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SAP Inside Track Frankfurt - SAP CP IoT Service


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Architecture, Supported Protocols, Demo

Published in: Technology
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SAP Inside Track Frankfurt - SAP CP IoT Service

  1. 1. SAP Cloud Platform IoT service SIT Frankfurt, 25. März 2017 Fabian Lehmann, Sycor Group
  2. 2. Overview 1. Architecture 2. Protocols 3. Demo
  3. 3. IoT service – Beta Architecture Overview AWS (IaaS) CF (PaaS) IoT Services (Backing Service VM) Device Device IoT Gateway Cloud IoT Gateway Edge IoT Message Management Service IoT Core Service IoT Services CockpitHTTPS / MQTT IoT Application R R IoT Admin IoT Application User Send and receive messages R R R R PostgreSQL Backing Service (e.g., Kafka) R HTTPS MQTT File CoAP SNMP Modbus Source: SAP SE SDK (Eclipse Pug-Ins) IoT Gateway SDK IoT Application SDK IoT Service Creation SDK Not in scope at Beta Not part of solution
  4. 4. SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT services 4.0 – Beta Supported Protocols  IoT Gateway Edge • MQTT • HTTP REST • File (binary, csv, xls, json) • CoAP • ModBus • SNMP  In progress (license negotiation) • LoRa (Orbiwise)* • SIGFOX* • Zigbee (w/o custom cluster)* IoT Gateway Cloud & Edge • MQTT • HTTP REST Source: SAP SE
  5. 5. SAP CP, IoT service (GA) Supported Protocols via IoT Gateway Plug-Ins HTTP1 Zigbee XBee ZWave 6lowPAN BT & BTLE WiFi & LPWiFi IEEE 802.15.4 MQTT1 CoAP TR069 SNMP HART & W-HART SIGFOX Semtech LoRa NWAVE UnB DDS BACNET LON KNX Modbus Profibus Infibus DLMS/COSEM KSAT (Viasat) PLC(*) OPC UA OMA LWM2M(*) Active Message SWAP(*) XMPP LoRa Protocols Agora Energy Agulla AnyDATA Arduino Asoka ATIM Axible AXIS B&B Electronics CalAmp Cisco CloudGate CPL Cradlepoint Dell DiGi Digicom Vendors Distech Controls E-Senza Ekahau Elster EPISENSOR Eurotech Honeywell Intenses ITRON Kamstrup LIBELIUM Marvell MeterSit MICRON Mobile Devices Morey Corp. NaelBox Netcomm Wireless NETVOX NWAVE Orbiwise Packet Power PARADOX PIKKERTON Pulsar Radiocrafts RaspberryPI Schneider Electric Semtech LoRa Sensinode SIERRA WIRELESS SIGFOX SimpleHomeNet SITEC SmarteoWater SMARTEX ST Micro Sterela Telecom Design TELIT TekPea TRIDIUM VIASAT WAGO Wi-NEXT Worldsensing XIRGO 1 - Device  Cloud, *: Limited implantation Eclipse Plugin for New Protocols Templates for USB, Serial, API, or Network Based Source: SAP SE
  6. 6. DEMO
  7. 7. 7 Szenario
  8. 8. SAP Cloud Platform IoT service Multi-Tenancy (tenant of tenants)  Resource and access control via tenants • Fine grained resource entitlement (network visibility) • Cascading administration • Dynamic resource sharing  User Management • In-build user management • Roles: tenant owner, user HCP IoT Services Instance Tenant Tenant Tenant Tenant Tenant Source: SAP SE
  9. 9. Some dates with a focus on SAP IoT  SAP CP IoT Infoday (31.5)*  SAP CP Integration Infoday (21.6 or 28.6)* 9*planned
  10. 10. Many thanks for your attention!