OpenShift: Java EE in the clouds


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OpenShift is Red Hat's polyglot Platform as a service which allow you to run a large range of services in the cloud. In this talk I will give an introduction to OpenShift, what it offers and how it works.
The talk will be in two parts.

First part is about OpenShift in general and how to use it from the command line and the web console
Second part is about how JBoss Developer Studio works with OpenShift and how it both coexist and extend the
experience you get with "plain" OpenShift. This part will focus especially on how well the JavaEE and mobile
parts of Developer Studio works with OpenShift.

The talk is intended to be practical and guided by attendees question.

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OpenShift: Java EE in the clouds

  1. 1. OPENSHIFT: JAVA EE IN THE CLOUDS Max Rydahl Andersen, Red Hat
  2. 2. Re
  3. 3. What is OpenShift ? Red Hat's free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications in the cloud.
  4. 4. What is supported on OpenShift ?
  5. 5. How to get started…
  6. 6. SSH
  7. 7. Using Github $ rhc domain create man $ rhc app create alpejugs jbosseap $ cd alpejugs … $ git push origin $ rhc tail alpejugs
  8. 8. Write code 2. git commit 3. git push 4. Goto #1 1. ! !10
  9. 9. DEMO TIME!
  10. 10. 10,000 feet overview HTTP/REST Broker Dev Host SSH ... Node App Gear Reverse Proxy http(s)://<appname>-<domain> User Host
  11. 11. Enterprise IT Developer Managed Red Hat Managed Locally Managed
  12. 12. Using Github quick starts $ $ $ $ rhc app create etheralpes nodejs-0.10 rhc cartridge add -a etheralpes -c mongodb-2.2 cd etheralpes git remote add upstream -m master git:// $ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master … ... rhc tail etheralpes
  13. 13. Pause ?
  14. 14. OpenShift, Java and Eclipse
  15. 15. OpenShift Eclipse Tooling Available from JBoss Tools and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio Provide basic management and developer related features Explorer Application Wizards (Portable) Port Forwarding Server Adapter Supports All Application types, but JavaEE especially
  16. 16. DEMO TIME!
  17. 17. Demo Recap Setup OpenShift Connection Create OpenShift Application Browse Existing applications Push via Server Adapter Tail files
  18. 18. Advanced Features .openshift folder magic Jenkins Database Port Forwarding Remote Debugging Extend OpenShift
  19. 19. .openshift/* action_hooks/ config/ cron/ markers/
  20. 20. Jenkins Full blown Jenkins Takes 1 gear Used when pushing
  21. 21. Database mysql, postgresql, mongodb Connection setup in .openshift/
  22. 22. Port Forwarding Connect to any remote exposed service locally Useful for database, debugging and other evil
  23. 23. Remote Debugging enable jpda
  24. 24. Links