is much For external application Kutaja patrainclination of the people towards Ayurvedic surya paki taila is recommended.treatment for all skin disorders. Among the most Doses of these medicines are to be ad-common problems of skin, Psoriasis is common justed according to the prakruti and vikruti ofwith 2.4% incidence. It is a non-contagious and patient.Pitta Kapha pradhana Nidana should becommonly appears as inflamed, swollen skin avoided.lesions, covered with silver whitish scales. In this The above treatment is economic, easy,disease epidermal proliferation is increased due comfortable, palatable, and safe. It is more ef-to excessive cell division in the basal layers. The fective compared to other standard treatmentsepidermal turn over time reduces from 28 days available. ÑÛ¢Ú%OÚ ¶¥ÚßOÚßto 2.4 days. The white scale that usually coversthe lesion is composed of dead skin cells, andthe redness of the lesion is caused by increasedblood supply to area of rapidly dividing skin cells. ^ÚM¥ÚÃOÛM}Ú.GÑé. ºÚmé @¨ÛÀ®ÚOÚÁÚß, DGMAMC The clear-cut clinical feature of psoria- ¶¥ÚßP ÑÛ¢Ú%OÚ ÈÛ¥ÚÁÚß ÈæßÞÅÛ½×ÚW ¥Û«Ú®Ú°sis cannot be totally emerging with any singleKusthta of Ayurvedic literature. But Psoriasis can ·æ«ÚOÚ«Ú ÔÚØÙ¾Úß VÚßÁÚßÒ¥Úª®Ú° ®Úâ´}ÚÃbe correlated with Dadru, Charmadala, Kitabha, ¬ÞÄÈÚÊ}Ú«Ú¾Úß ¥Û«Ú®Ú°«æÞ A¥ÚÁÚßEkakusta, due to similar signs and symptoms. ÑÚMÑÚí}Ú ®ÛpÚËÛÅæ A¾ÚßßÈæ%Þ¥Ú É¥ÛÀľÚß ÈÚßOÚQ×æM¥æÞ ~Ø¥Úß ·æ×æÒ OÛ®Ût¥ÚÁÚß In those, Psoriasis can be equated withDadru to a great extent although some scholars WÂdÈÚß½«ÚÈÚÁÚß ÈÚÑÚ~¬Ä¾Úß OÚnocorrelated with Kitabha. The patho physiology ®Ú~ ¾æàM¦Væ }ÛÈÚã ®ÚOÚQ¥ÚÅæÞ ¬M~ÔÚÁÚß !of above mentioned Kustha are dominantly Pittapradhana and Kapha anubandha tridhoshaja. Sloka for learning ÍFêò™ÌÌFòÌ¡ô - ²ÌÉZÌ™Ì Psoriasis is a cosmetically unpleasant,painful and depressive disease. It requires dailycare which is time consuming and expensive.In extreme cases a loss of self-esteem, which ²ÌÉZ̙ÌÉ ZÌ ÌëFòÌâÌÉ ZÌ Ìë²ÌœÉú ²yÌ̲̬̙̍ÌÉ *results in to complete withdrawal from society. ¥™ÌÎHò —ÌâzÉù ZÌ ™ÌÌâ¥ÌâÍuÌ zùÌâ­ÌÌsÌÌÉ ²Ì —Ì¥Ìâ̈́ù­ÌFÆò**²ÌÙ ²ÌÜwÌ 21/36 Ayurvedic approach to psoriasis builds =­sÌâÌ ™ÌÙHòÌ ûKÌÌ†Ì ¥Ì̙ÌÌâ: FÙò¥ÌÊэtÌ ²ÌgÌ̙̘ÌÆ * + Àþ 12/19the confidence of the disappointed patients. The ¨ÌÕtÌâÌ ™ÌÙHò̲tÌÕKsÌ̩̆™ÌÉ ÍÌu̲™Ì FÙò¥ÌÊtÌâ * + Àþzù™Ì 12/20most effective regimen in Ayurveda is combina-tion of shodhana and shamana therapy. Ayurvedic ¨ÌÕtÌâÌ ™ÌÙHòÌ: Í´ÌOŒÌ̆Ì: FÙò¥ÌÊtÌâ ªâô­˜Ìs©™Ì˜ÌÆ* + Àþz™Ì 12/21 ùscans the tridosha and treats respectively. Z̙ÌÌâ ¥ÌßÍ~ù: ²¥ÌŒÌ̍˜™Ìâ¥Ì Ìëˆâù­ÌÌâ ¥ÌßÍ~ù ·âþtÌÙ­ÌÙ, Charaka and Susruta recommended the ̜ͥ̏úÕtÌOÌÙsÌâZôÌ ZÌ *+ Àþzù™Ì 12/2215 days interval of Vamana and one month in- ²ÌÉÍ·þtÌ ûÌÌ ¥ÌßÍ~ù©Ì™Ì: * ²ÌÙ ²ÌÜwÌ 21/18 n÷Ÿ·þsÌterval of virechana in context to kushta. As per ²ÌÉZÌՙ̍tÌâ <ÍtÌ ÌëFò­ÌäsÌ ZÌՙ̍tÌâ * ²ÌÙ ²ÌÜwÌ 21/18 ZÌFêòÌÌÍsÌmy personal experience it can be recommendedalong with shamanoushadhi and NidanaParivarjana. For the Psoriasis the following me- ®ÚúÛÉ ¥ÚÃÈÚÀdicament and schedule gives good result. @¥ÛÈÚ ¥ÚÃÈÚÀVÚØM¥ÚÄà ÈÛÒ¾ÚáÛVÚ¥ÚDeepana& Pachana:- For 3 days «Ú«Ú­ ÔÚä¥Ú¾Úß ÁæàÞVÚÈÚ«Úß­ ÈÛÒÈÚáÛt¥ÚGrutapaana :- Pancha tikta ghruta should be ¬Þ«æàM¥Úß ®ÚúÛÉ ¥ÚÃÈÚÀadministrated till samyak snega laksana. Dr.A.S.Patil October 2000 3 Amruta Bindu
  4. 4. ÈÚßÈÚßàÞÁæàÞVÚOQæ OÈÚÈÚߥÚßMlß! «æ «æàÞÁæàÞVÚ Qæ ߥÚßM§lß! § ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚÁàÞVÚ OÛÁÚyVÚ×ß :- 1) ·ÛÄÀ¥ÚÆÇ }ÚM¥æ}Û¿ß¾ÚßÁÚ ÈÚáÛVÚ%¥ÚË%«Ú, æ Ú Ú sÛ.ÁÚÉÞM¥Úà Èæç¥ÚÀ, @Ìʬ AÁæàÞVÚÀ¨ÛÈÚß, ·ænVæÂ-VÚ¥ÚVÚ. ®æãÃÞ}ÛÓÔÚ¥Ú OæàÁÚ}æ, ·ÛÄÀ¥Ú OÚÕ ºÛÈÚ«æVÚ×Úß 2)®ÚÃeÛk®ÚÁÛ¨ÚVÚ×Úß ÈÚß}Úß¡ dVÚ~¡«ÚÆÇ d«ÚÑÚMRÀ¾Úß ËæÞOÚsÛ GÁÚsÚÎÚßo d«Ú ~ÞÈÚà }ÚÁÚÔÚ¥Ú ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚ J}ÚsV×ß 3) ÈÚßÒ¡ÎQÚ ÁÚ^«æ @¢ÚÈÛ OÛ¾Úß%¬ÈÚ%ÔÚz¾ßÆÇ AVÚßÈÚ ¡ ÚÚ Ú Ú æ ÚÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚ¦M¥ÚÄà ËæÞOÚsÛ ÔÚ}Úß¡ d«Ú ÑÛÈÚáÛ«ÚÀ ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚ¦M¥ÚÄà ¶¥ÚÅÛÈÚzæ «ÚÁÚfÞÈÚOæàËÚVÚ×Ú ÈÚßlo¥ÚÅÛÇVÚßÈÚ fÞÈÚÁÚÑÛ¾Ú߬OÚPþæß¾ÚßÆǶ×ÚÄß~¡¥Û§Áæ GM¥ÚÁæ AËÚ`¾Úß%ÈÛVÚß}Ú¡¥æ @ÄÇÈæÞ? BÎæàoM¥Úß ¶ÔÚ×Ú DMmÛVÚßÈÚ Èæç®ÚÂÞ}ÚÀVÚ×Úß (Ôæ_`«Ú ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚVÚØVæ ÈÚßßRÀOÛÁÚy) 4)ÑÚMSæÀ¾Úß ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞWVÚØ¥Ú§ÁÚà AËÚ`¾ÚßÀ%ÈæM¶M}æ «ÚÈÚß½¥æÞËÚ¥ÚÆÇ OæÞÈÚÄ ÈæߥÚßØVæ AYÛ}Ú @¨ÚÈÛ ^ÚßÀ~, ÈæߥÚßØVæ ÁÚOÚ¡¥Ú ÑÚÁÚ¶ÁÛf«Ú OæàÁÚ}æ, 5)42 ÑÚÁÚOÛ ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚ _P}ÛÓ AÑÚ°}æÃVÚØÈæ. OÚ«Û%lOÚ¥ÚÆÇ OæÞÈÚÄ 2 ÈæߥÚßØ«ÚÆÇ VÚsæuVÚ×Úß, «ÚÁÚPÐÞy}æ¾Úß }æàM¥ÚÁæVÚ×Úß (^Ú.ËÛ.1/99)._P}ÛÓ AÑÚ°}æÃVÚØÈæ. BÈæÄÇ¥ÚÁÚ ®ÚÂzÛÈÚß d«Ú ÈÚßM}ÚÃÈÛ¦VÚ×Úß, }Û¿ß}Ú _P}æÓ :-OÚlßoÈÚÈÚÁÚ ¶Ø }æàM¥ÚÁæVÚØVæ ®ÚÂÔÛÁÚOÛQW ¾Úß~­ÑÚß}Û¡Áæ. ¶ÔÚ×ÚÎÚßo ÈÚßM¦Væ A¾ÚßßÈæ%Þ¥Ú ËÚ}ÚËÚ}ÚÈÚáÛ«ÚVÚØM¥ÚÄà GÄÇÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚVÚØVÚàB«Úà­ ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚOæQ ÈÚߦ§ÄÇ, GM¶ «ÚM¸Oæ B¥æ. B¥æàM¥Úß }Ú®Úâý° OÚÄ°«æ ®ÚÂzÛÈÚßOÛ¾ÚáÛ¥Ú _P}æÓ ¾Úß«Úß­ ÈÚáÛsÚß}Ú¡Åæ ¶M¦¥æ. ÑÚÈÚßÑÚ¡ ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚ. ÈÛÀ©¿ßÄǦÁÚßÈÚ Ò¤~¾æßÞ AÁæàÞVÚÀÈÚM}Ú«Ú ÄOÚÐyÈÚÄÇ. AÁæàÞVÚÀÈÚM}Ú¬Væ ÈÛÀ©VÚ × Ú ß ®Ú à eÛk®Ú ÁÛ¨Ú ¦M¥Ú DMmÛVÚ ß}Ú ¡ Èæ . @ÈÚ â ´ VÚ × Ú ®Ú à ~¶M¨Ú OÚÑÚ¨ÚävÚÈÛ¥Ú ËÚÂÞÁÚ¥Ú eæà}æVæ fÞÈÚ«Ú¥ÚÆÇ }Ú䯡, ÑÚM}æàÞÎÚVÚ×Úß BÁÚ·æÞOÚß. D®Û¾ÚßVÚ×ß ÕÞWÈæ. 1) ®ÚÃeÛk®ÁÛ¨Ú ÈÚd%«æ 2) @}ÚÀ©OÚ ÁÛVÚ¥Êæ ÞÎÚV׫߭ Ú Ú Ú ÚÚfÞÈÚ«Ú¥ÚÆÇ OÚÎÚo¥Ú ®ÚÁÚM®ÚÁæVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ¬ÁÛËæ, «ÚÎÚoVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ¬Æ%®Ú¡}æ¿ßM¥Ú ¥ÚàÁÚVæàØÒOæà×ÚßÙÉOæ 3) ÈÛÑÚ¡ÉOÚ}æ¾Úß «æÄVÚno«ÚÆÇ BÁÚßÉOæ 4) ¥æÞËÚ, OÛÄ, A}Ú ½ eÛk«Ú ¥ Ú Æ Ç Á Ú ß ÉOæ 5) ÑÚ ¥ Û^ÛÁÚ ®ÛÆÑÚ ß ÉOæ ( ^Ú . ËÛ.1/ÒÊÞOÚÂÑÚßÈÚ ÈÚß«æàÞÈæçËÛÄÀ}æ BÁÚ·æÞOÚß. 147,^Ú.ÑÚà.7/55). ¥æÞÔÚ¥M}æ ÈÚß«ÚÑßÓ ÁæàÞVÚVÃÚ ÑÈÛVÚß}Ú¥.æ AVÚ ÈÚß«ÚÒ«Ú PþßVÚ×Û¥Ú Ú Ú ¡Ú ¡ æ @ÄÇ¥æÞ Ñæ­ÞÔÚ, ÑæÊÞ¥Ú, E¨Ú´Ê%ËæàÞ¨Ú«Ú (ÈÚÈÚß«Ú, «ÚÑÚÀ),_M}æ ºÛÈÚ«æVÚ×Úß, ©Þ,¨Úä~, ÑÚ½ýä~ }æàM¥ÚÁæVæà×ÚVÛVÚß}Ú¡Èæ ÈÚß}Úß¡ ÈÚáÛ}Úß @¨Ú : Ëæ à Þ¨Ú « Ú (ÉÁæ Þ ^Ú « Ú , ¶Ò¡ ) , ÁÚ Ñ Û¾Ú ß «Ú , ÈÛfÞOÚ Á Ú y ¥Ú à ÈÚ À VÚ × ÚOÚä~ ¶¥ÚÅÛVÚß}Ú¡Èæ. }Ú䯡¥Û¾ÚßOÚÈÛW OæÄÑÚ ÈÚáÛsÚÅÛVÚßÈÚ¦ÄÇ. ¥æçÕOÚÈÛW OÛÄOÚÃÈÚáÛ«ÚßÑÛÁÚ ÑæÞÈÚ«æ(^Ú.ÑÚà7/47-50). BÈÚâ´VÚ×Úß ÈÚáÛ«ÚÑÚÁæàÞVÚVÚ×ÚOÛ¿ßÅæ ¶M¥ÛVÚ d«Ú A ÈÚÀP¡Væ ÉËæÞÎÚD®Ú^ÛÁÚ, ÑÛM}ÚÊ«Ú ¬ÞsÚßÈÚâ´¥Úß ÑÛÈÚáÛ«ÚÀ _P}ÛÓ D®Û¾ÚßVÚ×ÛWÈæ. @¥æÞÂÞ~ ÈæßÞ¨Ú´À ÁÚÑÛ¾Úß«ÚVÚ×Úß,ÑÛÈÚáÛ«ÚÀ. A¥ÚÁæ ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚ OÛ¿ßÅæ ¶M¥ÛVÚ ÁæàÞWVÛVÚÆ @ÈÚ«Ú ÈÚ^ÛÑÚßÈÚy%¾æàÞVÚ, }æçÅÛºÚ´ÀMVÚVÚØM¥Ú ¶ÔÚ×ÚÎÚßo ÈÚßOÚQ×ÚÆÇ ¶ß©´´§ÈÚáÛM¥ÚÀ}æ¶M¨ÚßVÚØVÛVÚÆ @¥Úß ~ؾÚßßÈÚ¦ÄÇ, ~Ø¥ÛVÚÄà @¥Ú«Úß­ ¬Ä%PÐÑÚß}Û¡Áæ. ÈÛÒ¾ÚáÛ¥Ú ¬¥ÚËÚ%«ÚVÚØÈæ. B¥ÚÄÇ¥æ ¬¥ÛÃÕÞ«Ú}æ, ÁÛ~à ÔÛÒVæ¾ÚßÆÇAVÚ A ÈÚÀP¡Væ ¯ÃÞ~, ÉËÛÊÑ,Ú ºÚ¥ÃÚ }V×ß ·æÞOÛ¥ÚÁà @¥ÚÁÚ ¶¥ÚÅÛW ~ÁÚÑÛQÁÚ, æÚ Ú Ú ÈÚßà}ÚÃÈÚáÛtOæà×ÚßÙÉOæ, ÈÚߥÚÀÑæÞÈÚ«æ¿ßM¥ÛVÚßÈÚ ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚ ÉOÛÁÚVÚ×Úß,·æçVÚ×Úß, ·æ¥ÚÂOæVÚ×Úß ¥æàÁæ¾Úßß}Ú¡Èæ. B}Ú¡ Èæç¥ÚÀÂVÚà ÑÚy|®Úâ´lo ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚ ÈÚß߯°«ÚÅÛÇVÚßÈÚ OÛ¿ßÅæVÚØVæ OÚàsÛ D}Ú¡ÈÚßÈÛ¥Ú A¾ÚßßÈæ%Þ¥Ú _P}ÚÓVÚØÈæ.OÛ¿ßÅæVÚ×Úß Èæà¥ÚĺæÞn¾ÚßÅæÇÞ Væà}Û¡VÚßÈÚ¦ÄÇ. OÛ¿ßÅæ Ôæ_`¥ÚÈæßÞÅæ ÈæßÞ¨Ú´ÀÁÚÑÛ¾Úß«ÚÈM¥Úß ·ÛÃÕ½ dVÚ}°Ú ñÒ¥ÚÈÛW¥æ. B¥ÚÄ¥Þ OÛÈÚߦM¥ÚßMmÛ¥Ú æ ª Ç æÈÚß«æàÞÈÛÀ©VÚ×Úß ÑÚßĺÚÈÛW ¶VÚßXÈÚ¦ÄÇ. BM}ÚÔÚ ÉÎÚÈÚßÈÚ}Úß%ÄOæQ ÒPQ ÈÚß«æàÞÈÛÀ©Væ ËæàÞOÚÑÚM¶M¨Ú É^ÛÁÚ¦M¥ÚÄà, ºÚ¾ÚߦM¥ÚßMmÛ¥ÚÔÛPOæà×ÚßÙÈÚ ÈÚÀP¡ ÔæàÁÚ¶ÁÚÅÛVÚ¥æ ÑæàÞ}ÚßÔæàÞVÚß}Û¡«æ. A¾ÚßßÈæ%Þ¥Ú¥ÚÆÇ ÈÚß«æàÞÈÛÀ©Væ ÔÚÎÚ%}ÚÁÚßÈÚ ÅÛºÚ¥Ú ÑÚߦª ÔæÞØ ÈÚß«Ú®ÚÃÑÚ«Ú­VæàØÑÚÄßÑÚßÈÚáÛÁÚß 4,000 ÈÚÎÚ%OÚàQ Èæà¥ÚÄß 20 OÚàQ Ôæ^Úß` ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚÈÛÀ©VÚ×Ú«Úß­ ¾Úß~­ÑÚ·æÞOÚß(^Ú._.9/82).ÔæÑÚÂÒ @ÈÚâ´VÚ×Úß ¶ÁÚÄß OÛÁÚy, ÄOÚÐyVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ÈæçeÛk¬OÚÂÞ}ÛÀ _P}æÓVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚ ÈÚß«ÚßOÚßÄ¥Ú @~Þ¥æàsÚË}ßÃ. B¥Ú«ß­ ¥ÚàÁÚÈáÚ ÛsÚÄß uÚÚ ÚÑÚÉÑÛ¡ÁÚÈÛW ÉÈÚÂÑÚÅÛW¥æ (^Ú._.6/5). GÄÇ D}Ú¡ÈÚß _P}æÓVÚ×Ú ÑÚ¥Ú߮ھæàÞVÚÈÛVÚ·æÞOÚß. A¨Ú߬OÚ_P}æÓVÚ×Úß ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚÁæàÞVÚVÚ×Ú ÈÚW%ÞOÚÁÚy : }Úß}Úß%_P}æÓVæ ËæÃÞÎÚrÈÛ¥ÚÁÚß Ôæ_`«Ú LÎÚ¨ÚVÚ×Ú ¦ÞYÚ%OÛÄ¥Ú ¶×ÚOæ ¶ÔÚ×ÚÎÚßo(1)¬d ÈÚáÛ«ÚÒOÚÁàÞVÚ - (@) ÈÚáÛ«ÚÑÚ d«ÚÀ (A) ËÚÂÞÁÚ ¥æàÞÎÛ«Ú߶M¨Ú d«ÚÀ æ D®Ú ¥ Ú Ã ÈÚ V Ú × Ú « Ú ß ­ DMlßÈÚ á ÛsÚ ß ÈÚ ¥ Ú Â M¥Ú ¦ÞYÚ % OÛÆÞ«Ú _P}æ Ó V æ(2) AVÚ M }Ú ß d ÈÚ á Û«Ú Ò OÚ Á æ à ÞVÚ - (@) ºÚ à }Û«Ú ß ¶M¨Ú d «Ú À (A) A¾Ú ß ßÈæ % Þ¥Ú _ P}æ Ó ÑÚ Ô Ú O ÛÂ¾Ú á ÛVÚ ß }Ú ¡ ¥ æ . ÕÞVæ _P}æ Ó V Ú × Ú ß ®Ú Á Ú Ñ Ú ° ÁÚVÚÃÔÚºÛ¨Ûd«ÚÀ ®ÚãÁÚOÚÈÛVÚßÈÚÂÞ~ OÛ¾Úß%¬ÈÚ%ÕÑÚßÈÚ¥Úß BM¦«Ú @VÚ}ÚÀ. ÈÚáÛ«ÚÈÛ~Þ}Ú ÈÚáÛ«ÚÑÚd«ÚÀ ÈÚW%ÞOÚÁÚy¥Út¾ÚßÆÇ ®ÚÃÈÚßßR ÈÚáÛ«ÚÑÚ ÁæàÞVÚVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ËÚP¡¾æàM¥ÚÁÚÆÇ ËÚÃ¥æª, ¾æàÞVÚ, ¨ÛÀ«Ú, A¨ÛÀ~½OÚ_M}Ú«æ, «æç~OÚ ÈÚáèÄÀVÚØVæÈÚ{%ÑÚÅÛW¥æ. ÁÚd ÈÚß}Úß¡ }ÚÈÚß BÈæÁÚsÚà ÈÚáÛ«ÚÑÚ¥æàÞÎÚVÚ×Úß. BÈÚâ´VÚ×Ú A¥ÚÀ}æ OæàsÚßÈÚ¥Úß C ¬no«ÚÆÇ ®ÚãÁÚOÚÈÛVÚß}Ú¡¥æ. ÑÚÈÚáÛd¥Ú Õ}Ú¥ÚäÏo¿ßM¥ÚÉOÚä~VÚØM¥Ú ÉOÛÁÚVÚ×Úß D}Ú°«Ú­ÈÛW ÈÚáÛ«ÚÑÚÁæàÞVÚVÚ×æM¥Úß OÚÁæ¾ÚßÄ°sÚß}Ú¡Èæ BM}ÚÔÚ ®ÚþÚß}Ú­ ¬ÁÚM}ÚÁÚ «Úsæ¥ÚÁæ ÈÚß«æàÞÁæàÞVÚVÚ×Ú«Úß­ ¥ÚàÁÚÉsÚßÈÚ OæÄÑÚ(^Ú.É.6/5, ^Ú.ÑÚà.1/25). ÑÚßĺÚÈÛVÚß}Ú¡¥æ. TO, From: Dr.K.Siva Rama Prasad Editor Amruta Bindu Publication Division, Postgraduation and Research Center DGM Ayurvedic Medical College Kalasapur Road, Gadag - 582 103 Karnataka, India. Publisher: Publication division, PGARC, DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag Editor in Chief : Dr. G.B. Patil, Principal, Editor: Dr. K. Siva Rama Prasad, Reader in KC, PGARC, DGMAMC Contributing Editors :Dr.R.K.Gachhinamath, Dr. R.R. Joshi, Dr. C.M.Sarangamath, Dr. S.H.Doddamani, Dr. U.V.Purad and Dr.AK.Panda October 2000 Printed at Bhandage Printing Press, Gadag, Karnataka - 582 103, India Amruta Bindu 4