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From Bangladesh To Brixton: Introduction to London Creative Labs


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An overview of our award winning and life changing work in one of the most deprived areas in Britain.

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From Bangladesh To Brixton: Introduction to London Creative Labs

  1. 1. FROM BANGLADESH TO BRIXTON Wednesday, 16 April 14
  2. 2. OVERVIEW The Big Idea Why Us? The Current Problem Our Solution Traction and Validation What's The Future The Ask Wednesday, 16 April 14
  3. 3. Think of Unltd - applied Grameen Style Decent Work for Everyone Create solutions together THE BIG IDEA - WHY Solutions must add up Wednesday, 16 April 14
  4. 4. Taxpayers to the government Business rate payers to local government We Sell: Paying tenants to social landlords We create work and increase employability THE BIG IDEA - THE SELL Wednesday, 16 April 14
  5. 5. Architecture as living processes that generate form We do social innovations as living processes Christopher Alexander refers to Unfolding process No separation between design and implementation WHAT LIES UNDERNEATH 3. Unfolding 2. Bird's Eye and Worm's Eye View 1. Living Systems Wednesday, 16 April 14
  6. 6. WHY US? Went to Bangladesh to research why Grameen had managed to scale without mission drift Sofia Bustamante-FRSA Inspirational Visionary — London Leader Designer of the core product. Social process geek. Ability to motivate and inspire teams Mamading Ceesay Futurist — Thought Leader Identifies the context, forges relationships Social Tech Geek Helped initiate the Brixton Pound & the formation of Space Makers (Brixton Village Market) Wednesday, 16 April 14
  7. 7. WHY US? CoreTeam Trustees Wednesday, 16 April 14
  8. 8. Worklessness — is still not shifting The major design solutions don't address the root causes. Fractured Communities reduce well being Need to address the demand for labour as well as the supply (through startup creation) Need to unlock the hard to reach to be economically active, solution creators and part of the startups Employability Fractured, Isolated Communities Low Levels of Well Being THE PROBLEM Wednesday, 16 April 14
  9. 9. Person-Person OUR SOLUTION — MULTI-LEVEL Community Level -Bigger Picture Mapping Hosting dialogues & community building — Facilitatory Leadership Intra personal Group Level — Social startup lab ventures Wednesday, 16 April 14
  10. 10. Social Startup Labs Skills Camps Social Startup Incubator Stimulating Supply Stimulating Demand Getting people market-ready Creating the market Going to market OUR SOLUTION — THREE PRONGED Wednesday, 16 April 14
  11. 11. Social Startup Labs - Where Startups Are Born Wednesday, 16 April 14
  12. 12. Social Startup Labs - where Startups are born OUR SOLUTION — CREATING THE MARKET Wednesday, 16 April 14
  13. 13. Social Startup Labs - where Startups are born OUR SOLUTION — CREATING THE MARKET What Happened? Wednesday, 16 April 14
  14. 14. Skills Camps - Where Career Coaches Are Discovered Wednesday, 16 April 14
  15. 15. Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches are discovered Learn by doing Introduce Reflective Enquiry 1-1 coaching Co-delivery No- box- ticking -stake Certificate of Achievement Buddy System Physical Hub Zero gap between problem & Wider Economic Context Relationship to Power Structures Stimulate an ongoing Community of Stand out as truly caring and colourful OUR SOLUTION — GETTING PEOPLE MARKET-READY Wednesday, 16 April 14
  16. 16. OUR SOLUTION — GETTING PEOPLE MARKET-READY Claudius I learnt how to be confident and assertive with the skill and abilities I never knew I already had. It taught me how to pass on information and supporting skill to those who may have low self- esteem or those who are unable to recognise their own potential. They made me feel that I was part of a family, rather than that I was just in a class of people. The delivery of the class was excellent and I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you for all your support and guidance... you will always be my family.” Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches are discovered Wednesday, 16 April 14
  17. 17. Yvonne Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches are discovered OUR SOLUTION — GETTING PEOPLE MARKET-READY The coaches were able to help me see in myself some things that I was unable or didn't really think mattered in getting a job. I now find that I can reach out and look at jobs I did not feel I had the capacity to do. Thanks, Sylvana and the Skills Camps group”. Wednesday, 16 April 14
  18. 18. Roseanne Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches are discovered OUR SOLUTION — GETTING PEOPLE MARKET-READY Its always been my desire to do something that I love — now i'm dead set on it! I thought I was confident I now know I was not and what confidence really is. Wednesday, 16 April 14
  19. 19. The Big Test ? TRACTION AND VALIDATION Wednesday, 16 April 14
  20. 20. Skills Camps Social Startup Labs Social Startup Incubator TRACTION AND VALIDATION It Worked! Wednesday, 16 April 14
  21. 21. Skills Camps — Where Career Coaches are discovered OUR SOLUTION — GETTING PEOPLE MARKET-READY The course is cleverly structured in a way allowing the participants to truly learn and gain real and practical experience of both life and career coaching. The course also expertly extracts hidden talents, potential and instils a new motivation in theparticipants making them more ready for the job market and empowered to create a new, uniqueand perfectly suited path in both their professional and personal lives. Jerry Wednesday, 16 April 14
  22. 22. 71% 93% 95% 72% 63% 42% 53% 75% Skills Camps Social Startup Labs Change in work or learning status External Achievement of Behaviour Change Internal shift — Social/ Emotional State Learning Achievement Benefit 60 Career Coaches 67 Career Coaches 19 Ventures/ 2 Labs 20 Ventures/ 4 Labs Network Interpersonal Relationship AIM RESULT Conversion/ Retention 90%/ 80% Wider LCL Community 500 TRACTION AND VALIDATION AIM RESULT Wednesday, 16 April 14
  23. 23. What were we right about TRACTION AND VALIDATION What were we wrong about? What surprised us This demographic needs very deep work. Breakthroughs are possible This increases participation in the economy. This demographic can be inventive and resourceful The community was more fractured than we thought. Higher level of distrust Knowledge about how things get done is less then we thought How much resistance there was at first both in the labs and the Skills Camps That people stayed at the labs for a full day. The very small interventions that can make all the difference Wednesday, 16 April 14
  24. 24. Bridging and Linking Social Capital Zero Waste Increased Economic Complexity Stimulated Supply and demand Community Learning — tools for change widely diffused Communities own their own data EMERGENT OUTCOMES Critical mass of empowered citizens — will change everything Wednesday, 16 April 14
  25. 25. Awarded London Leader status Ashoka UK - says to keep doing what we are doing - we are on course for a fellowship, next step is to hit thousands if this goes from hundreds to thousands JP Morgan - Hang Ho has mentioned that she would give positive reference from what she has heard on the street about our work Lamiya Morshed, Chief of Staff at Yunus Centre, Grameen and personal secretery to Muhammad Yunus: "if you keep focused on what you are doing in 5 years you could be the next big thing" Testimonials from Beneficiaries - please see the handouts. Paul McGlone, Cabinet Member, Lambeth, "We need to roll out what you are doing 1000 times VALIDATION — PARTNER AGENCIES Wednesday, 16 April 14
  26. 26. Social Startup Labs Skills Camps Social Startup Incubator Getting people market-ready Creating the market Going to market OUR SOLUTION Wednesday, 16 April 14