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Why Hip-Hop Is Interesting


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Slides for a tutorial I'm giving with Jan Van Balen and Dan Brown at the 2016 ISMIR conference.

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Why Hip-Hop Is Interesting

  1. 1. ISMIR 2016: Why Hip-Hop Is Interesting Ethan Hein @ethanhein
  2. 2. Hip-hop is the musical language of global urban youth
  3. 3. Hip-hop and rap are not the same thing
  4. 4. Hip-hop is built on the appropriation and creative manipulation of existing recordings
  5. 5. Hip-hop rarely involves traditional instruments; the digital studio is the instrument
  6. 6. Hip-hop production is about sound and rhythm, not harmony and form
  7. 7. The music is the production The production is the music
  8. 8. Run-DMC - "Sucker MCs"
  9. 9. Sister Nancy "Do What You Gotta Do" (1968) "Wake Up Mr. West" (2005) Kanye West "Famous" (2016) Swizz Beatz Rihanna "Bam Bam" (1982) "Bam Bam" (1966) "Stalag 17" (1974) Ansel Collins The Maytals Byron Lee & The Dragonaires "The Well-Tempered Clavier" (1722) "Mi Sono Svegliato E... Ho Chiuso Gli Occhi" (1973) Nina Simone Il Rovescio Della Medaglia Johann Sebastian Bach "Someone That I Used To Love" (1980) Natalie Cole Sample sources in "Famous"
  10. 10. We ne- ver gonna die Kanye's vocal melody
  11. 11. Eric B and Rakim - "Follow The Leader" X- I'm e- ing, on can go for days and days dis- with rhyme that en- grave deep as rays playsver last- I
  12. 12. Fugees - "Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)" sor- Fake bull- ets can't scar me I can smell the weak outlike sa-fa- ri Play you out like A-ta- ri, Sac- fice ri- Ka- youHa- ri ri And I'm ry
  13. 13. The fence is too high to jump in jail, Too low to dig I might just touch hell Hot! Get alife sale on now, they Then I might cast spell you a Look at what mail, came in the scale a OutKast - "B.O.B."
  14. 14. The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer
  15. 15. Hip-hop is heavily syncopated
  16. 16. Impeach The President
  17. 17. The Funky Drummer
  18. 18. Amen Break
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Herbie Hancock - "Chameleon"
  21. 21. America's music springs from the African diaspora
  22. 22. Copyright law is sampling-unfriendly
  23. 23. Auto-Tune: the death of authenticity or the next step in vocal expression?