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Our systems use ozone as a disinfectant, replacing traditional chemicals or other chemicals

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  1. 1. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, INTRODUCTION Energia innovation Ltd in collaboration with EVERGREEN TECNO PLANTS studies designs and installs mechanical equipment, facilities and technologically advanced systems for water treatment pool. All systems and facilities we offer are the result of extensive research study, fine design and experience in a variety of applications. Our mission is to promote new technological systems and solutions that respect the environment while meeting customer needs. Our systems use ozone as a disinfectant, replacing traditional chemicals or other chemicals. As is well known, ozone, ie, the Allotropic chemical state of oxygen is an unstable gas, consisting of trivalent oxygen (03) which is formed in air naturally because of the infrared solar radiation and electrical discharges produced in the during storms. The use of ozone in water treatment is an ideal and innovative solution. Thanks to the high oxidative strength that surpasses just the fluoride, ozone proved extremely effective in destroying bacteria, meld, yeast, algae and viruses, which tend to proliferate in moist environments. In 1982 ozone was recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an effective and safe gas that could be used in connection with production and food processing. Most common is the use of ozone for cleaning and disinfection of water. A low concentration of ozone during short periods of contact with water is sufficient to destroy or inactivate bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. One application where ozone has proved effective is the treatment of pool water, to disinfect commonly used chlorine. As is well known water treatment pool is a composite application with high 1PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  2. 2. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, expectations because of the enormous variety of pollutants can be found dissolved in water. Besides the pollutants due to the same users (bacteria, viruses, urine, sweat, grease, hair, cosmetics, etc ...), often need to be addressed and pollutants from the environment in which the pool. Experience shows that in open pools collected a significant amount of organic compounds, insects, leaves, dust and gaseous pollutants. Given that the existing pool systems operate recycling their water, the last one shown increasing concentration of contaminants. For these reasons, the election of the ideal system for processing of pool water is a very important point. Ozone is the most powerful natural oxidizer that can be used in water treatment pool. Using ozone for water treatment pool accomplish the following: o Bacterial decontamination o Inactivation of viruses o Oxidation of both the soluble iron, manganese and other organic and inorganic compounds o Discoloration o Removal of odors and flavors o Removing the algae o Micro-flocculation of dissolved organic compounds in water Compared to chlorine, the use of ozone in water treatment pool offers many advantages, but suggested the use of two parallel elements in a ratio of 80% ozone - 20% chlorine. The combination of ozone and chlorine, therefore, allows a significant reduction in consumption of chlorine (up to 80%). By law, contractual price of the pools chlorine concentration should be between 0,4 - 0,7 mg / l Cl2 (GG 87/V/24-1-73), but in practice the concentration range from 0 85 έως 1,5 mg / l Cl2. If the chlorine used in conjunction with ozone, then the minimum concentration can reach 0,4 mg / l, close to the levels, ie, drinking water 2PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  3. 3. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, Edited pool water clean almost like drinking! Due to the drastic reduction in the amount of chlorine required, drastically reduced the quantity and repressors PH (95%) used, while not necessary chlorination of the pool. Besides the noticeable reduction in consumption of chlorine, ozone offers the use of other important advantages and benefits, we do not guarantee the use of chlorine: o The chlorine gas is stored under pressure and can explode. In other applications used in liquid form (sodium hypochlorite) or solid (tablets). In any case, an important repository, while the risks posed during the maintenance, transportation / handling and storage are many. By contrast, the ozone is created only when needed to perform the disinfection of water and used immediately. Excess ozone might be destroyed automatically generated by thermal catalyst, minimizing the chance of leakage into the surrounding space. o The chlorine in water, presence of urine and sweat, it produces chloramines. The chloramines, which moreover irritate skin and eyes, in combination with an organic compound formed trialogomethania (among them, and chloroform) which are dangerous carcinogens. o Recent studies have shown that in many cases chlorine is responsible for the onset of asthma in children. The use of ozone, however, involves the reduction of the 3PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  4. 4. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, concentration of chlorine in the water and thus reducing its concentration in air of indoor swimming pool, implying an overall improvement in air quality in the pool. The perfect pool for water disinfection in premises demanding. The system of water treatment with ozone pool can be easily installed in existing facilities and swimming pools. o Ozone is the most effective, safe and oxidant. The product is the oxygen we breathe in the air (O2). o Ozone in water is 300 times more potent than chlorine (same concentration) in the extermination of bacteria and viruses. o Ozone is an excellent way deodorization, eliminating any odors. o Ozone is effective against mold, fungi and other microorganisms. o The cost of chlorine increases. In contrast, the rate of ozone falls. Because of the new generation ozone generator Corona Discharge, equipped with oxygen concentrators, the yield of ozone production system has increased, compared with the corresponding system of UV. Corona Discharge generators allow greater production of ozone, have smaller dimensions, and also operate with less power consumption. o Due to the high flocculation capacity we provide ozone, all pools that use it for water treatment are highly transparent 4PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  5. 5. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, Acquiring the colour of "blue sky". Swimming pools using ozone does not have the problem of soiled water line of stains, sun, sun creams, etc. o Ozone, unlike chlorine, does not accumulate in the waterincreasing in this way the concentration, and decomposes into oxygen and chlorine tends to be converted to chlorite organic substances. At the same time the chlorine in indoor swimming pools can pollute the air. o Chlorine proved most effective in the treatment of algae multipliedby applying a shock therapy. But ozone proactive, preventing algaeto multiply, and oxidizes substances that feed it. o While chlorine alter the values pH, stabilizes the ozone, so it requires chemical balancing in water (50% reduction in the use of stabilizers PH). 5PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  6. 6. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, For each type of pool (either private or public) are direct solutions for the installation of ozone! Therefore, the use of ozone means: o Reduction of hazardous chemicals on public health and thusreduce the risks arising from the handling, storage and use. o Reduction of the required working time and number of personnelemployed to previous chlorination of water. o Reducing the cost of decontamination. o Reduction in water consumption due to the greater recyclability. o Reduction of waste water and water removed can be used inother applications (irrigation, etc.) without any further treatment. o Easier to satisfy the requirements for the proper operation of the pool. 6PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  7. 7. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT 1. OZONE GENERATOR PRODUCTION HYGENE The series ozone generator Hygene is highly reliable, achieving high performance disinfectant, and great flexibility. Εικόνα 1 Εικόνα 2 The series generators Hygene is designed to operate 10,000 hourswithout requiring maintenance. Generators are ozone (O3) is produced from oxygen (O2) which circulates freely in the air. The unit has a special air compressor that absorbs and delivers the oxygen 7PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  8. 8. Energia innovation Ltd Ανθέων 3 57019 Περαία Τηλ.:2310-76209 Fax.: 23920-76210, concentrator. This machine, which operates under the authority of PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption), cleans the air through filters from dirt, moisture and eliminates potential air pollutants, providing pure oxygen (85%, -50 ° C). This airflow is then channelled into cell Corona Discharge, which takes place the formation of ozone. During this process, high voltage electric shocks divide the molecule of oxygen (O2) into two atoms (O). These two individuals then react with other available oxygen molecules to form ozone (O3). The output of the generator we have a continuous flow of ozone that is created through the normal air flow 8PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version