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  1. 1. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012 Statement of WorkALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 1 of 18
  2. 2. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 20121.0 Requirement of the customer - Telephony Inteface • System should be able to automate the process of receiving calls and directing the call to an agent based on certain parameters • System should be integrated with the customers database • System should be work on single PRI (Supports 30 simultaneous calls ) • System should be able to transfer the call to the agent based on certain Logic and parameters • System should work on existing LAN • System should provide detailed MIS reports • System should be upgradeable to support IVRS, TTS, and UMS technologies. • System Should integrate and work with an PBX or direct lines • Vendor to provide 24X7 support and 4 hours response time. • The system should be able to intelligently route calls to the appropriate customer service person based on who is calling and the purpose of the call, based on the callers response to voice prompts. • The system should be able to fetch information from customer Database based on the customer ID entered by the caller. this information should be populated and displayed on the agent’s screen • The system should monitor the status of the agent such that no calls are transferred the extension in case the agent opts for busy mode from the agent screen • The system should be able to generate a screen POP –up as and when a call is transferred to the agent call/ • The system should be able to initiate an out bounds based on a lists uploaded (Predictive dialling)ALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 2 of 18
  3. 3. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 20122.0 OverviewOverviewCall center focuses on efficient, personalized call handling by group of agents representingthe enterprise / service provider, it facilitates the business to communicate with people in anorganized fashion from a central point.Alliance Voice Xchange will make sure that customers calling get through and areconnected to the right source for assistance. The system will put the callers onto InteractiveVoice Response system (IVR) IVR is an automated voice reply service where the customerenters information, commonly via the telephone keypad, and receives system generatedvoice answers without manual intervention. Through this module most of the routine queriescan be handled by efficiently utilizing the expensive resource – Manpower. Alliance VoiceXchange in a Call center can help the business gather information about how customersperceive them, provide better quality customer service, and even speed up crucial processof servicing the caller efficiently. The staff members of a call center are usually referred to asagents.Inbound CallsThe system is so designed that it would perform all the tasks from receiving a call to finallyestablishing it to the agent. To start with the system would be capable of handling thirtysimultaneous calls The system can be scalable by deploying additional cards and licenses..In the offered system maximum call-taking capacity can be as high as 240 simultaneouscalls that can be increased further by adding additional servers in the same infrastructure.In bound calls are handled by mechanism of Dialed Number Information Service (DNIS),ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and Intelligent Routing. IVR is used to provide callhandling and assist the callers during overload condition. The routing will work with IVR todirect the call to most suitable person.The agents will receive the calls with appropriate screen-pops. The DDE/OLE/COM interfaceis provided to interface with third party applications to enable screen pop of the correctapplication screen.ALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 3 of 18
  4. 4. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012The post call management allows wrap-time for the agent and then next call will be directedto the agent.3.0 Proposed ModulesFollowing are the basic modules that will be implemented for the project: Modules Description1 Alliance Voice Xchange This is a configurable call flow generator, It offers Module (IVRS) a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product to connect your customers, databases, telephones,2 Automatic Call Distribution This forms a part of the voice Xchange An Module (ACD) Intelligent Call routing mechanism is achieved using ACD Module .Calls are transferred to the agent based on certain logic such as equal distribution of calls , Skill based routing, etc3 Alliance Ensembler an Enterprise Relationship Management Software, which provides a fully integrated package for Caller takers and Helpdesk Management.4 Computer Telephony Using the CTI module, the system integrates Integration Module (CTI) with the CRM and Populates the information on the screen of the agent5 Alliance Arcane * Is Performance monitoring system, which forms a key to monitor, record, store and evaluate voice & data interactions in a call centre6 Alliance UniVersus A multimodal messaging system –with interface to Voice Mails7 Alliance Predictive Dialler An Automated Dialler with intelligent routing and distribution of callsALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 4 of 18
  5. 5. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 20124.0 Functionality of the proposed system a. E-1 lines from the service provider will be connected to the telephony server. b. All call centres agents will be connected to the telephony server over IP c. All the agents will have client PCs and USB Headsets d. The telephony server will host the Voice Xhange Licenses and ACD Module e. Agents shall have access to the call taker module f. Depending on the option chosen by the caller and type of caller , the system shall populate the information on the screen of the caller g. All recoding between the agent and caller will get recorded and tagged to a specifc case ID generated by the CRM.ALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 5 of 18
  6. 6. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 20125.0 Proposed WorkingInboundThe proposed solution will be implemented at customer end with integration to the existinginfrastructure. At present the solution is proposed for thirty agent positions with differentroles and rights . Any caller desired to seek services of the call center will have to dial ontothe centralized call center number as publicized by authorities. They would be greeted with awelcome message followed by the option of choosing the language. On selection oflanguage the system would present before the caller a set of optionsDepending on the option chosen by the caller the system would transfer the call to theagent. As the call is transferred to the agent the system would fetch information based onthe logic as below from the back end database and populate the information on the screenof the caller. In case of a new caller, the system will capture the caller ID of the caller andopen a new profile case . In case of the second time caller , the system will populate theinformation of the existing customer.The conversation between caller and agent will be recorded in a file and the same can betagged to the call details by the agent while wrapping up the call. The recording can befurther analysed for monitoring and quality purpose.Out BoundWhat differentiates common auto diallers in the market with world-class Predictive dialler isthe predictive algorithm that guides the dialling principle. Most of the diallers touted to bepredictive are nothing more an auto dialler with manually managed pacing. The truepredictive dialler is adaptive in nature and adapts and controls its behaviour based on thepast pattern of dialling and Agent’s call handling patterns. Predictive dialler from Alliance istruly adaptive in nature and evolves its dialling pattern over a shift based on the quality oflead list, the gateway connectivity pattern, Average Handling Time (AHT) for the agents andthe abandon call percentage as prescribed list by the FCC norms. The dialler makes surethat even on worst quality lead list your agents are able to get a decent connects and thatthe leads are churned as quickly as possible. The Alliance predictive dialler is one of themost adaptive as well as the easiest to use with very simple configuration steps and veryintuitive User Interfaces for the administratorALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 6 of 18
  7. 7. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012Major Highlights of Predictive Dialler are  Highly adaptive in nature with auto pacing  Intuitiveness to detect and mark a lead list as bad or a gateway as Unreachable  Facility for the agents to move to Preview (Manual Mode) in between Predictive calling  Web based Interfaces for configurations  Telnet based access for monitoring the call flow  Live update on the lead status for each list  Facility to set bulk rescheduling and re-churning of the leads  Facility to set call backs from the agent interface  Facility to set strict mode for a call back so that the same agent receives the call the next time when the lead is called back  Setting up call back in predictive mode based on basic disposition of the dialer as well as customized disposition for the campaigns as created by the administratorALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 7 of 18
  8. 8. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 20126.0 Proposed Bill of MaterialHardware ComponentsS No Item Description Quantity To be provided by1 Xeon /250 GBHDD/ 8 GBRAM/ 1 Customer2 Standard Rack to host the 1 Customer Servers3 Telephony card (30 Connects ) 2 Alliance4 KVM Switch and Cables 1 Customer5 IP headsets 30 Customer6 Client PC 30 CustomerSoftware Components Item Description Quantity To be provided by1 Voice Xchange Licenses with Thirty Alliance ACD and CTI2 Alliance Ensembler Single Thirty Alliance server Licenses with 30 agent License3 Alliance Arcane Licenses Thirty Alliance4 CTI Integration Screen POP Twenty Alliance on Ten agents5 UniVersus (Voice mail ) Thirty Alliance6 Predictive Dialler (Single TL Thirty Alliance and 29 Agents )Services Offered by Alliance Item Description Description1 Installation and Implementation One-time installation and implementationALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 8 of 18
  9. 9. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 20122 Editing and Integration of Voice Prompts One Time recording of voice prompts3 One time Customization of Alliance Ensembler Custom development based on the specific customer business logic6 Administrator training and user Training One Day7 Annual Software Maintenance and onsite support One package7.0 Costing of the Project Item Description Unit cost(Rs) Quantity Total Cost1 Agent wise Licenses 302 Supervisor License 013 Installation and Limited to two days Configuration @site4 Training at Site Limited to One day @sie5 Travel and Expense Limited to single Visit for 4 daysALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 9 of 18
  10. 10. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012Roles & ResponsibilityStakeholderShort Name Full NameAlliance Alliance Infotech Private Limited CustomerBISResponsibility MatrixS. No Activity ResponsibilityMaterial 1. Hardware Servers Customer 2. Core Softwares – Alliance VoiceXchange, Arcane ensemble, ACDAlliance Module 3. Software (3rd Party) – Windows, , My SQL (Database) Customer 4. IP Head sets CustomerLogistics & Material Management 5. Shipment of material to site Alliance 6. Provide place for implementation CustomerEquipment Implementation & Integration 7. Site Readiness Customer 8. Electrical connection up-to the place of installation Customer 9. Networking connection up-to the place of installation Customer 10. Connections from Gateway Customer 11. Termination of the PRI from the Service Provider to the premises Customer 12. Installation of hardware Alliance 13. Installation of Software (Operating System, My SQL database) andAlliance core software (Voice Xchange , Arcane , Ensembler, ACD Module )ALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 10 of 18
  11. 11. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012S. No Activity ResponsibilityDocumentation 14. Installation & Integration Plan Alliance 15. List of pre-requisites for installation (Site –readiness checklist) Alliance 16. Acceptance of List of pre-requisites for installation (Site –readinessCustomer checklist) 17. Prepare Acceptance Test Procedures Alliance 18. Approval of Acceptance Test Procedures Alliance 19. Training Plan Alliance 20. List of pre-requisites for Training Alliance 21. Acceptance of Training Plan for duration and pre-requisites forCustomer training 22. Technical documentation for Installation, Commissioning,Alliance Integration, Operation and Administration 23. Technical Support documents Alliance 24. Finalize the List of reports and respective format of each report to beAlliance & delivered Customer 25. Sign off the List of reports and respective format of each report to beCustomer deliveredAcceptance Testing 26. Execute Acceptance Test Procedures Alliance & Customer 27. Collect Acceptance Test Results Alliance & Customer 28. Signed Acceptance of Test Results Customer 29. Prepare Test Report Alliance 30. System Acceptance CustomerTrainingALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 11 of 18
  12. 12. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012S. No Activity Responsibility 31. Organize facility for Training Customer 32. Organize team of resource to receive training Customer 33. Training Presentation Alliance 34. Training Material AllianceALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 12 of 18
  13. 13. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012Time Line Estimated Time Frame Description (For completion)Day 0 Confirmation of orderDay 7 Finalization of System Requirement SpecificationsDay 15 Finalization of Call Flow, Voice Prompts and Voice Files, Work process, screensDay 30 Internal Development and testingDay 31 Shipment and Installation at siteDay 40 User Acceptance Test and Final CommissioningDay 43 Training ENDALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 13 of 18
  14. 14. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012 Feature ListALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 14 of 18
  15. 15. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012 Alliance UniVersus™ UC 2000 Sl.No Features Client Remark 1 Ensembler - The CRM Yes 2 Help Desk Yes 3 Contact Center Yes 4 Phone System Yes 5 Video Calling N0 6 Call Transfer Yes 7 Caller ID Yes 8 Conference Bridging Yes 9 Call Detail Records Yes 10 Automated Attendant Yes 11 Music On Hold/Transfer Yes 12 Voicemail Yes 13 Call Queuing Yes 14 Time Based Call Routing Yes 15 Voice 2 Email Yes 16 Softphone Yes 17 Analog/Digital /IP Phone Support Yes 18 Configure Extension Yes 19 Outbound/Inbound Route Addition Yes 20 Remote Call Pickup Yes 21 TDM/SIP/IAX Trunks Yes 22 Do Not Disturb Yes 23 Custom VoIP Provider/SIP Trunk Addition Yes 24 Enhanced Mobility Yes 25 Blind/Supervised Call Transfer Yes 26 Distinctive Ring Yes 27 Voice Logger Yes 28 Recording incoming calls Yes 29 Recording Outgoing calls Yes 30 Tracking caller ID Yes 31 Tracking agent ID Yes 32 Agent status (On call/ not on call) YesALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 15 of 18
  16. 16. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012 33 Barge-In Yes 34 Agent Score Board NO 35 Scoring Reports No 36 IVR System Yes 37 Greet with Pre Recorded Voice Message Yes 38 Single digit press to select desired option Yes 39 Message and Recording Services Yes 40 Voice Broadcasting (Survey / Promotions) Yes 41 Mail server NO 42 Send and Receive mails through web No 43 Bulk Mailer No 44 Email Address upload from .xls or .csv NO 45 Schedule Mail No 46 Mail Attachments No 47 Outlook Integration No 48 SMS Server No 49 Send SMS through Web NO 50 Mass SMS No 51 Schedule SMS No 52 Delivery Report No 53 Resend SMS No 54 SMS Alert No 55 Fax Server No 56 Fax To Email No 57 Email to Fax No 58 Conference Bridge No 59 Multiple conference Room No 60 Multiparty Inbound conference No 61 3 way conference from web No 62 Conference recording No 63 Lock unlock conference NO 64 Kick User No 65 Add user in conference No 66 Dialer Yes 67 Predictive Dialer Yes 68 Preview Dialing Yes 69 Voice Broadcast Yes 70 DND list checking Yes 71 Click to call Yes 72 Inbound Dialer Yes 73 Campaign Management Yes 74 Skill Based Routing Yes 75 Answering Machine Detection Yes 76 Lead Management Yes 77 Agent PanelALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 16 of 18
  17. 17. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012 78 Call Taker Screen Yes 79 Screen Popup with details yes 80 Hold/Unhold Yes 81 Wrap call Yes 82 Transfer call Yes 83 Mute/Un-mute Yes 84 3 Way Conference Yes 85 Login/Logout From Web Yes 86 Admin Panel 87 Agent Management Yes 88 Queue Management Yes 89 Campaign Management Yes 90 Online Agent Status (Busy/Available/Wrap-up/Hold) Yes 91 Online Queue Status Yes 92 Online Channel Status Yes 93 Online Campaign Status Yes 94 Recording Listening Panel Yes 95 Hold time + AHT + Wrap-up time Yes 96 Reports Yes 97 CDR Reports Yes 98 Agent Wise Report Yes 99 Date & Time Wise Report Yes 100 Call Time Reports Yes 101 Break Time Reports Yes 102 Hold Time Reports Yes 103 Case Report Yes 104 Queue Report Yes 105 Dialer Report Yes 106 Charts and Diagram Yes 107 Agent Score report (Quality Report) Yes This sheet, meant for authorized use only, is the sole property of Alliance infotech and contains proprietary material or confidential information and/or be subject to legal privilege. They should not be copied, disclosed to, or used by any other party .ALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 17 of 18
  18. 18. Alliance UC 2000 Version 1.0 Date May 03rd 2012 Corporate Headquarters B-254 Okhla Phase-1 New Delhi - 1100 20 India Voice +91 11 26371851 Fax +91 11 26371853 info@alliance-infotech.comALLCCBIS3003052012 Page 18 of 18