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How to Easily Create hardcover animated flipping book


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Easily use flip book maker to make hardcover animated flipping book, flip magazine, flipping photo album in few minutes. These slides would show you how to easily make hardcover animated flipping book by the flip book maker PDF to Flash Flipping Book which would help people to convert PDF to page flipping book or magazine easily. Free download:
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How to Easily Create hardcover animated flipping book

  1. 1. How to Create Hardcover AnimatedFlipping BookEasily make hardcover flipping book or flipping photo album by flip bookmaker. Learn more:
  2. 2. Flip Book Maker• PDF to Flash Flipping Book: convert any PDF file to flipping book, magazine, photo album• PDF to Flash Flipping Book Pro: Make flipping book or other page flipping e-publication with video, flash, movie, audio etc. from PDF Learn more:
  3. 3. Steps to Make Hardcover Animated Flipping Book• Step 1: install flip book maker PDF to Flash Flipping Book or PDF to Flash Flipping Book Pro Download flip book maker from:
  4. 4. Step 2: Prepare PDF book and import PDF by flip book maker Learn more:
  5. 5. Animated Flipping Book with Soft Cover Learn more:
  6. 6. • Step 3: Make hardcover animated flipping book : make “Hard cover” to be “Yes” – Apply change. By the way, you can also customize other template settings to make flipping book more fantastic Learn more:
  7. 7. • Step 4: Click “Convert to FlippingBook” to publish hardcover animated flipping book Learn more:
  8. 8. Thank you• Learn more: