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Enmat v2.1 presentation Envantage ltd Jan 2014


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ENMAT (Energy Monitoring & Targeting) is a web based Energy Monitoring and Targeting system. It presents energy management data in a way that is relevant, meaningful and useful to users.

The purpose of Monitoring and Targeting is to relate your energy consumption data to the appropriate energy drivers, such as weather and production, so that you get a better understanding of how energy is being used. In particular, it will identify if there are signs of avoidable waste or other opportunities to reduce consumption.

Envantage offer a Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) service to enable organisations to save energy and cut costs. The use of this platform means that we can deliver a bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

Aimed at industrial/commercial SMEs and multi-site retailers, the Envantage ENMAT service utilises the latest software technologies to obtain a full picture of customer energy usage across single or multiple sites.

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Enmat v2.1 presentation Envantage ltd Jan 2014

  1. 1. Introducing
  2. 2. About Envantage • Envantage helps organisations to manage their carbon reduction more efficiently • We operate across all sectors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe • Envantage , based in Didsbury Manchester, was incorporated in April 2004 by experienced energy professionals Copyright Envantage Ltd
  3. 3. Envantage ENMAT accreditations and associated bodies Copyright Envantage Ltd
  4. 4. The Energy Institute (EI) is the professional body for the energy industry delivering good practice and professionalism across the depth and breadth of the sector. See: Copyright Envantage Ltd
  5. 5. The Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) is the UK’s leading energy management industry association. See: Copyright Envantage Ltd
  6. 6. The Carbon Trust is a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy through carbon reduction. See: Copyright Envantage Ltd
  7. 7. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. See: Copyright Envantage Ltd
  8. 8. Envantage Services • Energy Procurement – Fixed Energy Pricing, Flexible Energy Pricing and Invoice Verification • Carbon Management – Carbon Reduction Commitment, Climate Change Levy Agreement • Energy Management – Energy Surveys, Energy Monitoring and Targeting (ENMAT), Energy Awareness Training Copyright Envantage Ltd
  9. 9. Why Choose ENMAT? • Our partners work in the same industry as us, so you can say we are very familiar with the services our Partners offer • Our primary business focus is Energy and Carbon Management Consultancy • We work with a number of bodies/organisations • Many Energy Management solutions have been developed by software companies, not Energy/Carbon Management Consultancies that understand the industry. Copyright Envantage Ltd
  10. 10. Copyright Envantage Ltd
  11. 11. What is Energy Monitoring and Targeting? • Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) • An energy efficiency technique • You cannot manage what you cannot measure • Provides energy managers with feedback on operating practices • Gives early warning of unexpected excess consumption Copyright Envantage Ltd
  12. 12. The goal is to help business managers: • Identify and explain excessive energy use • Detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly lower • Draw energy consumption trends • Determine future energy use • Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy • Observe how the business reacted to changes in the past • Develop performance targets • Manage their energy consumption • The ultimate goal is to reduce energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management control Copyright Envantage Ltd
  13. 13. Benefits of M&T • Energy cost savings: generally 5% of the original energy expenses according to the Carbon Trust • Reduction in GHG emissions: lower energy consumption helps reduce emissions • Financing: measured energy reductions help obtain grants for energy efficiency projects • Improved product and service costing: • Improved budgeting • Waste avoidance Copyright Envantage Ltd
  14. 14. Cloud computing means there is no need for customers to invest heavily with on-premise hardware or worry about backups. COST EFFICIENT, CARBON FRIENDLY, SECURE Copyright Envantage Ltd
  15. 15. Dashboard Designs View your energy data in many easy to view designs Copyright Envantage Ltd
  16. 16. Intelligent charts provide you with target setting, so you can compare data on a previous time, such as last year. Then set the targets you wish to achieve Energy Target Setting 10% + Copyright Envantage Ltd 0-9% 0% and Under
  17. 17. ENMAT calculates your energy usage into carbon emissions and displays this information into easy to view graphical interfaces to suit your needs Carbon Emissions Copyright Envantage Ltd
  18. 18. ENMAT Costing Charts allow you to compare energy spends against last year and averages Cost Analysis Copyright Envantage Ltd
  19. 19. Reports can be generated in kWh, kW, kVAr, and kVA, allowing reporting on Consumption, Peak Demand, Maximum Demand and Power Factor Copyright Envantage Ltd
  20. 20. Compare energy usage against unit of production Production per kWh Copyright Envantage Ltd
  21. 21. ENMAT uses HDD (Heating Degree Days) and displays this information with kWh data in easy to understand charts Degree Days Copyright Envantage Ltd
  22. 22. Customise your own dashboard views allowing you to choose which charts to view on one page Customise your own dashboard Copyright Envantage Ltd
  23. 23. Summarise your consumption and Carbon Emission data into easy to understand pie chart interfaces Copyright Envantage Ltd
  24. 24. Support for many devices ENMAT supports a wide range of devices including MAC, PC, IOS Android Smartphones and Tablets Copyright Envantage Ltd
  25. 25. Meter Reading Entry Service ENMAT Meter Reading Entry Software allows customers’ meter readings to be entered into the ENMAT Energy Management System. Copyright Envantage Ltd
  26. 26. Copyright Envantage Ltd
  27. 27. ENMAT Document Library Alongside this service users can add supporting documents such as energy bills, re-bills, and credit notes. Copyright Envantage Ltd
  28. 28. Understanding Sub Metering Why should I Submeter? • Increasing energy costs are frequently the largest variable expense for companies • Benefits include - Record actual energy usage (no estimation) - Analytical tool for allocating costs to tenants, departments - Analytical tool for energy management - Compliance with green building initiatives - Measurement & verification of energy conservation programs Copyright Envantage Ltd
  29. 29. ENMAT Premium Data Logger Supports 8 Pulse Inputs and 8 Analogue CT Inputs. 128 Modbus RTU and TCP/IP communications. Built in SMTP Email Server to send a daily report of 30 minute readings to ENMAT Cloud based software via a CSV file which is emailed once daily. Time Synchronisation with a built in battery which allows the data logger to synchronise via SNTP to a time server to keep it in sync. Copyright Envantage Ltd
  30. 30. ENMAT Sub Metering How it works Copyright Envantage Ltd
  31. 31. ENMAT Editions ENMAT Editions are tailored to your needs. If you’re looking to upgrade your edition, or simply wish to purchase a selection of dashboards then please contact us now to upgrade your account Copyright Envantage Ltd
  32. 32. Consumption Max Demand kW Peak Demand kVA Power Factor ENMAT Bronze is our entry level edition, providing a basic overview of energy usage Copyright Envantage Ltd
  33. 33. Billing Forecast Carbon Gauge Carbon Emissions Detailed kWh Consumption Max Demand kW Peak Demand kVA Power Factor ENMAT Silver is our next level up bronze, but you also benefit by having the bronze edition in your silver package Copyright Envantage Ltd
  34. 34. Hourly Comparison By Area Consumption by Time of Day Consumption Comparison Cost Site Summary Summary By Area Summary By Time Energy Consumption Chart Cost per M2 kWh per M2 Power Factor Detail Power Factor Gauge Production per kWh Site Usage Summary Site Usage Period Summary Degree Days Main Dashboard (Custom) ENMAT Gold Edition provides a huge range of dashboard interfaces to suit your needs. You also benefit from the silver and bronze editions Billing Forecast Carbon Gauge Carbon Emissions Detailed kWh Copyright Envantage Ltd Consumption Max Demand kW Peak Demand kVA Power Factor
  35. 35. Contact us today for more information Envantage Ltd 8 Grange Lane Didsbury Manchester M20 6RW Tel: +44(0) 161 448 7722 Fax: +44(0) 161 448 7722 Email: Web: