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Peer to Peer Lending in India


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This documents have story about a father who had worried about her daughter's education, and got his dream fulfill by a new financial scheme.

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Peer to Peer Lending in India

  1. 1. How My Daughter Go toUSA forStudy Life teaches us something different every time. This is my experience by last month. When my daughter qualified the exam and she got chance to study in University of California at Berkeley, in USA; we allgot very excitedabout that event but when they calledandaskfor8 lakhs rupeesbefore takingadmission.ThenIhad tensionbecauseallofouraccountsandsavinghadbeennot morethan 2 lakhs. It was not sufficient so I decided to go to bank or any financial company who able to gave that amountto me. I went to bank where my account had and told them my problem. Then they said ok we will try to solve your problem afterverifying the necessary documents and regular routing formalities. I said okandgivehimallrelateddocumentswhattheyaskedfor. AndIbackhomeandwaitforthemreply. After4-5 daystheycalledmeandIwentthereandIthoughttheyarrangedtheamount sotheycalled me, but I was totally shockedbecause oftheir denieddecision. They told we are unable to give that much amount to you as per your current credit score. Then I went to the private financial companiesandtheytoldthesame. Then I got really tension and disappointed and think how I could arrange that money for my daughter. Then one of my friends told me about peer to peer loan. I wondered is there any way which can give me that amount which was denied by all the banks and financial organizations. But when I went by this process I got my loan amount very fast and they did not have care about my credit score or anything but they enquired for my income only. Finally my daughter was going abroadforstudyfirsttimeinourfamily.Thankscaskkumarthanksp2ploanmethod.