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Searching patents – a brief introduction


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Searching patents – a brief introduction

  1. 1. Searching Patents – A brief Introduction Björn Jürgens E-Mail: Twitter: @benlogo © 2011 1
  2. 2. Where can we search Patents?• “Back in the old days”: – Directly in the National Patent Libraries – By looking through Official Patent Bulletins• In more modern times: – First Commercial Databases, direct modem connection (no internet), paid by time and/or results – Patent stored on Compact Discs (retrieval via CD Towers)• Nowadays: – Everything available on Databases via Internet! Mostly flat rate pricing, and lots of public free databases 2 available!
  3. 3. Patent Databases• We can distinguish: – Public Patent Databases (mainly offered by the national patent offices) – Commercial Patent Databases (offered by Database Hosts) “TOP PLAYERS”: • THOMSON INNOVATION • QUESTEL ORBIT • STN 3
  4. 4. Why using Public Patent Databases?• Searching in most public patent databases are FREE OF COST• Comparing to commercial databases, search and analysis functionality of public databases have improved quite substantially over the years! – Alerting services – Automatic Translation – Search history – Etc.• Knowing WHICH public database to use WHEN can be as effective for a Technology Watch activity as with a commercial database (or even better!) 4
  5. 5. Public Patent Databases – A selection:• Multinational: • Asian: – ESPACENET (European Patent JPO IPDL (Japan) Office) KIPRIS (Korea) – DEPATISNET (German Patent SIPO (China) Office) • Iberoamerican: – PATENTSCOPE (WIPO) Invenes + Latipat• US: – PatFT & AppFT (USPTO) 5
  6. 6. Thank you very much! Contact Details: Björn Jürgens E-Mail: Twitter: @benlogo 6