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Halloween 5 b


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Halloween 5 b

  2. 2. HALLOWEEN <ul>TRADITION: </ul>The history of Halloween goes back over 2,500 years ago when Celtic finished the year in late summer, the precise on 31 October in our calendar.
  3. 3. The cattle were brought from the pastures to the stables for the winter. That last day, it was assumed that the spirits could leave the cemetery and take over the bodies of the living to rise again. .
  4. 5. Held: On 31st. October people in Britain and the U.S.A. celebrate Halloween. It´s one of the funniest festivals.
  5. 6. Typical food:
  6. 7. pictures:
  7. 8. Halloween Song There's something strange happening in the neighborhood. The strangest things you've ever seen. They're all dressed up in their costumes and looking good. Trick-or-treat it's Halloween! (Halloween?) Halloween comes October thirty-one. It's a creepy crawly night. (What Night?) They're tricks and treats and fun for everyone. Trick-or-treat it's Halloween (Halloween?) I just love Halloween! SCREAM!
  8. 9. Costumes Fear is usually dress.
  9. 10. People usually decorates his house with monsters and cobweb .
  10. 11. Made by: : Ana Vega Rivas 5·B