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Newsletter with examples of resource conservation in food industry using instrumetnation

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Food Talkline Every Drop

  1. 1. talklinePromass S - reliable Managing Critical control of Endress+Hauser’ssolution for your wastewater and cheese vats local servicefood and beverage minimizing Page 6 technicians areproducts treatment fees in a dedicated toPage 2 & 3 yogurt plant keep your plant Page 4 running 24/7 Page 7Make every drop countHow to make the most of your raw materialsand reduce wasteIssue 12 • Volume 9
  2. 2. Introducing the new Promass S Coriolis mass flowmeters offer a reliable solution for many flow applications due to their excellent reproducibility and high accuracy. Now Endress+Hauser has added an exceptional and highly optimized sensor design to the innovative Promass family with the introduction of Promass S. • The most accurate single tube Coriolis meter ever made - not just flow but density as well • Reduced shear stress on your products • Requires no inlet or outlet straight run piping • Eases concerns of pressure loss with highly viscous fluids - excels in slurries, heavy solids, gels and pastes Promass S provides assurance that 3-A, EHEDG, and the intent of FDA guidelines are met. Promass S provides a polished surface finish throughout the entire measuring system, not just the process connection. The entire wetted surface area meets or exceeds Ra max. 0.8 um ensuring drainability and less energy used during cleaning. Ideal for: • Sheer sensitive products • Fruit mixes • Meat slurries • Chocolate Patented Torsion Mode Balance eliminates influence from Promass S external vibration with stainless steel housing
  3. 3. Profit or loss - managing production costs With many raw material costs increasing to all time highs in combination with rising energy costs and environmental pressures, food manufacturers must look closely at every drop or ounce used in the process. Coriolis mass flowmeters are often seen as an optional expense in the design of a new system or upgrade. However, with today’s advancement in performance and reductions in unit price, the Coriolis mass flowmeter has a better return on investment than ever. Even when used on relatively low cost raw materials, the returns can be significant. Examples: In a typical milk plant, mass balance is critical to account for yield and identify shrinkage. If we do the math for a medium size dairy with a daily capacity of 480,000 lbs/day, an improvement in the accuracy of the mass balance control from 0.% to 0.1% could save over $30,000 USD per year. (800 lbs/min x 60 min x 10 hour x 6 day operation at a milk cost of $0cwt [100 lbs]). This is achieved by simply using a Coriolis mass flowmeter with 0.1% accuracy vs. a magnetic flowmeter with 0.% accuracy. Another application is the accurate dosing of flavors, coloring and ingredients. Not only does the increased accuracy help the bottom line, product quality and repeatability is enhanced. The math is simple, the solution is simple - call Endress+Hauser for your next Coriolis mass flowmeter, ask for the new Best-in-Class 0.05% accuracy backed by guaranteed calibration, fully traceable to national standard ISO-1705. to youEndress+Hauser is a global supplier of process A network of skilled sales and serviceautomation solutions. The power of this personnel are located throughout the USglobal company is realized by its local support and Canada, ready to provide the supportto you. This support starts with excellent required. Regional sales and servicemanufacturing facilities located within the locations assure there is someone available,US. ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturing in your time zone, to support you.facilities and ISO 17025 certified calibrationcapability assure Endress+Hauser delivers highlyreliable measuring instruments to customersthroughout North and South America. 3
  4. 4. Case study: managing wastewater and minimizingtreatment feesOn-line BOD (Biochemical OxygenDemand) saves yogurt manufacturer moneyby eliminating effluent surcharges andidentifying sources of shrinkageA yogurt plant was faced with the challenge toprevent BOD shocks to a local municipal treatmentplant. The wash water and accidental releases fromthe yogurt plant are laden with organic matter suchas milk proteins, sugars, fats, fruit and flavoringagents all yielding high BOD. The high BODloading had caused major upsets at the treatmentplant resulting in large fines and surcharges tothe company. When the yogurt plant added a newproduction line it was concluded by the treatmentplant that the additional flow from the plant wouldbe acceptable but BOD shocks must be avoided. BIOX1010The plant’s existing BOD determination methodutilized a time profile of the plants effluent the changes in its dissolved oxygen requirements.established by collecting and assaying samples every Unlike the 5-day test, the BIOX1010 is a real time,two hours over a 4 hour period for several years. truly continuous BOD measurement, capable ofAdditional samples were collected as composites detecting changes in dissolved BOD in as little asand assayed providing the plant with a daily BOD 3 to 5 minutes. Additionally, unlike the 5 day test,value. Since the standard laboratory method the biomass is populated with organisms foundrequires five days1 to produce a BOD result, it was in the actual waste stream therefore emulatingimpossible to identify and inform the treatment the actual conditions of the treatment plant. Toplant of a high BOD excursion in time for them protect the biomass from pH shocks, and optionalto make an informed decision to divert the high bi-directional pH adjustment is available to keepstrength stream. the waste stream neutral. To remove particles larger than 500 um, a course particle sieve is incorporatedSeveral online monitoring technologies were into a unique, easy access fast by-pass loop isexplored to address the situation in real time. The available.following online technologies were considered;COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TOC (Total As a direct result of the real time informationOrganic Carbon), optical (UV54) and BOD. After available to the plant from the BIOX1010evaluation and weighing the pros and cons of each BOD monitor, the yogurt plant is now able totechnology and monitoring system, it was concluded provide early warning to the treatment plant ofthat the continuous BOD measurement provided unintentional high strength excursions. But theby the BIOX1010 was the best option. All of the greatest benefit to the yogurt plant is that they areabove mentioned technologies are available from now able to divert their high BOD flow to holdingEndress+Hauser. tanks and reintroduce the high BOD waste on a timed schedule. By keeping the plant in constantThe Endress+Hauser BIOX 1010 employ the same compliance with their NPDES permit limit hasmeasurement principle as the 5-day BOD test. allowed the plant to eliminate surcharges. A secondThe analyzer utilizes a live culture and measures benefit to the yogurt plant is because they can now constantly monitor their BOD, they have been able to identify and reduce the sources of accidental spills which significantly contribute to product shrinkage. 1.Biochemical oxygen demand 5210 B 5-day BOD test, Standard methods for examination of water and wastewater 17th Edition 1989.4
  5. 5. Reduce shrinkage and accidental spillsHydrostatic level measurement continues to Water-tight All of the instrument Modular concept Clear polycarbonate design survives info is laser-etched reduces your window - no dangerbe the most commonly used principle for level washdowns onto the housing inventory costs of glass chips in themeasurement in the food beverage industry. - easy to clean and always visible production areaHowever, it is important to understand thecapabilities and limitations. Hydrostatic levelsensors work on the principle of measuringthe pressure exerted by the column of liquidabove the sensor membrane, usually expressedin inches of water column (pressure = height xdensity). Many times the influence of densityis forgotten leading to measurement errors oroverspill situations. Temperature fluctuations notonly cause density variations but can also result Large viewingin zero point error of the level transmitter, which area offers you optimumis often seen after CIP when the sensor is heated observation of processup. For smaller balance tanks the temperature parameterseffects on the sensor can be very visible and leadto overspills or cause air to be sucked into the Material andsystem if the transmitter is not capable of quickly design lendcompensating for rapid temperature swings. In themselves to easy cleaninglarge tanks and silos the temperature effect afterCIP usually prevents the use of the silo until the Easy-to-use on-sitesensor has cooled down and shows empty tank. operation saves timeIf the transmitter zero point is adjusted whilehot, it will likely show empty tank while thereis still product in the tank, causing unnecessaryproduct loss. Many hydrostatic level sensors arealso damaged during manual cleaning of tanksor due to mishandling during calibration; thethin membrane is easily deformed or pierced.The solutionInstalling other technologies such as load cells,capacitance, radar or other principles maybe an option but usually this involves major Reduce lifecycle costs withchanges to the tank. An easier way is to usethe Endress+Hauser Deltapilot S FMB70, Deltapilot S FMB70which has been developed specifically for these • Watertight CONTITE™ measuring cell withstands harshapplications. Utilizing a specially developed wash down environmentssensor with advanced temperature compensation • 316L stainless steel transmitter housing with dualand extra thick membrane the FMB70 is chambers rated NEMA 6Psuitable for balance tanks with measuring • Alloy C 76 measuring membranespan down to 4”HO and ranges up to 150 • High accuracy; 0.1% of spanpsi for large silos and pressure applications. • Reduced calibration frequency - long term stabilityThe FMB70 is available with all common +/-0.05% per yearprocess connections including Tri-Clamp® • Effective compensation of temperature effectsand Anderson style flush weld connections. 5
  6. 6. Critical control of cheese vatsEndress+Hauser temperature assembliesensure temperature control of cheese vatswith highest accuracy and redundancy.The temperature measurement in a cheesevat is considered a critical control point.The curd is heated and cooled repeatedlyduring the cheese making process and thecheese quality and yield is highly dependent TMT 162on accurate and reliable temperaturemeasurement. Traditionally, single RTDsare used with little attention to accuracy The Endress+Hauser TMT16 transmitter comesor back-up. For a minimal investment the standard with these functions and free software ismeasurement can be upgraded to a dual provided allowing you to program the CallendarRTD system with sensor matching for van Dusen coefficients for the sensor matching.optimal accuracy and continuous monitoring A complete system consists of the TH 15 orof sensor drift with alarm. The system is TH 13 dual RTD sensor and the TMT 16configured to automatically switch over transmitter mounted directly to the sensorto the back-up sensor in event of failure or remotely. Sensor failure or drift alarm is– maintaining batch quality. clearly displayed on the backlit display andThe sensor matching can increase the TH 13 is transmitted via the 4 to 0mA HART®accuracy up to 4 times, for example an output signal. The optional power supplyunmatched assembly can have an accuracy RN1N also serve as an alarm unit, convertingof +/- 0.44°F vs. +/- 0.11°F for a the HART alarm signal into a contactmatched system. RN221N output for additional operator visibility.Solution for FDA proposed rule - MIG replacement“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has MIGs to alternative TIDs. Although these TIDs remain out-of-complianceissued a proposed rule which, if finalized, would until the proposal is finalized, FDA will consider, on a case-by-case basis,benefit both consumers and the food industry exercising its enforcement discretion if the new devices are used in a mannerby enabling manufacturers of heat-processed consistent with the proposed rule. Processors who choose this optionlow-acid canned foods to modernize their must comply with any revised requirements when the final rule becomesequipment by using alternative temperature- effective.”1indicating devices (TIDs). Under the proposal,these devices, which are the state-of-the-art Endress+Hauser temperature assemblies provide the solution toequipment for measuring and recording follow the intent of the FDA’s proposed rule.temperatures, may be used instead of, or in A complete system consists of the TH 15 or TH 13 dual RTD sensor and theaddition to, conventional mercury-in-glass TMT 16 transmitter. Sensor failure or drift alarm is clearly displayed on thethermometers (MIGs). backlit display and is transmitted via the 4 to 0mA HART output signal. The power supply RN1N serve as an alarm unit, converting the Hart alarmThe agency will allow low-acid canned food signal into a contact output. The system can be configured to automaticallymanufacturers who follow the proposed rule to switch over to the back-up sensor in event of failure – maintaining batchchange immediately from the currently required quality. The sensor matching increase the accuracy up to 4 times, for example an unmatched assembly can have an accuracy of +/- 0.44°F vs. +/- 0.11°F for a matched system. Batch records are easily recorded and maintained with the Memograph M information manager. Designed for use in accordance with 1CFR part 11 the Memograph M is easily configured for up to 20 individual channels. Information collected is securely retrieved directly on the unit or via Ethernet connection. 1. Excerpt from FDA news release P07-43, March 13, 007 6 Memograph M
  7. 7. Service from Endress+HauserEndress+Hauser’s Service department is dedicated to keeping your plant working efficiently seven days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day. Technicians are located throughout the country to provide various levels of supportfor you and your instruments.Start-up serviceDelays and production losses can far exceed the costs ofplanned start-up! A high percentage of instrument problemscan be traced to start-up by unqualified personnel. Thesecan be prevented by scheduling a trained Endress+Hauser Maintenance / Verificationservice technician to be on-site during start-up. In many processes, the function of flowmeters must be periodically checked and tested due to internal or legalBasic factory warranty is extended from 1 to 3 years when requirements. Fieldcheck™ is a test and simulationstart-up is purchased on your instrumentation order. Ask for device that permits regular on-site checking of yourstart-up to be quoted with your new instruments. installed flowmeters without the need of removal process interruption.Preventative Maintenance AgreementsPlanned maintenance lowers costsTo ensure optimum performance and help extend the lifeof your instruments, our skilled service engineers performperiodic checks (including any necessary adjustments), andissue a report confirming the instrument’s performance.Additionally, we provide specific recommendations formaintenance of the equipment under the FieldCheck (traceable test result) 7 7
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