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Search patent literature 2011 esther arias [modo de compatibilidad]


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Search patent literature 2011 esther arias [modo de compatibilidad]

  1. 1. Search Patent S hP t t Literature September 2011 Esther Arias Pérez-Ilzarbe esther.arias@oepm.esPatents offer different kind of information: ‐Tecnichal ‐Commercial ‐Legal LegalThey can help to know: ‐What are new, upcoming developments in the What are new, upcoming  developments in the  field? ‐Who are my potential competitors/partners? ‐What are my competitors doing? ‐What are other uses for my invention? 1
  2. 2. And even they can become World Heritage DocumentsIn 2008 there were applied 1.907.915 patents  and 320.000 utility  models  (nearly 140  applications per hour) Patent collections grow and  grow 2
  3. 3. Search tools in the patent world:  FREE or PAYMENT  National Offices: USPTO, SPTO…  p p g p; Google: Espacenet: Lexis‐Nexis: …Almost every month a new tool is launched HOW CAN WE BE AWARED? Blogs 3
  4. 4. Discussion groupsUsers “Ejercicio de Vigilancia Tecnológica de patentes con herramientas gratuitas de Internet”. E.Arias. madri+d 20/11/2008 4
  5. 5. Example: VIAGRA patentTool 1: •Simple,  advance , smart search, number,  Classification •English,  German, French •ECLA  classification •More than 70  million documents from 90 countries 5
  6. 6. Tool 1:•RSS •Export results•PDF and html•Machine Translation Tool 1: •Family list •INPADOC information 6
  7. 7. Tool 2:  • Espacenet devoted to Latinoamerican patents • Machine Translation •“Vigilancia Tecnológica”Tool 2: “Vigilancia Tecnológica”  Classification searches in  Biotechnology and Green Patents 7
  8. 8. Tool 3: •Simple, advance and  Cross lingual search •Full text search •Search interface for mobile •28  patent collectionsTool 3: •RSS: Real Simply sindication •Statistics and graphs •Translation Assistant for Patent Titles and  Abstracts 8
  9. 9. Tool 3: Statistics: graphs ranking of applicants, Classsification, Publication  dates applications… dates applications Tool 4:  •5 patent collections and  non‐patent literature •Search claims and  description 9
  10. 10. Tool 4:  •PDF •Included information from Included information from  GoogleTool 4:  •New development (beta  version)   version) •Analisys tool 10
  11. 11. Tool 5:•USA documents•Search in full text Search Tool 5: •Not always the same results •Not revision of index 11
  12. 12. Tool 5: •Spanish documents since 1960 •PDF  •Export Each database offer different capabilities. We have to choose the best to our needs. 12
  13. 13. FREE INTERNET PATENT DATABASES:What are they good for?•Sampling data, answers to easy questions •State of the art searches•Verifying results from other databases•Verifying results from other databases•Free patent copies from main countriesWhat are their limits?•Assignee and status info unreliable•Slow and ineffective search tools•Poor titles, abstracts, indexing P titl bt t i d i•No chemical, protein, sequences searchs How reliable is the data?•Sometimes may be incomplete, no updated or inaccurateRECOMMENDATIONS1. Use free databases for quick answers and to  verify results from other sources.2. Use mid‐range fixed subscription databases. for  general high volume searching.3. For critical project verify and check results on best possible sources and bear the costs. b ibl db h4. Don´t forget that patents have legal effects and  there are other kind of sources of information  we must consult.  13
  14. 14. Tool 6: ON LINE FILE INSPECTION Tool 6: ON LINE FILE INSPECTIONYou can find tips fordrafting patents 14
  15. 15. Tool 7: EXPIRED PATENTS (USPTO) Tool 7: EXPIRED PATENTS (SPAIN) entes_Caducadas.html 15
  16. 16. FUTURE: FROM “PAUL OTLET VISION” TO THE “INTERNET CLOUD” Tool 8: OPEN PATENT SERVICE  Web sites that use EPO, USPTO or national  offices “raw data”  16
  17. 17. Tool 9: Semantics/concept search Tools •Semantic searches • PAYMENT   •Trial versionsTool 9: Semantics/concept search Tools 17
  18. 18. Tool 9: Semantics/concept search Tools ThanksExcuse my English, when I was a child, there English, child, weren´t dummies so sophisticated ... weren´ Esther Arias Pérez-Ilzarbe 18