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Presentation to MDLUC: May 24, 2016


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Presentation to MDLUC: May 24, 2016

Published in: News & Politics
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Presentation to MDLUC: May 24, 2016

  1. 1. 2232 Review o Derived from a Code of Virginia requirement under Section 15.2-2232. o Code provision provides for a review by the Planning Commission of public facility and utility proposals to determine if the location, character and extent are substantially in accord with the Comprehensive Plan. o Applies to all public areas, public buildings or structures and public utilities or public service corporation facilities, whether publicly or privately owned.
  2. 2. Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter: Proposed Temporary Location o Application submitted by DPWES - Building Design and Construction Division on behalf of the Board of Supervisors o Zoning Determination: In conformance o Determination of conformance with Comprehensive Plan o Review by county agencies o Findings, comments/response, recommendation compiled in staff report o Planning Commission public hearing: July 13, 2016 o No Board of Supervisors (BOS) action unless appealed or BOS desire to call a hearing