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Case Study: AIA Design Challanges


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Case Study: AIA Design Challanges

  1. 1. AIA’s beautiful new meeting space in a renovated historic building provides flexibility for a wide variety of functions, but designing an equally flexible AV system required some creative thinking too. Shown with motorized room dividing curtains. (right) Design Mecca Overcomes AV Hurdles A complete renovation of an historic building leads to unique meeting space at AIA’s Kansas City offices. By Gerard Grivois T he American Institute of and the importance of good design. To mission, AIA management felt these efforts Architects, headquartered in accomplish their goals, some AIA branch were constrained by limited space at the Washington, DC, was founded in offices provide meeting space and facilities chapter’s former West 9th Street offices, 1857, and today has nearly 300 state and that can be used by members and others which had been its home for the past ALISTA IR TUTT ON PHOT local chapters in the U.S. and around the in their local design communities. 20 years. world. The AIA strives to meet the needs The AIA Kansas chapter, chartered When the chapter moved its offices and interests of the nation’s architects and in 1921, offered more than 50 programs last year, it chose an historic, renovated the public they serve by developing public to its membership in 2009. While these 1907 structure in the Crossroads District, OGRAPHY awareness of the value of architecture programs and services are key to their a former downtown industrial area. 16 Case Study AV SYSTEMS DESIGN  Spring 2011
  2. 2. design professionals,” says Jeffrey Schutzler, the front of the room, directly behind a project leader at Helix Architecture. “The movable lectern. intent was to provide a multi-purpose “I think this is my favorite part of the room capable of hosting a wide range room,” says Tiffany Shepherd, deputy of events, from board meetings, lectures, director of the AIA Kansas chapter. “It lunch presentations, special events, and makes it really easy not only for us to use design charrettes. The red flooring, the AV system, but also for us to show projection wall, and ceiling reach outward other people how to use it.” to pull not only architects and designers Another challenge was the sheer variety into the office, but also the public.” of meetings that would be held in the new room. AV Challenges Schutzler included lightweight, Typical of historic buildings built in the motorized room dividing curtains from early 1900s, the loft-style interior of the MechoShade Systems to reconfigure the space was not exactly designed for AV room for different types and sizes of technology. Exposed brick, concrete slab meetings. “This is a big space,” notes AIA’s floors, and 16-foot high ceilings with full Shepherd, “but if we’re having a small height windows created an environment meeting, we can drop one of these mesh with many challenges for both acoustics curtains to make the meeting feel a little and visibility of projected images. more intimate.” Schutzler put one curtain According to CTI sales consultant about 15 feet from the front of the room, Steve Martin, one of the main challenges and another about 18 feet beyond the first in designing an AV system for this room one. Touching a button on the TLP 700MV was its use as a rental space. “Most of touchpanel activates a motor so that a the people who do presentations here presenter can easily resize the space to will use the AV system infrequently or the size of the audience. only once. So the controls had to be Since the first floor meeting space is extremely intuitive.” That was one of bordered on two sides by floor to ceiling the reasons Martin recommended using windows, daylight became an obvious Helix Architecture and Design of Extron’s TLP 700MV TouchLink 7-inch wall issue for the visibility of projected images. Kansas City created striking interiors for mount touchpanel. Room darkening MechoShades were the 4,634 square foot space, and St. Louis, “It’s really simple to use,” Martin says. installed in each window to address this MO-based Conference Technologies, Inc. – “Extron includes a seven-inch touchscreen problem. Another touch on the TLP 700MV CTI – contributed an innovative AV system in the panel plus ten backlit buttons and activates the shades according to ambient design that addressed the space’s inherent even a master volume control knob to put lighting conditions. AV challenges. everything at a user’s fingertips. They also have a simplified configuration scheme, Dealing with Acoustics System Design Requirements making it affordable for customers who CTI also designed and installed a flexible The centerpiece of the new space is a 2,000 might not otherwise be able to budget sound system for the AIA’s various functions square foot first-floor meeting room, with for a touchpanel and its associated and events. At the heart of the audio system windows on two sides looking out on the programming expenses.” are two Extron DMP 64 ProDSP Digital neighborhood. The room accommodates The TLP 700MV is linked to an Extron Matrix Processors, which provide all signal 60 people classroom style, 150 theater-style, IPL 250 IP Link Ethernet control processor, routing, mic mixing, and equalization for the and even more for receptions. A typical which enables monitoring and control of various room configurations. The DMP 64sALISTA IR TUTT ON PHOT lunchtime education session attracts about all devices in the system, including all each control a separate zone. Zone one is 70 architects, so the chapter has space sources and a unique mechanical curtain routed to an Extron XPA 2001-70V power to expand. and window shade system. The TLP 700MV amplifier, which feeds ten Extron SI 26CT “We conceived this space as a ‘Think touchpanel is wall mounted next to a ceiling mounted speakers. The secondOGRAPHY Tank’ for collaboration between various 6 by 9-foot Da-Lite projection screen at zone is connected to another XPA 2001-70V Case Study 17
  3. 3. 2 Sheet metal ceiling panels 1 Floor to ceiling glass windows 5 Constantly changing event types & presentation needs 4 Concrete slab floor Limited space for AV electronics 3 AIA’s Design Challenges and Solutions ROOM FEATURE DESIGN CHALLENGE SOLUTION 1 Floor to ceiling Hard glass surfaces create excessive acoustic Use ceiling mount speakers with smooth, flat glass windows reflections, which negatively affect speech frequency response and controlled dispersion intelligibility. Also, during daylight hours, to minimize sound reflected from glass excessive brightness creates a challenge for surfaces. Install window shade system to block projected images. excessive sunlight, and link to control system for room reconfiguration. 2 Sheet metal Metal surfaces present another surface for Carpet floor surfaces directly below speakers. ceiling panels acoustic reflections. 3 Limited space for Limits options for thermal management of Use high efficiency electronics with low thermal AV electronics rack electronics. output and convection cooling. 4 Concrete slab floor Creates both acoustic benefits and challenges. Use speakers with smooth, flat frequency Slab floors can enhance low frequency response and controlled dispersion. performance of speakers, but they also present a highly reflective surface that affects COURTESY OF CTI/MICHAEL KESSELL speech intelligibility. 5 Constantly changing All aspects of AV systems must be easily and Use a control system designed for easy event types and quickly re-configurable. re-configuration and use by a wide range of presentation needs non-technical end-users. 18 Case Study AV SYSTEMS DESIGN  Spring 2011
  4. 4. power amplifier, which feeds five more since the amplifiers are convection cooledSI 26CT speakers. Since aesthetics of the and extremely efficient, there’s no need for TLP 700MV Touchpanelinterior space was understandably a high special ventilation and cooling systems.priority, CTI was able to paint all speaker AIA’s Shepherd says the new space isgrills on the SI 26CT speakers to match the crucial to the chapter’s goals of expandingred Armstrong ceiling panels, which allowed its membership and of reaching out tothem to blend in with the ceiling. The form alliances with others in the designDMP 64s also tie into the curtaining system: and construction industries. “It’s a reallytouch a button on the Extron touchpanel cool space,” adds Martin. “I think allto lower one of the MechoShade curtain of the contractors worked extra hard todividers, and it automatically activates only give them the best possible result. It’s a The Extron TLP 700MV 7" Wall Mountthose speakers appropriate for the space real showplace.” TouchLink Touchpanel is designed to mount securely into a wall, lectern, orbeing used. other flat surface. Its ten backlit buttons Sources for the system include a Gerard Grivois is Systems Design Engineer for the provide expanded control capabilities so northeastern U.S. at Extron Electronics. He provides systembuilt-in PC, two laptop inputs, a DVD/VCR that critical functions are easily accessible. design support and technical troubleshooting services tocombo, and four Shure SLX wireless system integrators before and after the sale.microphones. The laptops connect to anExtron SW2 VGA DA2 A active switcher anddistribution amplifier, which sends a videosignal directly to the NEC NP3250W LCD PC Laptop Laptop DVD/VCR Comboprojector and audio to one of the DMP 64s Extronfor audio processing. IR Emitter S-Video C-Video Audio RGB Audio RGB With all of the hard surfaces of the S-VIDEO VIDEO Audio Audiocement floors, windows, and steel ceiling, AUDIO IN L R Audio COMPUTER IN COMPUTER IN Extender WPB 101 WPB 101 ASA 111 AUDIO INacoustics in the space could have been a RGB EXTENDER AAP Extender D ASA 121 RGBnightmare. To address potential slapback RGB S-Video RGBechoes from the concrete slab directly RS-232 C-Videobelow the speakers, a large part of the floor EXT SWITCH INPUT OUTPUTS SW2 VGA DA2 A 12V AS/REMOTEwas carpeted. Minimizing reflections and 0.5A MAX 1 A (LOCAL MONITOR) B 1 2 A Stheir negative effect on speech intelligibility SW2 VGA DA2 A Projector IR Relay ASA 131 Relay Room Dividing Curtainrequires using speakers with superior IPL 250flat frequency response and controlled COM1 TX RX RTS CTS COM 2 TX RX 1 IR 2 RELAY 1 2 S G S G POWERdispersion – which is one of the reasons LAN 12V 500mA INPUT COM 3 IR RELAY MAX 1 2 3 4 TX RX 3 4 3 4 TLP 700MV S G S Gwhy CTI’s Martin chose the Extron SI Series Shade Control LIGHTS VIDEO ON MUTE Ethernet Relayspeakers. The SI 26CT speakers feature a LIGHTS AUDIO OFF MUTE SCREEN MIC UP MUTE SCREEN AUTO DOWN IMAGE HELP FREEZE Ethernetcoaxially mounted 6.5-inch woofer and one- Extron Networkinch pivoting dome tweeter, which allows Switchit to be aimed away from highly reflective Line Record In Out Microphonessurfaces, like the AIA room’s large windows. Ethernet Ethernet Audio Audio All electronics are installed in a Middle 1 2 3 MIC/LINE INPUTS 1 2 I/O RS-232(1) DMP 64 1 2 3 MIC/LINE INPUTS 1 2 I/O RS-232(1) DMP 64 O OAtlantic SRSR Series rotating slide-out U Tx Rx U Tx Rx MIC T 1 2 3 LAN MIC T 1 2 3 LAN POWER + 48 V P 4 5 6 POWER + 48 V P 4 5 6 4 5 6 U 3 4 RS-232(2) RESET 4 5 6 U 3 4 RS-232(2) RESET 1 2 3 1 2 3 T T 4 5 6 S 4 5 6 S 12V Tx Rx 12V Tx Rxrack, located in an AV closet behind the 1.5A MAX 1.5A MAX DMP 64 DMP 64screen at the front of the room. The space Zone 1 Zone 2is small with limited ventilation; the closet 100-240V 1.3A, 50-60Hz C LISTED 17TT AUDIO/VIDEO US APPARATUS CLASS 2 WIRING XPA 2001-70V 100-240V 1.3A, 50-60Hz C LISTED 17TT AUDIO/VIDEO US APPARATUS CLASS 2 WIRING XPA 2001-70V LEVEL HPF INPUTS REMOTE OUTPUT LEVEL HPF INPUTS REMOTE OUTPUT 10V 50 mA 70 V 10V 50 mA 70 Vmeasures only about two feet wide. With 80 Hz 80 Hz LIMITER/ VOL/MUTE LIMITER/ VOL/MUTE L(MONO) R L(MONO) R PROTECT PROTECT SIGNAL SIGNAL 0 OFF 0 OFF STANDBY STANDBYsuch space constraints, the Extron XPA XPA 2001-70V XPA 2001-70Vamplifiers proved to be a literal perfect fit. SI 26CT SI 26CT (5 places) (10 places)Each amplifier occupies only one rack space,and is only one-half rack width across. And, Case Study 19