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What is Agile Testing? A MindMap


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A mindmap to support What is Agile Testing:

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  • Alan, could you, please, post a higher resolution of the mindmap? It's really hard to read text on the 1st page of the presentation. (I understand I can manually re-create it from the video.)
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What is Agile Testing? A MindMap

  1. 1. We need to understand "Testing" We are making this up as we go along What is Testing For? Finding Problems Preventing Problems What models of testing do we value? Feedback Assurance Certification Exploration Risk etc. Testing has never been about the Tester Testing has always been about the: process results How do we test? build and compare models to system What skills are necessary? Approach to Testing on an Agile Project People get hung up on words Unique Environment Organisation Department Team ! Team Member Fits Merges Maps to Dev Approach Covers Risks Agreed Adapts Changes as process changes Changes are risk profile changes To skills on team To System Architecture To timescales Simple Involve Everyone Part of Development Difference to 'normal' testing Strips away the extras What extras? Test Plan Documents Test Strategy Documents Test Scripts Test Reports Test Management Tools Why no extras? Extras are a response to the development process to the regulatory requirements to the management process to the offshoring process to the team organisation "New" Only in the sense that Not a templated approach Can't succeed by Shoe horn in old tools, processes, mandates, procedures, templates, documentation, etc. Can succeed by Essence of Testing Avoiding Waste Working as part of an effective System of Development Summary Adapt Tackle Risk Process Product Technical System Avoid Trappings light weight fast Testing as a verb not a noun By Alan Richardson What is Agile Testing?
  2. 2. By Alan Richardson