Food Talkline Cip And Inventory


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Newsletter with ideas how to improve CIP and inventory control in food industry

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Food Talkline Cip And Inventory

  1. 1. talkline Contains 100% pure safety and reliability.Stay ahead in a competitive food and beverage marketPage 2 Save money with simple CIP enhancementsPage 3 Rising commodity costs drive the need for better supply chain managementPage 4 Case study: poultry producer avoids surcharge and saves on chemical treatmentPage 5 Combined strengths: deliver real customer value through integrated architecturePage 6 How proper calibration positively impacts profitIssue 15 • Volume 9
  2. 2. CIP enhancements reduce costsSteps to plant cost reductions by simple enhancementsto CIP systemMany food processors still operate Examples of the primary measurements and CLS54Clean in Place (CIP) systems their benefits:with little or no instrumentation, • Conductivity (% concentration) on return lineusually relying on a pure timing - don’t run your system longer than required oncebased process and manual at concentration. The results are less energy used forverification of the CIP cycles. In an heating of detergent, less detergent used and potentiallyincreasingly competitive market less water and wastewater. Savings compared to pureit is becoming a must to install timing based system can be up to 30%. Endress+Hauserreal-time monitoring and control solution: Conductivity sensor CLS54/CLD134to improve process efficiency. TH27 • Temperature on return line - always required to verifyBy incorporating some basic cleaning. Use a high accuracy transmitter and keep itmeasurements, enhanced food calibrated. Running only to 5 degrees higher thansafety and cost savings that go required is a large unnecessary cost.beyond the CIP system can be Endress+Hauser solution: TH17/TH7realized. For example: reduceddown time for cleaning, reduced • Magnetic flowmeter - run at optimized flow velocitywater and detergent usage, to achieve best scrubbing action while managing powerreduced detergent heating cost and consumption of pumps.less water to treat. Endress+Hauser solution: Promag 50H • Level and concentration of detergent in make-up tanks Promag 50H - know what is available before starting a cycle. Adding too much or too little affects the detergent’s efficiency. Endress+Hauser solution: Capacitance level sensor FMI51 and conductivity sensor CLS54/CLD134 • Recorder for easy retrieval of CIP records - a basic stand alone videographic recorder with Ethernet FMI51 connectivity allows for simple verification on the plant floor while providing traceable records. Memograph M Endress+Hauser solution: Memograph M Conductivity measurement in Temperature measurement the return flow with CLS 54 in the return flow CIP - Return flow 1 CIP - Return flow 2 Y Drain Make-up water Conductivity measuring for % concentration with CLS 54 CIP- line 1 Acid Caustic Water To heat CIP- line 2 exchanger Sanitizer solution Promag 50H flow measurement
  3. 3. Inventory and supply chain managementRising commodities drives the need for real-time informationAccounting of bulk inventory keptin tanks and silos have traditionally Internal Infrastructure - In Plant Monitoringnot had high priority. This is Ethernet/Land line/GSM/GPRSparticularly true for bulk material for connection of remote locationsuch as sugar, flour and grains.However, with the rapidly rising Intranet/ERP Integration Data visibilityvalue of these commodities it is for our CUSTOMERbecoming more and more importantto have a current status of inventorylevels to allow for planning and Ethernetadvanced purchasing techniques.Endress+Hauser can providescalable, turnkey solutions for your Installation at ourplant with simple, local monitoring Customer locationor full integration into your ERPsystem. Installation costs can bekept to a minimum using wirelesssolutions or Ethernet connection.Solutions are available for singleor multiple site applications.Inventory can be managed bytraditional level measurementor mass-balance (in-out) oftanks using metering skids. FMP40 Guided radar level Typical application: Flour, grain, sugar, PET, oils, syrup, CIP chemicalsFMB70 Hydrostaticpressure FMR250 radar level Promass 83F Coriolis mass flow 3 3
  4. 4. People for Poultry productionProcess Automation Producer avoids $5K surcharge and saves on chemical treatment Level Pressure Flow Temperature Liquid Analysis The problem: A poultry producer was facing Added benefit: By avoiding the $5,000 a $5,000 surcharge from the surcharge, the entire local municipality if they did installation paid for itself. not address the high amounts In addition, the chemical Recorders of solids in their wastewater. Their existing system to control usage is now approximately 0% less than before, the dosing of coagulants even though the plant has did not work satisfactorily increased it’s throughput. which resulted in the waste Components of coagulants and frequent releases of high BOD/solid waste to the municipality. The solution: Service By installing a simple system consisting of three Promag 50H electromagnetic CUS31 Turbidity sensor flowmeters and three CUS31 turbidity sensors from Solutions Endress+Hauser, the dosing of coagulants to the waste bins were accurately controlled.Shop online for low-cost instruments,devices and components 4
  5. 5. Integration - get more from your instrumentationIntegration tools offer step-by-step guidance to ease installation of intelligentinstrumentation and improve ability to visualize diagnosticsEndress+Hauser and Rockwell Automation offer preferred Value to you:integration to reduce installation time and life cycle costsfor process automation. Increase value of investment • Access and monitor secondary/tertiary measurement variables such as temperature, density, min/max values, etc.3 simple steps: Reduce downtimeEndress+Hauser • With online diagnostics, let the instrument tell• Process instruments with 4-0 mA HART® output. Most you how it is doing, allowing you to plan ahead.instruments include this as standard. Endress+Hauser also Upload and store configuration for faster unitoffers integration services for Profibus® and Foundation replacementsFieldbus™. Labor and time savings • Faster and less labor intensive start-up. PerformRockwell Automation loop checks and configuration from control room• HART in-rack card model 1756-IF8H for ControlLogix or (or remote office location)for other platforms - 1794 Flex HART I/O Safety • Access and troubleshoot instruments in hard toFree integration manuals reach areas• Jointly developed by Endress+Hauser and Rockwell Minimize travel costsAutomation to integrate the additional information provided • Configure network for remote access and haveby the instruments via HART. See link below your in-house or external expert access unit remotely 5View integration manuals at
  6. 6. Importance of Maintenance and calibrationcalibration Driven by the knowledge that powers aThe benefits of calibration are notalways recognized. Calibration is often global company.associated simply with cost rather thanit’s impact on profit. Thanks to our numerous calibration laboratory and primary facilities, we have carried out more than one million calibrations. Above all we see ourDemonstrated below is an actual calibration service as part of your repair and maintenance planning. Ourscenario researched in cooperation aim is to provide you with complete calibration management solutions. Atwith a food processor where we see the the forefront of this is the tuning of calibration cycles, planning dates forpotential impact of poor calibration on carrying out calibration work, the coordination of personnel and certifiedthe bottom line. calibration equipment. Calibration specification - We will help you to assess 1 Calibration SOPs 2 1 your metrology plan by establishing your calibration specifications. Test Calibration Equipment specification Calibration SOPs - We offer a full range of Standard 3 2 Operating Procedures to support on-site work. 7 Trained Test equipment - Local service centers provide a one- stop-shop calibration and repair service for a wide range of 3 Calibration Employees software test, measurement and process control instrumentation. Circle of quality 4 6 Trained employees - On site calibration is performed calibration by specialized, highly trained staff to relieve your in-house 4 5 Calibration Calibration Documentation Work maintenance staff from routine tasks. Calibration work - Our primary calibration facilities operate and are accredited to ISO/IEC 1705.Case study:UHT module for heat-sensitive products such as 5milk, milk products, formulated milk, soy, ice creammixture, dairy deserts and extended shelf life (ESL) Calibration documentation - We support our serviceproducts. with certified and traceable documentation.• Temperature transmitter indicates 84º F. 6• Actual temperature is 86º F.• º F difference corresponds to 44 lb/h Calibration management software - CompuCal™ steam usage is a high performance scheduling software tool for your44 lb/h x 5,000h x .046/lb = $10,10 per year loss 7 installed base, providing traceable records for audits.Mobile flow calibration cart for on sitecalibration helps you to reduce maintenance,shipping costs and more importantly, greatlyreduces process down time. Flow calibration rig, located in Greenwood, IN, is accredited to international 6 standards and helps us respond to the fast delivery times that are sometimes required by our customers.
  7. 7. Service from Endress+HauserEndress+Hauser’s Service Department is dedicated to keeping your plant working efficiently seven days-a-week, 24 hours-a-day. Technicians are located throughout the country to provide various levels of supportfor you and your instruments.Start-up service School of instrument maintenanceDelays and production losses can far exceed the costs of Technology is changing rapidly. Are you and your staff keep-planned start-up! A high percentage of instrument problems ing up with the changes? We can help with schools designedcan be traced to start-up by unqualified personnel. These to teach fundamental, theoretical, and practical knowledgecan be prevented by scheduling a trained Endress+Hauser about instrumentation and application technology, with anservice technician to be on-site during start-up. emphasis on service and maintenance of the instrumentation.Basic factory warranty is extended from 1 to 3 years Training, combined with hands-on experience, is a powerfulwhen start-up is purchased on your instrumentation combination that will help you better manage your life cycleorder. Ask for start-up to be quoted with your new costs. To contact us for training schedules or to obtain a quoteinstruments. for on-site sessions, call 800-64-8737 or visit us online. Maintenance AgreementsPlanned maintenance lowers costs Long-term maintenance offers more savingsTo ensure optimum performance and help extend the life The Endress+Hauser Installed Base Audit (IBA)of your instruments, our skilled service engineers perform service provides a long-term plan to a more reliableperiodic checks (including any necessary adjustments), and operating plant, cost-effective maintenance, and givesissue a report confirming the instrument’s performance. a basis for complete life cycle management of yourAdditionally, we provide specific recommendations for instrumentation.maintenance of the equipment under the agreement. 7 7
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