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Music t shirt flyer


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ps/is 226 band t shirt

Published in: Education
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Music t shirt flyer

  1. 1. Please Help Support Our Middle School Music Program Purchase a ONE Time ONLY Limited Edition P.S. /I.S. 226 Band T-Shirt! All Proceeds will help fund the cost of repairing instruments! Student Name: ___________________________________________ Class: ________________ Please check size and specify quantity. Hand in order form and CASH only purchase to Ms. Trombetta, room 430 in a sealed envelope. Change will not be provided. Final order must be placed by November 10th . Adult XX-Large: _________ ($15.00) Adult XXX-Large: ________ ($15.00) Cost: $10.00 Adult Small: _________ Adult Medium: _______ Adult Large: ________ Adult X-Large: _________ Please SAVE the Date! Middle School Evening Holiday Music Performance on Thursday, December 14, 2017 @ 6 pm -7 pm. Tickets will be sold at the door! We look forward to seeing you there! Thank You for Your Support J