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Atelier P2 0

  1. 1. a tool to facilite Technocenter’s team to design and deliver the NExT experience to our customersFT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  2. 2. atelier P | innovation process and show room : 1 3 examples to benchmark usle Panasonic Center : Tokyo Open to public, The first floor invites the visitor to discover a showcase about ubiquitous digital network. Splitted into 3 parts, It drives the visitor from today room, introducing new products and core technologies to prospective future room with awesome demos of concept like Digital wall or intelligent table passing by the tomorrow room , which give a vision of the near future (home network infrastructure, home security,etc) The second floor gives an environmental showcase and explains in action the six basic design factors applied in the Matsushita Group. To complete these showcases, Panasonic proposes to discover the Eco&Ud House, that bring their vision of a future living to a real-life house located just beside the Panasonic complex. Definitively a must for people interested in innovation. The Panasonic center concretizes all the work done by this company in the field of R&D and innovation. They are at the leading edge of innovation and they want people to know it.l’échangeur : Paris - European centre for innovative customers relations Starting from a platform of technical demos dedicated to one French distribution network ( groupe Galeries Lafayette ), L’echangeur has open its doors to partners and customers to become a place to discover, discuss and exchange about new technologies and their roles and impact in the field of distribution and customer relations. Located right in the center of Paris, it provides 1600 m 2 and 6 thematics platforms.L’ECHANGEUR is now a business based on 3 kind of services : personnalised seminars featuring demos, room rental to organize events, consulting services in the field of technology watch.KDDI : Toyko Harajuku Located in the Harajuku area, highly frequented by the young people, This 5 floors building gives to KDDI a good opportunity to get in touch with their target Number one : the young people fond of music and entertainment. It is really oriented as a show room and promote the KDDI products. A small place is given to innovation and demos, but it is not very significant. KDDI preferred attract young people by using the first floor as a musical studio able to welcome live performance of news musicians and the fifth floor as a 360° wired café, perfect location for taking a break from the bustle of this very animated neighboorhood. FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  3. 3. atelier P | find the balance 2introductionAs the previous examples illustrates it, Show-room are basically places to demonstrate company’s products…As like, they are generally clean and tidy place. Whose access is restricted and content hard to update.In the same time, companies who wants to involve in an innovation process needs to find spaces to help themall along this process. As innovation is a social art and happens when people interact with one another, These spacesmust be open, focused on user experience and exchange between the company’s employees. • show room • innovation • restricted acces • workshop • heavy updating • sharing space process • open flexibility • disturbed spaceFT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  4. 4. atelier P | from ideas to product 3 A space like Atelier P can play a part at each step of the innovation process that leads from ideas and concepts to new products to be launched on the market. blue sky anticipation an market c ipi t a ti competition review na o nd p techno review and assesment ropec commercial launch new devices e m e nt and services ti v e su r v e y s evaluation ve lo p prospective collection show vision tour t de creativity group rk e concept nursery ma nd ide la demos technical experimentation F.U.T c ia as AT erand prototyping an m dc T M concept testing m usability testing co on ce design by practice focus group P pt R de ve technical test 3P project review O lo pm innovation selection n t C prototype’s assesment in situ en me E S t board - go no go lo p S e ve du ct d usability ess pro demos set-up industrial proc S S testing O C E P R T T M FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  5. 5. atelier P | three axis to embody the technocentre 4reasons for living and 3 P way of workingmore than a simple showroom, a space focused on innovation and design processof new products and experience for our customers. Atelier P aim to become a tool at the serviceof the technocentre teams to deliver the New EXperience of Telecommunications. • Prospective : anticipate the future and include this dimension into our daily occupation. • Looking for Perspective between vision and trends and necessity to deliver products and services in a short term issues. • Design by Practice, positionning our prototypes and products in their usual context in order to deeply understand, uses, position, relation with others appliances or devices, social context and by the way, succeeding to design straighforward and refreshing product.FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  6. 6. atelier P | three clusters of functionnalities 5 gathered in a same place1 2 3producing / prototyping / tuning / testing context positionning / demonstrating / Sharing point of view / imagineering / using / evaluating creating / discussingThe lab is here to provide technical people with a placewhere they can work on building and setting-up demos.. As location is one of the basic rules of good design The meeting room is definitevely the best place to process, The home section brings us the ability to apply organise all the differents kinds of current meeting the design by practice principle. Thus, we can evaluate encountered in innovation and design process : from hollistically our prototypes, services or products in their real creativity groups to F.U.T kick-off passing by focus group situation of use. It’s also a good place to introduce and to do concept testing. make demos of our new products. FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  7. 7. atelier P | a whole range of services to 3P 6 projects playerscompetition review 1 Here is an overview of the main kinds of services you can find at atelier P 3P project review 11How ? technocenter’s employees can How ?discover differents product and services blue sky anticipation In order to communicate about youravailable to use through the atelier P project towards Technocenterdedicated service. Then, they can book 1 Employees, you can book atelier Pa slot of time to test these equip- atelier P meeting room to present your project orments… People can make suggestions its get new products. For special If you wish to illustrate your presentationoccasions, we can also organise with demo, check with atelier Pcompetition tour on some manager technical details before commercial launch installing your demos. 2prospective / or thematic tour 2 11 technical test 10How ? 2 or 3 times a year, atelier P will How ?propose through the intranet to register Some test beds could be temporarilyto special event. Based on users trip ( 2 months max ) used by 3P projects forfocused on specific topics, these technical test. Then a temporarilyprospective tousr will provide the access should be given to people intechnocenter teams with ideas and 10 charge to these tests.insights regarding the differents topics 3 Atelier P test beds are equiped withwe are involved in. basics configuration. If not convenient for their needs, 3 P… 9new devices and services evaluation 3 collection collection 9How ? Atelier P will regurlaly get new How ? show Following each presentation ot the lastproducts or devices to reflect themarket trends. Each of these acquisi- 4 concept nursery prototype 8 collection, atelier P will host most of thetion will be tested and evaluated. content of this collection.The results will be published on the On collective demand, brief presentationatelier P dedicated website. of these collection could be made with 7On some specific matters, we might the help of 3 P project concerned.evaluate products on demand. 5 6creativity group 4 concept testing 5 demos set-up and prototyping 6 usability testing 7 F.U.T kick-off and hosting 8How ? Booking the atelier P room to How ? Booking the atelier P to How ? Some test bed could be How ? The apartment could welcome How ?organise creativity groups in an open organise concept testing focus group. If temporarily (2 months max) used by 3P usability test of devices, services and In collaboration with Customers Trialsand non formal space could be very available you can install * your proof of projects to prototype and set-up their interfaces. These test could be driven by team, you can organise kick-off meetingefficient to install a creative spirit. concept into the proper context of use demos. Then a temporarily access R&D C.T.C or user research in market for a Friendly User Test of your product. to help people have a better understan- should be given to people in charge of research. Regarding the nature of the product,Atelier P room can welcome groups of ding of your concept. technique. Atelier P test beds are atelier P could host the service to be12 persons maximum. Reservations * check with atelier P manager equiped with basics configuration. If not tested.can be made through our website. technical details before installing your convenient for their needs, 3 P projects demos. must provide the material they need and are responsible for installation. FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  8. 8. atelier P | la collection 7three times a year, an appointementwith the market a process leadby the Technocentre to faster our abilitiesto launch on a regulary basis.New and innovative products.FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  9. 9. atelier P | la collection, how it works? 8 « After show » migrate collection to BUs, Innovation gardens… 1 week to welcome press after? ( 300 to 400 people )Pipeline of 3 / 6 / 9 months External event presentation to press, products & services financial and industry analysts, shareholders, large accounts customers, industrial partners… collection show Propose shortlist n for GMC validation final selection Rehearsal, coach training o -> final selection and collection preview for NSM staff i t a s i n a g e o r v e n t Set up and organisation of usages demos for selected products FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  10. 10. atelier P | la collection, after? 9collection show adaption, migration after( Bassano ) de la collection communication interne Technocentre la collection • intranet • écrans TVune semaine de présentation :• journalistes• analystes• actionnaires• conseil d’administration communication corporate• partenaires technocentre -> groupe FT• grands comptes•…( 300 personnes ) communication externe • agences • Jardins de l’innovation • boutique Madeleine FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  11. 11. atelier P | a whole range of services to 3P 10 projects playerstop managment visite presseparcours type de présentations visite guidée pour les journalistesdes démos ou de la collection. reponsable encadrement :reponsable encadrement : Anthony FilbenClaude Chimier tournage vidéo tournage vidéo - interviews dans l’atelier P. reponsable encadrement : Sylvain Hudelot FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  12. 12. atelier P | user’s guide 11 lobby 3 the laboratory the meeting room 2 1 tableau électrique 2 2 lecteur de badge children’bedroom cook hall mezzanine 3 armoire de brassage 1 l’appart’ parents’bedroom office living terrace• Access to atelier P is restricted to. The current manager is Patrick Audinet. He is part of Kumquat Team ( Group• But every employee can benefit from these facilities, to access it, You can book anticipation Marketing ). the space from this temporary website : To reach him : patrick.audinet@orange-ftgroup.com • Office : 01 55 48 77 33enter « show » as ID and « room » as password • Mobile : 06 07 59 68 76A specific website will be built soon to give all the information you need aboutAtelier P, its program and the conditions of use. We thank you not to move or change any installations without permission of Patrick Audinet.When booking a space, please give your reason and what you want to do, if you needa specific installation or technical configuration, please e-mail the Atelier P manager For safety reason, can welcome up to 20 persons max in this area.specifying your request and needs. External visitors can access it under the usuals restrictions. They need to be accompanied and can’t take any pictures or movie without the autorisation of the communication department. Atelier P process 3 areas. The laboratory, L’appart’ and the meeting room.FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  13. 13. atelier P | the laboratory 12 produce, prototype, tune and test 1 stratified banq 2 24 groupes de 4 prises courant - 4 prises réseaux - fibre 2 3 restricted access control 1 2 3 Dedicated to technical work, The laboratory access is even more restricted. If you need it, you can ask Atelier P manager gets access. Due to their activities closely linked to technical field and prototyping works, some teams have a permanent access to the Lab : • • Handset and devicespermanent access • Customer trial • Homezone • Kumquat • temporary access • free zone (drop zone) These teams will have to appoint 2 or 3 persons to benefit from this permanent access. Then each team will be assigned to a place on the test bed ( 3 groups of sockets ) and could install its own material at its assigned place. Besides this permanent system, some places are left to give temporary access to any 3 P project need it, to set up a demo for example. Temporary access will no last more than 2 months. These places will be installed with some pieces of equipment under the responsability of Atelier P manager. If those materials do not meet the specific needs, then The 3 P project will need to provide its material. FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  14. 14. atelier P | l’appart’ 13 position the context, demonstrate, use, evaluate lobby the meeting room the laboratory children’bedroom l’appart’ hall mezzanine 1 cook 3 2 1 children’ bedroom : simple bed, commode, bedsid lamp, Hi-Fi connected, Live Zoom 2 cook room : refregirator, table, stool, Nespresso, Liveradio 3 hall : cupboard, lamp, Livebox, Livesofa,parents’bedroom 7 4 parent’ bedroom : double bed, cupboard, night table, bedside lamp, TV, Set top box, cadre photo, office 5 5 office room : table, office armchair, lamp, PC TTHD, Nabaztag, 4 living 6 terrace : long chair, 6 terrace 7 living room : settee, armchair, coffee table, carpet, TV Hi-Fi furniture, TV upvp, media center Acer, Xbox 360, Set top box, telephone HD, camera Livezoom, Maligne TV, lampe DAL, Wii, playstationII, street FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  15. 15. atelier P | l’appart’ 14 démos présentées dans ce lieu Livebox orchestra une évolution de la LiveboxHi Fi connecté chaine Hi-Fi connecté au réseau children’bedroom hall Livesofa de la maison cook le porte clé numériquecaméra Livezoom caméra Wi-Fi TV upvp télévision haute définitionLiveradio poste de radio parents’bedroom Media center connecté Wi-Fi programmations office des contenus numériques living téléphone HD téléphone fixe avec terrace un son de trés haute qualité caméra Livezoom Caméra Wi-Fi TV - Set top box PC TTHD PC connecté en Xbox 360 haut débit console de jeux Windows Vista avec grand écran cadre photo Nabaztag cadre photo lapin Wi-Fi Maligne TV numérique communicant TV HD avec connecté bouquet TPS en haut débit lampe DAL lampe Wi-Fi dambiance donnant la météo FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  16. 16. atelier P | the meeting room 15 sharing point of view/imagineering/creating/discussing greeting 1 the laboratorythe meetingroom children’bedroom hall mezzanine cook k 1 the meeting room : meeting table, ten chairs, commode, potence lamp, TVHD, TV 3D. l’appart’ A venir : • meube pour la TV 3D en réalisationparents’bedroom • tableau noir • paper board • vitre sans teint office living g terrace street FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  17. 17. atelier P | site web 16 A VENIRFT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  18. 18. atelier P | visual identity 17Notre proposition sur le nommage du lieu est « atelier P ».Atelier, car c’est depuis le départ un endroit où l’on travaille, où l’on élabore des concept et des produits.Le « P » permet la fédération des différents mots-clés qui peuvent concrétiser l’atelier. Tag cloud; les mots-clés commencent tous par P, ils restent dans le périmètre du technocentre et de la culture 3P. Ils apparaissent en gris pour ne pas entrer en lutte avec le reste de l’image. le logo. Il apparait derrière le rideau en écrétage pour renforcer le coté mise en scène du showroom. Un effet d’ombre portée permet de donner une profondeur dans la scène afin d’évoquer l’idée de mise en perspective en court-terme et long-terme. la signature est corporate Orange / FT.marquage sur la porte d’entrée système d’identité visuelle sur les cloisons mobiles.FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  19. 19. atelier P | signalétique intérieure 18 Sur chaqune des cloisons mobiles qui définissent les espaces, on peut accrocher une planche explicative. Cette signalétique permet de montrer les usages présentés dans la pièce. 200213 porte document plexi transparent 3 mm document imprimable en format A3 FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007
  20. 20. atelier P | système d’identité visuelle 19 le label La création de ce label permet d’évaluer d’un seul coup d’œil le niveau d’une démo. Lorsqu’on montre un produit ( même un concurrent ), ce label permet de le jauger. les labels dans leurs différents états • état prospectif • état d’un projet labélisation naissant titre du produit le livesofa un accessoire pour la Livebox qui permet de connecter vos gadgets numériques • état prospectif • état d’un projet en mode 3P jpegjpeg salon • état d’un produit scénarisation, inscrit dans les argumentation collections Fonction lecteur de carte à mémoire En rentrant du travail, Pierre Bertau a vu des scènes cocasses dans le métro qu’il a imortalisé avec son camphone. Il introduit la carte (SD card) dans le LiveSofa, ainsi il pourra les visualiser sur la TV du salon ou bien il pourra les enregistrer dans son PC. • état d’un produit lampe USB purement prise USB potence d’accrochage prospectif de trousseau de clefs iPodexplication schématique ou photo, plans… Craddle pour iPod Clé USB rechargement et diffusion etc… lecteur de carte 240 mémoire 200 FT • NExT • Groupe Anticipation Marketing • Kumquat • mars 2007