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There are plenty of clouds and platform-as-a-services to choose from, but where to start? Join us for an action-packed hour of power where we'll show you how to deploy your existing application written in the language of your choice - Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl or Python, with the framework of your choice - EE6, CDI, Seam, Spring, Zend, Cake, Rails, Sinatra, PerlDancer or Django to the OpenShift PaaS in just minutes.

All this and without having to rewrite your app to get it to work the way the cloud provider thinks your app should work. You can have your business applications running in the cloud on OpenShift Express in seconds.

If you want to learn about OpenShift PaaS and see how investing a couple of hours of your time can change everything you thought you knew about putting your business applications in the cloud, this session is for you!

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JBUG Netherlands Openshift Primer

  1. 1. OpenShift Primer Get your code into the Cloud!Eric D. SchabellJBoss Technology Evangelisthttp://www.schabell.org12 Dec 2012, JBUG Netherlands Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  2. 2. First things first, sign up! http://openshift.redhat.com Promotional Code: JBUGNL Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  3. 3. OpenShift, a little history ● Nov 2010 – Makara acquired ● In 2011 – merged into OpenShift project ● May 2012 – Open Sourced OpenShift ● LiveCD launched for local PaaS ● GitHub code base ● Activity: blogs, howtos, quickstarts, webinars ● June 2012 – JBoss World, OpenShift Enterprise PaaS announced.Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  4. 4. Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  5. 5. Never look back...Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  6. 6. PaaS?Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  7. 7. Why am i DORKING with the stack?!Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  8. 8. Quickstart 1.Sign Up 2.Install Client Tools 3.Create Domain 4.Create Application 5.Deploy Application (GIT)Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  9. 9. http://openshift.redhat.com – “Sign up and Try it!”● Example projects you can deploy now! ● https://www.github.com/openshift● Help? ● IRC: freenode #openshift Promotional Code: JBUGNL ● Forums: http://www.redhat.com/opens hift/community/forums ● Email: openshift at redhat dot com Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  10. 10. Install Client Tools● Fedora / RHEL ● The rest (osX, Ubuntu, Cygwin): ● openshift.repo ● gem install rhc (json_pure)● Move to yum.repos.d ● see forums, blogs $ sudo mv openshift.repo /etc/yum.repos.d● Install client tools $ sudo yum install rubygem-rhc Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  11. 11. Create Domain● Use rhc command $ rhc domain create -n mydomain -l openshiftlogin● Use admin console!Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  12. 12. Web AdministrationEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  13. 13. Browse tagsEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  14. 14. Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  15. 15. Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  16. 16. CreateEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  17. 17. ConfigureEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  18. 18. Ready to code!Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  19. 19. Application Details Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  20. 20. Other Options● Name app and define type $ rhc app create -a appname -t apptype -l openshiftlogin (Node.js, DIY, Jenkins, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and most important, Java!)● Add application to local repo $ git add .● Commit changes $ git commit -m “Initial app import.” Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  21. 21. Deploy to Cloud● Push the code to Express $ git push● Congratulations, your app is in the cloud! Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  22. 22. Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  23. 23. Gears 500MB memory + 1GB storageEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  24. 24. JBoss Developer StudioEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  25. 25. Tips & Tricks – no more passwords● One way: ● save your password in .openshift/pass.txt ● chmod 600 .openshift/pass.txt ● rhc domain show -p `cat .openshift/pass.txt`● Better: ● add function to .bashrc or .bash_profile function rhc() { `which rhc` "$@" -p "`cat ~/.openshift/.pass.txt`" # You can also specify -l $login if needed. }Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  26. 26. Tips & Tricks – hot deployments● Works for JBoss AS 7, PHP and Ruby (for now) ● add marker file: touch .openshift/markers/hot_deploy * note – still have to live inside memory footprint, maybe use Jenkins?Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  27. 27. Demo DevDayUK Mobile App$ rhc app create -a devdayuk -t jbosseap-6.0$ cd devdayuk$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/openshift-devdayuk.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://devdayuk-$your_domain.rhcloud.comEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  28. 28. Demo jBPM Web Designer$ rhc app create -a editor -t jbossas-7$ cd editor$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/openshift-webdesigner-jbpmmigration.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://editor-$your_domain.rhcloud.com/designer/editor?profile=jbpm&uuid=123Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  29. 29. Demo jBPM Migration Project$ rhc app create -a jbpmmigration -t jbossas-7$ cd jbpmmigration$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/openshift-jbpmmigration.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://jbpmmigration-$your_domain.rhcloud.com/jbpmmigration_upload-0.4Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  30. 30. Demo Switchyard Project$ rhc app create -a swyesb -t jbossas-7$ cd swyesb$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/switchyard-openshift.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://swyesb-$your_domain.rhcloud.com/switchyard-quickstart-demo-ordersEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  31. 31. Demo Ceylon Project$ rhc app create -a ceylon -t jbossas-7$ cd ceylon$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/ceylon-openshift.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://ceylon-$your_domain.rhcloud.comEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  32. 32. Demo GateIn Project$ rhc app create -a portal -t jbossas-7$ cd portal$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/openshift-portal.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://portal-$your_domain.rhcloud.com/portalEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  33. 33. Demo Drools Planner$ rhc app create -a droolsplanner -t jbosseap-6.0$ cd droolsplanner$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/openshift-droolsplanner.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://droolsplanner-$your_domain.rhcloud.com/droolsplannerEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  34. 34. Demo JBoss BRMS 5.3*$ rhc app create -a brms53 -t jbossas-7$ cd brms53$ git remote add upstream -m mastergit://github.com/eschabell/openshift-brms53.git$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master$ git pushhttp://brms53-$your_domain.rhcloud.com:8080/jboss-brmsEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  35. 35. Loving your hammers?Eric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com
  36. 36. ● OpenShift: http://openshift.redhat.com● OpenShift Enterprise PaaS FAQ: http://www.redhat.com/resourcelibrary/datasheets/openshift-enterprise-paas-solution● Blogs: https://www.redhat.com/openshift/community/blogs● Repository for all OpenShift demos shown here: https://github.com/eschabell● OpenShift demo repository: https://github.com/openshift● Rise above the Cloud hype with OpenShift: http://www.schabell.org/2012/01/rise-above-cloud-hype-with-openshift.html● OpenShift Primer (e-book) http://www.schabell.org/2012/12/openshift-primer-book-published-amazon-ibooks.htmlEric D. Schabell / @ericschabell / erics@redhat.com