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Youth update sept_2010-1

  1. 1. September Update Kufunda Youth Programme The community youth have just semester, to return to theirreturned to Kufunda for the final communities and to take up thesemester of 2010. challenge of building a sustainable The youngsters from the future at home. They have all comedifferent communities have been from backgrounds of hardship andlearning herbal processing, sorrow. Many of them are orphans.permaculture gardening, mushroom They will be taking home not onlycultivation, life and leadership skills. practical skills but hope andThey have been working with the dreams. Help us to help them makehousekeeping team and in the those dreams during workshops. They have worked with the preschool teachers and children. They have learned how to make composting toilets and wood saving stoves and are aware of the importance of looking after community environment and resources. They have been part of Kufunda’s community and have participated in our working and village life. They will be getting ready in this last Page 1
  2. 2. September Update Kufunda Youth Portraits Nigel Shadreck Brian Susan Linear Cecilia Flobert Tawanda EnockPage 2
  3. 3. September Update More Portraits Muchaneta Tinashe Last Richard Fortune Marko friends in the Tatenda in the garden kitchenPage 3
  4. 4. September Update Some voices“At  Aikido  I  learned  more  about  how   “My  dream  has  since  changed  when  I  leadership  looks  and  how  to  take   went  through  Kufunda  way  of  living  sharp  decision  in  our  daily  lives  to  be   and  being  with  each  so  as  the  grounded  in  every  step.   nature.I  have  learnt  in  life  it  is  not   only  about  degrees  and  good  grades  Through  circle  prac<ce  I  learned  to   at  school  but  you  do  something  out   of  God  given  talents.    I  would  like  to  share  what  I  can  and  what  I  do  not   be  a  social  innovator  mainly  in  have.    To  listen  to  others  without   developing  the  standards  of  my  judgement  so  they  will  express  their   community.  I  would  like  to  see  feelings  directly  from  the  heart.   ini<a<ves/projects  from  youth  for  Through  tree  of  life,  I  learned  that  in   example  I  long  for  a  poultry  project  life  you  do  not  have  to  give  up  your   its  one  of  my  main  concern  so  that  life.  In  life  there  are  people  who  have   youths  and  people  from  the   community  can  keep  themselves  busy  got  passionate  in  helping  others.  “   whilst  they  also  earn  a    means  of  Tawanda  Kaseke living  and    also  keeping  them  away   from  AIDS,drugs  and  crime.” Flobert  Chirenda “When  I  get  back  to  my  community  I   “In  my  community  I  see  myself  as   want  to  teach  them  about  organic   a  helper  to  other  people.    As  for   farming  and  how  to  grow  herbs  and   me  I  am  going  to  introduce   processing  them.    And  teach  people   permaculture  garden  to  my   about  permaculture  because  my   community.    The  reason  why  I   community  thinks  that  if  we  have   am  going  to  do  that  is  because   fer<lizer  we  can  grow  anything.    I  want   of  poor  health  and  educa<on.    In   my  community  to  know  that  if  you   want  to  develop  your  community  you   permaculture  garden  I  am  going   must  be  a  hard  worker  and  work   to  plant  herbs  which  are  good  for   together.    I  think  for  the  next  two  years   health  and  vegetable,  onion  and   my  community  will  be  living  self-­‐ tomatoes  for  sale.      When  I  sell  it   sustainable  projects.    I  want  to  work   I  am  going  to  have  money  for   with  youth  and  teach  them  how  to  be   paying  school  fees  for  orphans.    I   self-­‐reliant”                  Cecilia  Masinwa am  going  to  create  some   projects  so  that  some  school   learners  have  something  to  do.  “    “At  Kufunda,  I  learned  that  I  should                              Linear  Muzanenhamoknow  myself.The  Tree  of  Life  process  showed  me  to  be  grounded  or   “I  see  myself  as  a  youth  leader.    As  confident  in  whatever  you  do  and   youth  we  are  able  to  change  our   community.  I  will  work  on  herbs  you  should  take  right  decision  before   making  herbal  soap  and  make  a  you  act.    You  should  listen  to  each   permaculture  garden,  growing  our  other  with  intenAon  and  to  share   garden  using  natural  pests  control.”ideas  together  and  how  leadership   Muchaneta  Worovalooks  like.”    Fortune  Chipunza Page 4
  5. 5. September Update PracticalitiesFinances integral part of nurturing this In May we were looking for programme. Toke will be with us as$12000 to complete the year. We well as Aikido master Bob Wing, araised around $2500 and continued true Warrior of the Heart. Togetherwith our programme in the second we will plan how to follow up withsemester this first groupthough we of youth. We How to donate:could not will spend online through the Berkana Insititute. Gocomplete several days to and make clear youreverything. donation is for Kufunda Village. togetherThe facilitators Or by making a deposit into the Kufunda assessing andand mentors Village account in Denmark. evaluating,contributed Jyske Bank, Vestergade 8-16, Silkeborg, and exploringtheir time and Denmark how we reallyskills for very Kufunda Village (Toke Moller)  help theselittle and we Registration number: 7178 youngsters toput everything Account number: 1048393  keep their SWIFT JYBADKKKwe had into power, and tofeeding the inspire theiryoungsters and keeping them home communities.healthy and active. We were unable It will also be a time for us to refreshto fulfill some of our practical plans ourselves, to reflect on our work andfor the programmes. We need funds to see how we refine it for next year,to complete the year. $6000 would and how we find the material supportlet us do this comfortably. We have to continue.just received a committment of We want to carry on. And this$2000 from Lego Employees. So we will happen in two ways. One isare looking for at least another follow up and support of our current$4000. ‘graduates’ to help them kickstart their community projects and toFinal Semester mentor them through difficulties, We have a partnership with an challenges and smallholding in Harare, and Secondly we plan to acceptthis semester our youth will spend 5 another intake of youngsters nextdays camping there, learning about year. In this way we hope that moreorganic farming and also other skills and more people are empoweredsuch as dressmaking, jewellery and inspired to work within theirmaking by upcycling different communities and are equipped withmaterials (especially plastic and the skills to do so.glossy paper)and building For now we hope our friends cantechniques. We will bring and cook help us gather $4000 to see usour own food, and contribute our through, and that we can also tolabour while we are learning. gather ideas and resources to keepPlanning for 2011 this programme going in the long In October we welcome some term. Thank you for helping us holdold friends who have been an this programme and these youngsters. Page 5