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WMS2013-2014 TardyPolicy


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New procedures for tardies beginning October 29, 2013.

Published in: Education
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WMS2013-2014 TardyPolicy

  1. 1. Goal To have all students on time and in school EVERY day!
  2. 2. Remember it’s THE LAW  You must be in school, it is the LAW!  You must turn in a note within two days of the absence.  If you do not turn in a note the absence is unexcused.  Turn your notes into your homeroom teachers.
  3. 3. Excused Absences:  Illness or Injury  Medical or Dental appointments  Religious observations  Always turn in a note to your homeroom teacher within two days.  No note? No excused absence.
  4. 4. Program Elements oAttenDANCE! oTardy Program oSign-in and Sign-out policy
  5. 5. AttenDANCE o At the end of each quarter there will be one AttenDANCE! The first date is November 1st. o This dance will be held during school hours. o All students who have not had any unexcused absences or tardies during that quarter will be allowed to attend! NO OSS!
  6. 6. AttenDANCE o Each student has the opportunity to attend 3 dances this year! o Make sure you have your parents turn in notes to excuse absences within 2 days of missing school. Turn notes into your homeroom teacher.
  7. 7. Sign-In and Sign-Out o If you are late to school you must come into the front office and sign in on the LobbyGuard. o All notes for tardies must be turned in the box next to the LobbyGuard.
  8. 8. Tardy Program Starting October 29, 2013  All tardies are unexcused unless you have a doctor’s note.  If you have 4 unexcused tardies then you will be assigned to After School Detention. If you continue to have unexcused tardies then you will be assigned again to After School Detention and then to Saturday School and then to ALC. Parents will also be expected to attend a meeting at school about your tardies.
  9. 9. What we need from you! o It is your responsibility to make sure that you are getting to school on time everyday! o If you are having any problems getting to school, please let your homeroom teacher know. o Please make sure that your parents know how important it is for you to be in school!
  10. 10. Team Work  Remember the staff at Wendell Middle School wants you to succeed in school and in life. It is our job to teach you and it is your job to be here ready to learn!  If you have any issues that could keep you from coming to school everyday on time please let your counselor or school social worker know so we can help!
  11. 11. Let’s make 2013/2014 the best year yet!!!! Thank you!