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week 2 assignment

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Sandoval_Gabriel PS_Week 02

  1. 1. I chose Daphne Bavelier. The thesis of herpresentation was video games helping usmentally and physically and by helpingyour vision and cognitive skills.
  2. 2. How did the speaker capture the attention of the audience in his or her introduction?• Miss Bavelier started out by talking about action video games and how they are actually good for us.• Compared to Sir Ken Robinson starting with a joke.
  3. 3. . How did the speaker maintain the engagement of the audience throughout the speech? • Miss Baveilier kept going back and showing visuals from an action video game while saying how it helps.while sir Ken Robinson kept providing funny jokes.
  4. 4. Evaluate the speaker in terms of dynamism from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). What could the speaker have done to increase his or her dynamism?• Miss Bavelier would score a two just because she could have maybe talked about different video games or how different video game maybe help with different parts of your cognitive skills. Sir Ken Robinson would score a four because he did an excellent job keeping the dynamics of his speech but keeping on topic.
  5. 5. What tips were used from Garr Reynolds or Nancy Duarte?• . Both presenters use Garry Reynolds tips on organizing your presentation and both use Nancy Duarte method of story telling.
  6. 6. What have you learned about delivery based upon watching your presenter?I have learned to not be monotonous and to have a little bit of everything foreveryone.
  7. 7. Compare and contrast your speaker to Sir Ken Robinson from the two videos you watched• Daphne Bavelier and Sir Ken Robinson both had great presentations but both had their own ways of grabbing your attention. Mr. Robinson used humor to grab your attention and hold it through out the presentation. While as for Miss Bavelier, she grabs your attention by making the topic enjoyable for everybody by talking about video games and how they can be good for us. Though they both have humor, one uses it for attention and the other doesn’t. One makes it relatable to everyone in some way and the other doesn’t really need to try relating his topic to everyone because what he is talking about already relates to everyone.
  8. 8. What tips can you give your classmates on delivery for their upcoming speeches based ONLY on your TED Talk?• Make the presentation more universally applying. No matter how obscure the topic is find something that everyone can relate to.