Ipph introduction of ipph patent products and service


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Ipph introduction of ipph patent products and service

  1. 1. Introduction of IPPH Patent Products and Service R&D Center September 2010
  2. 2. Publishing Chinese patent literature periodically according to laws IPPH Patent Publication Quality Certification Providing processing for bulk patent data Providing patent information service catering to users at home and abroad State-leveled publishing house Electronic publisher Network publisher One of the 100 excellent book publishers Passing the certification of ISO9001-2000 quality management system Passing the certification of computer information system integration third-leveled qualification of the Ministry of Information and Industry
  3. 3. Patent Information Service Platform C/S Patent Information Analysis System C/S Patent Management System Chinese Pharmaceutical Patent Database Search Analysis Management Druggery Database Early-Warning Analysis Management Druggery Database Integrate global patent data resources; Has multiple functions such as patent search, analysis, early-warning, druggery database; One of the comprehensive patent information service systems with the widest recorded data resources and the strongest application function in China. IPPH Main Products and Features On a basis of C/S framework; Establish a complete patent information analysis working process; Include 8 analysis modules, over 30 fixed analysis modules, over 400 user-defined analysis modules. On a basis of C/S framework; Total management on the various information within the patent application process; Helpful for administrative departments at various levels to get familiar with and master the patent conditions of the enterprise and the region. China’s first and world’s advanced deep indexed patent database with own intellectual property rights; Has been applied to patent review and search in the State Intellectual Property Office and European Patent Office with favorable effects.
  4. 4. Integrate patent data of over 90 countries and institutions around the world. Adopting Chinese-English search or English-Chinese search to break through language barrier. 汽轮机调节汽阀阀碟锁紧装置 Adopt advanced semantic search technology to totally enhance the concept of patent information search. I. Patent Search: Comprehensive, Accurate, Intelligent Use company code to ensure overall and accurate search, improve search efficiency.
  5. 5. As to overseas patent, machine translation of titles and abstracts can be performed on the above page. II. Search Results : Rich, Profound, High value-added
  6. 6. The system judges a patent according to the predetermined well-known technology judge process to determine whether it is a well-known technology in China for reference. The American patent can be treated with citation analysis and multi-level development layer by layer to find out the core patent. Analysis systems of B/S and C/S versions are available to select according to different demands of users. III. Patent Analysis: Multi-view, All-around, Combination of Qualitative and Quantitative On a basis of patent strategy and patent information analysis theory, we establish numerous analysis modules including trend analysis, region analysis, applicant analysis, etc. to facilitate users to better discover and grasp potential information behind the patent.
  7. 7. Do you want to know the latest trends of patent in a particular field? Do you want to know R&D hotspots of a particular enterprise? Do you want to know potential competitors and cooperators? IV. Patent Early-Warning: Timely, Dynamic, Prospective
  8. 8. Users can save the patents they are interested in corresponding folders at any time. Users can also define subject database through expressions to carry out analysis and early-warning. Users can also select C/S patent management system to carry out overall patent management. V. Patent Management: Ordered, Convenient, Alert
  9. 9. Consulting and analyzing service Periodic tracking report of technology Patent early- warning program and service Online translation and customized translation service Training service Overall program of patent information service system construction Tailored industrial subject database and individual system integration service System construction and hosting service
  10. 10. For more information, welcome to Booth # 22, or please visit: www.cnipr.com Please contact us at: Tel : 010-82000860-8309 E-mail : [email_address]