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Convent stuff and things: refreshing stories


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Netwerkmoment Erfgoedcollecties, gezondheid en welzijn, 30/11/2017

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Convent stuff and things: refreshing stories

  1. 1. Pilot Project: "Convent stuff and things: refreshing stories“ (Op verhaal komen met kloosterspullen) Heritage Center of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary Kaat Leeman | November 30th 2017 | Antwerp
  2. 2. Who are these sisters? International congregation with Belgian roots, founded in 1803. Present in Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam) and Africa (Congo, Rwanda, Mali, South Africa) and in Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Ireland) Very severe rule with a strong emphasis on the contemplative life, combined with social action. The sisters were and are (still 1230 worldwide) active in health care, education, care for people with disabilities, psychiatry, care for elderly people, development programs etc.
  3. 3. What is the Heritage Center in Ghent and what do we do? Started off as an archival service for the congregation. Evolved into a very divers collection with, next to the archives We keep, maintain, register, collect, exhibit etc. these items. The core business of our center is to tell, keep and show the story of the Sisters of Charity. From the practical things (the way they walked, talked, ate, slept, dressed etc.) over their religious exercises and spirit, to their professional activities.
  4. 4. Combination of "the convent stuff and things" and "the storytelling“ The collection of our heritage center breathes this focus on welfare and well-being. It's in our DNA. What particularly interests us and makes us very enthusiastic about this project is the fact that the objects, in the past "produced" by the sisters in their tasks as caregivers and as religious people, are now used again to improve the well-being of others. The pure "heritage character" of our collection is in fact transcended, in the direction of the original idea of the organization.
  5. 5. The implementation The participants: people recovering from mental health problems and some employees and volunteers from the Heritage Centre We will use objects from the collection to create stories. The storytelling helps people in dealing with their problems and the sharing of stories opens things up and adds to the awareness about this.
  6. 6. 6 sessions: from inspiration in the depots to a story museum In the different sessions the participants will be led through the depots to see and (carefully) touch the objects and choose 1 object as inspiration for their story. We will offer, for the final choice, a choice out of 4 groups of objects: convent life, education, health care and missionary work. Once everybody has chosen their object the stories will be made, rehearsed and prepared for a performance. There will also be support in the creation of the story and this performance. The last session will be the show moment: a story museum through the Heritage Centre
  7. 7. Heritage Center of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary Molenaarsstraat 22 9000 Ghent (Belgium) | +32 (0)9 235 82 32 Monday - Friday: 9h00 – 16h30