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hygene air 50 rev3 en


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Ozone generators for disinfection hotel rooms

Published in: Technology, Business
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hygene air 50 rev3 en

  1. 1. EVERGREEN TECNO PLANTS SRL Website: – Hygene Air 50 (Patented) NATURE’S POWER IN THE SERVICE OF HEALTH Contacts: Via della Meccanica, 1/T - 36100 Vicenza (VI), ItalyTel +39.(0)444.965094 Fax +39.(0)444 965228
  2. 2. EVERGREEN TECNO PLANTS SRL Website: – Mailto:mail@evergreentecnoplants.comHYGENE AIR 50 is an innovative system for guaranteeing the microbiological safety of spaces and surfacesIt is ideal for eliminating bacteria, fungi, moulds, and viruses (for example Legionnaires’ disease) and to sanitizeair in both public and private interiors.The machine is equipped with a control systems for guaranteeing a secure operation, and completely conformswith current regulations (ref. ACGIH limits).Easy to use via the frontal control panel with two commands and timersProgramming allows a complete environment’s treatment in absence of people:a) Ozone production via Corona Discharge.b) Ozone catalysys (Oxigen reconversio).HYGENE AIR 50 can be fixed on a wall or putted on a flat surface. HYGENE AIR 50 is manageable and compact, it is easy to move wherever it is needed.It is ideal for small environments like Houses, restaurants, Medical Studios, offices, dentist studios, hotel roomsAVDVANTAGES AND BENEFITS USING HYGENE AIR 50HYGENE AIR 50 provides several important benefits:• Reduces emissions of injurious substances into the room;• Replaces chemical substances used for disinfection;• Reduces labor needs for disinfection of work environments;• Greater security for operators carrying out the treatments, as the process can take place in the absence of personnel (substitution and/or diminution of products dangerous for human health);• Easier to meet the legal requirements for hygiene and microbiology;• Saves on costs for disinfection, both on products and man-hours;• Disinfection of surfaces and ceiling areas which are hard to reach using other systems;• Guarantees the inactivation of bacteria, mildews and yeasts from surfaces and spaces that are difficult toreach;• Removes serious odors HYGENE AIR 50 - TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Dimension 300x300x120mm Weight 6 kg Structure Stainless steel Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz Power 50W Effective max space m3 50m3 Certification CE O3 Production YES Catalyst O3 YES Programming Manual OPTIONAL : TRANSPORTATION CASE; ELECTROSTATIC FILTRATION, O3 DETECTOR. Contacts: Via della Meccanica, 1/T - 36100 Vicenza (VI), ItalyTel +39.(0)444.965094 Fax +39.(0)444 965228