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pitney bowes FastFacts

  1. 1. Pitney Bowes Fast Facts Pitney Bowes is a global mailstream technology company offering the world’s most comprehensive suite of hardware, software and services. Our solutions and services are turning the mailstream into a profit engine for over two million customers – from the largest global enterprise to the smallest home office – by optimizing the flow of physical and electronic mail, and documents and packages, across their operations. Our company continues to grow and evolve. But we also remain true to our 88-year heritage: a foundation built on a passion for invention, a belief in the power of diversity and a deep-rooted commitment to corporate responsibility, financial accountability and community. It is through these commitments that we will continue to deliver shareholder, customer and employee value. World Headquarters: 1 Elmcroft Rd Stamford, Ct. 06926-0700 203-356-5000 Company History: Founded: 1920 Founders: Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes NYSE Stock Symbol: PBI – listed since 1950 S&P 500 Member since 1957 Company Overview: Employees 35,000 Business Locations 130 Countries Market Global Mailstream Business Mail and Document Management Solutions and Services Company Leadership: Chairman, President & CEO Murray D. Martin Executive VP & CFO Michael Monahan Reporting Segments: Mailstream Solutions U.S. Mailing International Mailing Production Mail Software Mailstream Services Management Services Mail Services Marketing Services
  2. 2. Financial Overview: Full Year 2008 Full Year 2007 Full Year 2006 Revenue ($ billions) $6.3 $6.1 $5.7 Assets ($ billions) $8.8 $9.4 $8.5 Free Cash Flow ($ millions) $888 $924 $523 Adjusted EPS (continuing operations) $2.78 $2.72 $2.69 GAAP EPS (continuing operations) $2.13 $1.63 $2.51 Dividends $1.40 $1.32 $1.28 EBIT Margin (adjusted) 19.1% 19.3% 20.2% SG&A as a % of Revenue (adjusted) 30.3% 30.8% 30.8% Shares Outstanding (average diluted) 209,699,471 221,219,746 225,443,060 2008 Revenue by Business Segment 2008 Revenue: U.S. vs. International International Software Production Mailing 6% Mail 18% 10% U.S. 69% Management U.S. International Services Mailing 31% 19% 35% Mail Services 9% Marketing Services 3% $2.6 billion in Acquisitions since 2001 = Number of Acquisitions 90 18 6 $600 $605 14 $572 $500 $512 $400 12 $300 10 $293 10 $240 $200 14 $206 6 $100 $135 $80 $0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2 0 07 2008
  3. 3. Significant Acquisitions since 2001: 2007: MapInfo, Troy, NY; provides location intelligence solutions. 2007: Digital Cement, Toronto, Canada; provides customer relationship management strategy and services. 2006: Print Inc., Bellevue, WA; provides print management solutions. 2006: Advertising Audit Service (AAS) and PMH, MI; offers web-based tools for customized promotional mail and marketing collateral and designs and manages customer and channel performance solutions. 2006: Ibis Consulting, Inc., RI; provides electronic discovery services and solutions to law firms and corporate clients. 2006: Emtex Ltd., England; provides software and services that simplify document production and centrally manage multi-vendor and multi-site printer operations. 2005: Imagitas, Waltham, MA; provides marketing services that use the mail to help companies connect with hard to reach consumers. 2005: Compulit Inc., MI; provides litigation support services to law firms and corporate clients. 2004: International Mail Express (IMEX), NY; consolidates letters and flat-sized mail headed to international addresses. 2004: Group 1 Software Inc., Lanham, MD; provides software that enhances mailing efficiency, data quality and customer communications. 2003: DDD Company, MD; provides fulfillment services, secure mail process, messenger services, logistics support, and record and information management. 2002: PSI Group, Inc., Omaha, NE; provides pre-sort mail services. 2001: Danka Services International (DSI), London, England; provides imaging equipment, and related services, parts and supplies in approximately 30 countries. 2001: Secap SA, France; provides a range of mail processing and paper handling equipment for low- to mid-volume mailers. 2001: Bell & Howell’s International MMT, London, England; markets and services high-end mail processing, sorting and service-related products. Recent Awards and Recognition: Pitney Bowes is consistently recognized in the areas of leadership and achievement; technology and innovation; environmental, health and safety; and diversity. For example: The Institute for Health and Productivity Management honored Pitney Bowes with their first ever Leadership Award, recognizing the company for its groundbreaking leadership in value-based health benefits; Pitney Bowes has ranked among Software Magazine’s “Software 500” for two consecutive years; Black Enterprise Magazine has listed Pitney Bowes as one of the 40 Best Companies for diversity; and Pitney Bowes received its ninth WasteWise award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recognizing the company’s significant accomplishments in recycling and solid waste reduction at its U.S. facilities For a full list of awards and recognition visit Awards and Recognition in the Our Company section of Pitney Bowes.