Newsletter 1 2012


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Newsletter 1 2012

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Newsletter 1 2012

  1. 1. 30th ENCORE NEWS Birth day FEBRUARY 2012 Welcome to our 30th year of dance ISSUE 1 Special Encore Celebration New Acro Classes Showcase in September (date This class has already proving to be confirmed). Important Dates to be very popular with a 2nd Welcome new staff members class already being added to Classes Resume 11/2 our schedule. It looks like It is with great pleasure that students are keen to learn we welcome Sharni Williams some acro skills to add to their to our teaching staff. Sharni Regatta Day 13/2 dance skills to help produce will be joining our great Classi- that "wow element to their cal Ballet teaching team. Clas- ( Classes As Normal) dance. There are now 2 clas- sical Ballet has certainly grown ses being run on Friday after- at Encore since it was intro- Uniform Orders Due 3/3 noons. Acro classes com- Happy New Year and welcome duced to our studio 10 years to Encores biggest year of mence from Friday 9/3/12. ago. This year we have includ- Eight Hour Day 12/3 Dance! We hope you all had a ed 3 new classes for young- (Classes As Normal) good Christmas and an enjoy- sters. Sharni till this year was able New Year and are looking Class Timetable Changes teaching at Ritz Performing Easter Holidays 6/4 forward to our 30th year of Arts School in Queensland and There have been some chang- dance. we thrill to have her join our es to our class timetable from Classes Resume 13/4 the one that was sent out last teaching staff. year. Please check the timeta- Our Studio ble in this newsletter.Office Hours 2012 With the introduction of Acro- There has been even more bats to our curriculum weMon: 11.00am-7.00pm work done on the studio over welcome experienced coach the holidays and it is finally Email AddressTues: 11.00am-7.00pm Bridget Andrewartha. This is looking fabulous. There has In our 30th year we are trying already proving to be a popu- been more painting and gen-Wed: 11.00am-7.00pm to embrace modern technolo- lar class. eral tidy up happened during gy and are hoping to emailThurs: 11.00am-7.00pm the holidays. A huge thank Read more about Sharni and newsletters just to make sure you to Emily, Cathy Packer, Bridget later in this news-Fri: 11.00am-7.00pm no-one misses out on any of Joy Hooper, Julie Jacobs, Fiona letter. our celebration news. If you Colbert and all their lovelySat: 9.15am-2.00pm did not receive an email last daughters for sorting out cos- week with amended timetableSun: Closed tumes (a huge job) but it is Class Placements please make sure we have the now great to see some space correct details at the office to Please be patient with the in our costume storage area. ensure you receive infor- staff over the next few weeks Your help was very much ap- mation. as we make sure that every- preciated. one is in the class they should “It takes an be in, so everyone gets the Performances 2012 most out of their dance time athlete to 2012 Celebrations We will be having all our nor- with us. dance, but an In 2012 we will continue to mal yearly performances. All work towards getting our stu- jazz & tap students will have artist to be a dents Fit for Dance. The fit- the opportunity of partici- A big welcome to our new dancer” - ness program for dancers pating in dance assessments in students and their families. Its which we developed last year either jazz or tap in early Au- going to be a very very ex- Shanna has been tweaked and will gust. Our mini-concert is citing & fun year! continue in 2012 with the goal planned for Sunday November LaFleur to not only have our students 4th and our major concert fit for dance but fit for life. Saturday 1st December. We Sharon Shirley are also planning an extra Studio Director Encore Dance | 58a Federal Street | North Hobart| TAS | 7000 P: (03) 62 311 622 | M: 0427 296 488 | E:
  2. 2. ENCORE NEWS Page 2 Summer Workshop 2012 The Encore Summer Work- shop is a great opportunity to experience new styles and teachers. Workshop is an en- joyable time to meet new peo- ple, to learn from different teachers and to get out of your comfort zone. It was really fun to learn so much in such a short time. The routines were fun and challenging and the Balance fitness classes helped you whilst you were doing the rou- tines. We were lucky enough sible! spectacular dancers. We really to have Abbie Waitt down to By Lucy Hayden, Beth Packer, can’t wait for another oppor- teach us some Tap, and Ste- Taylah Shirley, Freya Doyle, tunity like this one. We would phen Agisilaou for Contempo- and Zoe Gilligan-Dillon. like to thank all our teachers rary. It was such an amazing who made the workshop pos- experience to learn from two Meet our new teachers in QLD and have recently and travel around Europe. moved to Hobart to be with my Whilst in London I took classes family, including my sister at the well known Pineapple “I do not try Teagan, who is a student of Dance Studio. to dance Encore. On my return to QLD I complet- I am 26 years old and started ed my classical examinations better than dancing when I was 6. For the in CSTD (Commonwealth Soci- anyone else. I past 4 years I have been ety of Teachers of Dance) and teaching Classical Ballet at the attained my Classical Ballet only try to Teachers Qualifications. I Have RITZ performing arts school in dance better Brisbane. My early dance stud- a real passion for teaching ies were in learning under the and believe in encouraging my than myself” R.A.D syllabus where I pro- students to achieve their per- Sharni Williams sonal best through a fun and Mikhail gressed to the major levels. (Classical Ballet) After gaining qualifications in supportive environment. I am Baryshnikov very excited to be a part of the childcare working with chil- Hi, I’m Miss Sharni, I grew up dren on a remote wheat prop- Encore team! erty I set off to work in London to share my knowledge with people and coaches, including you. those from the Australian Insti- tute of Sport. For me, there is My background is mainly in nothing better than see- gymnastics but also some ing somebody achieve their trampolining and tumbling as goals and knowing I was a part well as cheerleading. of that. I look forward to meet- I started gymnastics at the ing you all, I cannot wait to get age of 3 and have been in- started!! volved ever since. I was a gym- nast for 13 years and began to coach at the age of 14 and I We wish Bridget well for her have never stopped. I current- forth coming wedding and weStrength Bridget Andrewartha ly coach children from 4 years look forward to her classes (Acrobats) to 16 years of all different skill commencing from 9/3/12 levels for both gymnastics and after she returns from her Hi all! My name is Bridget and I trampolining. honeymoon! will be taking Acro this year. I am very excited to become a I achieved many things during part of the Encore family and my time as a gymnast as well as working with many amazing
  3. 3. ISSUE 1 Page 3General InformationAccounts Second hand shoe sales 2012 Encore Support Group Uniform/Practice Gear•Term accounts are issued at For the first two weeks second Our parent support group Please make sure that youthe beginning of each 10-week hand shoe sales will be held works hard to allow our stu- always wear appropriate prac-term block (four per year). on the following days: dents to put on great perfor- tice gear to class. We now mances without largest ex- have a fabulous Encore Uni-•Monthly accounts may be Saturday 9.15am-12.00pm form available for order (see penses for parents. They are aorganised through the office. order form attached). Please Tuesday 6.00pm-7.00pm great bunch of people who would love for you to attend note this is a suggested uni-•Accounts are payable via Regular Second hand shoe one of their very informal form and is not, cheque, EftPOS anddirect debit. sales for the remainder of the meetings. We also sell a fantastic range year will be held on the follow- Come along and be a part of of tights and dance shoes,For those who internet bank, ing days: your child’s dancing experi- available from the office.monthly or fortnightly pay-ments may be set up. Saturday 9.15am-10.30am ence and find out what goes Please see ‘What to Wear’ on behind the scenes. below•One account will be issued Tuesday 6.00pm-7.00pmper student to the nominated The Encore Support Groupperson on the enrolment form. AGM will held on:•It is of utmost importance if March 6th 6.30pmanyone experiences payment In the Encore Waiting areadifficulties that they contact usearly as overdue accounts will All Welcome :)be followed up promptly. What to Wear to DanceAn important part of any dancers training is to encourage good grooming and presentation. Appropriate attire allows teachers to seebodyline and movement and be able to give necessary instruction to promote the students progress. Listed below are uniform re-quirements for classes offered at the school. While these items are not compulsory for class attendance - they are preferred and arerequired for students participating in dance assessments.Hair should be pulled back neatly into a bun or ponytail for all classes. In dance it is vital that students are focused on the class workand not be distracted by hair falling over the face. If students have short hair a headband to keep their hair from their face is advised.Buns should be worn for classical ballet. No jewelry except watches and medic alert bracelets are to be worn in class. All other jewel-ry can prove dangerous to others in class as well as be distracting.Kinder Programmes (under 6) Classical Ballet – Foundation & Baby balletThese classes do not have a uniform. Many of our students in Uniform: Pink cotton lycra leotardthese classes enjoy dressing up and coming along in fairy skirts (black is also acceptable)or tutus from home. Any coloured leotards and tights are suita-ble. For boys shorts & t-shirts or track pants. Ballet shoes are Pink chiffon dance skirtappropriate footwear for this level but please note that studentswho perform at the annual concert will require flesh or camel (black is also acceptable)coloured dance shoes. Pink ballet stockingsTheatrical (Jazz/Tap) Shoes: Pink ballet shoesUniform: Cotton lycra leotard (preferred colour – black) Hair: Bun Pink ballet stockings (tan stockings or black are also acceptable) Classical Ballet SeniorsOptional extras: dance skirt, shorts or 3/4 jazz pants, singlet Uniform: Black leotardtop Dance skirtShoes: Camel ballet or jazz shoes, Camel tap shoesHair: Hair tied back in bun or ponytail Pink ballet stockings Shoes: Pink ballet shoesMale Students Hair: BunUniform: Black or White T-shirt Black pants or shorts Hip HopShoes: Camel jazz shoes Comfortable clothing with freedom of movement Black or camel tap shoes
  4. 4. FEBRUARY Saturday 11th Classes Resume Monday 13th Regatta Day (Classes As Normal) MARCH Saturday 3rd Uniform Orders Due h 30t y Monday 12th Eight Hour Day (Classes As Normal) da B irth APRIL Friday 6th-Thursday 12th Easter Holiday (1 Week) Friday 13th Classes ResumeENCORE CALENDAR2012 Wednesday 25th Anzac Day (Classes As Normal) JUNE Saturday 2nd-Friday 15th First Term School Holidays Note: Calendar is subject to Saturday 16th Classes Resume change. All changes will be posted in future newsletters, JULY Sunday 29th Visit from Jason Coleman (SYTYCD judge & on studio notice boards and Director of Ministry of Dance) on Facebook. AUGUST Sunday 19th-Saturday 25th ADi/ADV Dance Assessments Please put this calendar up at home so you are aware of SEPTEMBER Sunday 9th-Monday 24th Second Term School Holidays important dates. Thursday 13th September Holiday Dance Day Notes:______________ ___________________ Friday 14st-Sunday 16th Senior Students Showcase ___________________ ___________________ Monday 24th Classes Resume ___________________ ___________________ OCTOBER Thursday 25th Show Day (Classes As Normal) ___________________ ___________________ NOVEMBER Friday 2nd Mini Concert Theatre Rehearsal ___________________ ___________________ Sunday 4th Mini Concert ___________________ ___________________ Sunday 17th Concert Theatre Rehearsal ___________________ ___________________ Thursday 29th Concert Theatre Rehearsal ___________________ ___________________ Friday 30th Concert Theatre Rehearsal ___________________ ___________________ DECEMBER Saturday 1st Concert ___________________ ___________________ Monday 10th-Saturday 15th Party Week ___________________ ___________________ Saturday 15th Classes Conclude for 2012 ___________________ ___________________ JANUARY Monday 14th-Thursday 17th Summer Workshop ___________________ FEBRUARY Saturday 2nd Classes Resume for 2013
  5. 5. Studio 1 SATURDAY Studio 2 Time Class Time Class 9.45-10.30am Foundation Ballet (White) 9.15-10.00am Tinytots 10.30- 11.30am* Daisies 10.00-10.45am Tinies 11.30- 12.15pm* PP Ballet (white) 10.45-11.45am Unicorns 15 min break 30 min break 12.30-1.15pm DanceFit 12.15-1.15pm* SapphiresENCORE TIMETABLE 2012 as of 1/2/12 (Subject to change) 1.15-2.15pm Jellybeans 1.15-2.15pm* Dynamics 2.30-5.30pm Performance Teams Performance Teams Studio 1 MONDAY Studio 2 Time Class Time Class 4.15-5.00pm* DanceFit 3.30-4.30pm Comets 5.00-6.15pm* Energetics 5.00-5.45pm* Jumps & Spins 6.15-7.15pm Senior stretch & technique 5.45-7.15pm* Pearls 7.00-8.45pm Dance Co 7.20-8.20pm Zumba Studio 1 TUESDAY Studio 2 Time Class Time Class 1.45-2.30pm Microtots 4.45-6.00pm* Harlequins 3.30-4.15pm Kindies 6.00-7.00pm* Senior Hip Hop 4.15-5.15pm Foundation Jazz/Tap 30min break 7.00-8.30pm* Dazzlers 5.45-6.45pm* Glee Project 15 min break 7.00-8.30pm Glee Snr Studio 1 WEDNESDAY Studio 2 Time Class Time Class 4.30-5.30pm Rubies 3.30-4.30pm Cupids 5.30-6.30pm Transition Ballet 4.30-5.30pm Stars 6.30-7.15pm Pre-Pointe 5.30-6.15pm Foundation Hip Hop 7.15-8.30pm Senior Ballet 6.15-7.15pm 7.20-8.20pm Zumba Studio 1 THURSDAY Studio 2 Time Class Time Class 1.45-2.30pm Baby Ballet 3.45-4.30pm* PP Ballet (red) 3.30-4.15pm Foundation Ballet (Red) 4.30-5.30pm* Primary Ballet (red) 4.15-5.15pm* Gems 5.30-6.15pm Junior Hip Hop 5.00-5.30pm Tap Boys (studio 3) 6.15-7.15pm Intermediate Hip Hop 5.15-6.15pm Primary Ballet (White) 7.15-8.15pm Contemporary 6.15-7.15pm Intermediate Ballet Studio 1 FRIDAY Studio 2 Time Class Time Class 4.30-5.15pm* Acrobats Juniors 4.30-5.15pm Dance Fit 5.15-6.00pm Acrobats Seniors 6.00-7.15pm Ballet extension Acrobats commences Friday 9th March. Glee commences Tuesday 3rd April.
  6. 6. Method of payment: Cash ¨ Cheque**¨ Direct Debit (BSB: 017214 A/C No: 107751998) ¨Visa* ¨ MasterCard* ¨ Card No: _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ Card Expiry _ _ / _ _ CVN:_ _ _Name on Card: Signature:*Please note: $2.50 transaction fee**Cheques payable to Encore Dance
  7. 7. ENCORE UNIFORM PRICELIST Encore Leotard $30 Child/$35 Adult Encore Singlet Top $35 Child/$40 AdultTo celebrate or 30th year we Encore 3/4 Tights $30 Child/$35 Adultare excited to announce our Encore Dance Shorts $30 Child/$35 Adultnew Encore Uniform :) Encore Dance Jacket $75 Child/$80 AdultStudent Details Item Child Sizes Adult SizesName: 4 6 8 10 12 14 XS S M L XL XXL Sub Total $Class: Encore LeotardParent Name: Encore Singlet TopPhone: Encore 3/4 TightsEmail: Encore Dance ShortsParent Signature: Encore Dance Jacket Total $ Method of payment: Cash ¨ Cheque**¨ Direct Debit (BSB: 017214 A/C No: 107751998) ¨ Visa* ¨ MasterCard* ¨ Card No: _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ Card Expiry _ _ / _ _ CVN:_ _ _ Name on Card: Signature: *Please note: $2.50 transaction fee **Cheques payable to Encore Dance