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Interior Design

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  1. 1. Ashley Kowalski Interior Design Syracuse University
  2. 2. miscellaneous residential hospitality healthcare commercial retail education
  3. 3. Edward Smith Elementary Collaborative Project Syracuse, NY Edward Smith Elementary is a Syracuse city school As a member of a group of five my main concentration was seeking design ideas for a much needed renovation. the addition of a central community space and the incorpo- Group Members The school once housed students from kindergarten ration of sustainable systems. The community space includ- Courtney Drake through sixth grade. Now the facilities has taken on ed the research and ideation for the atrium, auditorium and Sarah Boynton two additional grades within their already limited library. Each step in the design process was assessed by the Hans Spicer amount of space. entire group to create a cohesive design for the school. Elizabeth Gorn communal Areas atrium administrative Areas k-2 Classrooms 3-4 Classrooms 5-6 Classrooms first floor second floor 7-8 Classrooms basement
  4. 4. exterior views the atrium
  5. 5. main entrance cafeteria education. nature. community. media center first floor media center second floor
  6. 6. k-2 classrooms: spring 5-6 classrooms: fall 3-4 classrooms: summer 7-8 classrooms: winter
  7. 7. E.S. Bird Library Commons Syracuse University Syracuse University’s main library sought the advice of Interior Syracuse, NY Design students to renovate the existing first and second floors. The main goal was to create a library commons with the lat- first floor est technology and design in order to fulfill today’s students’ needs. touchdown spaces second floor main entrance
  8. 8. second floor librarian help center first floor main lobby proposed lounge area
  9. 9. Tag Retail Store Concept Syracuse University’s VPA college was looking for a way to showcase current Visual and Performing Arts students, faculty and alumni works as well as provide a space to sell the prod- Syracuse University ucts. The stores location is downtown Syracuse in the same Warehouse as most of the design students. This conceptual project attempts to form connections within the student body as well as with the residents of Syracuse.
  10. 10. shelving unit chain link fence display newspaper dispenser cash wrap display unit
  11. 11. Fair Trade Retail Store Prototype Design The Fair Trade Federation ensures that the workers in- ideation volved in every part of the production of each prod- uct are treated and paid fairly. The Federation also helps impoverished areas by supporting local work- ers. These products range from hand carved statues to coffee beans, therefore each Fair Trade Store must be flexible to the many products sold. research
  12. 12. cash wrap: Located in the center of the store to allow for effi- cient service from the initial walk in to cashing out. gallery display: One permanent “hub” for electricity. All smaller displays plug into to central “hub” at night to charge each battery for the day. wall system: storage blocks: The permanent vertical peg system These 5’x5’ and 3’x5’ units are used to provide a allows for various shelving and fabric to strong support for displays and hidden storage. be arranged throughout the space.
  13. 13. cash wrap street front view gallery display units
  14. 14. clothing retail area featured product display
  15. 15. Bios Group Corporate Office Office Furniture Systems Collaborative project Group Members Bios Group is an information technology service company. Danylle Kern The plan houses everything from administrative offices to Jerri Li hoteling for traveling employees. Our concept was to create connections within the office modeled after a computer system. Using Steelcase systems furniture as the hardware and different lighting aspects to show the movement of people and their ideas (data). data connections shown within clear raised flooring
  16. 16. reception area As a group member I came up with various space plans that were then finalized with every members input. I also concentrated on the reception area creating elevations and renderings. sketch up model preliminaries
  17. 17. General Work Area Montage Touchdown Station Pathways Collaborative Workspaces War Room
  18. 18. Pathways Post and Beam Galley/ Break Room Versatility Context Childcare Center Open Office Plan
  19. 19. Google Corporate Offices Fortune 500 Fortune 500 companies are identified by their logo. When designing the cor- porate offices for Google branding the space was an important aspect. The office plan combines the functionality of a traditional office and the playful environment Google strives to provide its employees.
  20. 20. conference room private office reception/waiting Room walkstation saarinen executive equity private office life A3 systems furniture A3 arrangement A3 pedestal by steelcase conference chair by knoll by knoll by knoll by knoll by knoll
  21. 21. St. Mary of Nazareth Medical Center Rehabilitation Wing Renovation Chicago, IL The medical center was built in the 1970s and has not been renovated since, therefore the entire wing needed to be made ADA acces- sible. Most rooms had to be made into singles to adequately serve the patient. Also every bathroom pod had to be changed to only hold one. Along with the structural changes the furnishings and materials were updated to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the patients. The wing was transformed into a ‘home away from home.’ common living area
  22. 22. single room view infusions lay-in panels 1.opus casegoods clear arbor 2.orchid recliner 3.slumber daybed 4.cura patient chair 5.opus overbed table linoleum flooring paint marmorette with naturcote sherwin williams caspian blue & mushroom nurture green & sand dollar double room view
  23. 23. Visitors’ Center Cafe and Suites Syracuse, NY The Visitors’ Center brings together the business people of Syracuse and the traveler’s passing through. Located on Onondaga Lake, the first floor of the center holds offices, conference rooms, and a cafeteria. The second floor plan has six double family suites. floor plan reflected ceiling plan cafeteria
  24. 24. kitchen view suite floor plan living room view
  25. 25. Adirondack Retreat Weekend Home This weekend home embraces the views of the Adirondack Mountains through its large picture windows and its placement within the side of a large hill. The plan is left open to cre- ate a common area for socializing. rendered floor plan model views
  26. 26. common area view bedroom view
  27. 27. Wind power Exhibition Space Sustainable Conference Expo-Deck Components The wind power exhibit uses Expo-deck components to form a educational and interactive booth. The visitor can see hands on the amount of energy generated by the wind turbine’s blades while participating in a friendly running competition.
  28. 28. The concept evolved from the process of finishing a puzzle. Each piece mea- sured to be placed in a particular layer around the central fluorescent lamp. The central cylinder is layers of plexi and styrene with the surrounding structure made of various wood. Lighting Design Concept and Construction
  29. 29. Florence Summer Session Lighting of the Piazza, 2008 A six week course that involved the obser- vation and documentation of natural and artificial lighting throughout Italy. The course included site visits to Venice and Rome.
  30. 30. Studio Artwork Figure Drawing and Painting