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The house of lean v3.6 ELG

Summary of Lean Manufacturing/Management V3.6 (2016)
Updated V3.7(2018):

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The house of lean v3.6 ELG

  1. 1. HEIJUNKA CASH-FLOW – COST SECURITY – LEAD TIME – QUALITY JIT JIDOKA STANDARDIZATION STABILIZATION ENTERPRISE OPERATING SYSTEM (e-OS**) LEAN MANUFACTURING/MANAGEMENT TEAM WORK (WASTES) MUDA PDCA Cycle FMEAPOKA YOKE QFD A3 QRQC QRKA Q-Chart 5 WHYS ISHI- KAWA 8D PSP · IT’S & · IT’S NOT · IN/OUT BOX ONE POINT LESSON BRAIN STORM … 6σ DMAIC KJ METHOD MINDMAP POKER ESTIMATION ANDON BOARD PM TAKT Time TPM ONE PIECE FLOW ANDON CYCLE Time JUNJI INSPECTION NEXT 5S Pika-Pika PUSH PULL ICP TCP PCP VSM SCRUM SCALABLE DEVELOPMENT SMED Uchi-Soto Dandori ·ASAKAY Dayly-Huddle ·YUICHI POP 4R RULES 3A Allocation Amount Article PTSS Process Time Study Sheet QCC JISHU- KEN JUNDATE JUNBIKI TIMWOOD Production 7 Wastes KAMI- SHIBAI CARDS & TABLE MIZU- SUMASHI DandoriMan KAIZEN- BLITZ KAIKAKU Shijonka polyvalence Soifuku Idea from empowerment 5ZEROs theory KATAZUKE AKAFUDA SPS / KIT 6-Hats Disney LT LTEfficiency LTStandard KANBAN SEIRYUKA (Cells & Machinery easy to relocate) PRODUCTION INVENTORY SALES 5W+H (+2H) YAMA- KUZUSHI DAILY MURA MURI (Safety 1st) ANZEN DAIICHI PQC Diagram Kaizen OutOfLine 3G Gemba Genbutsu Genjitsu *VISUAL CONTROL DAILY TARGET DAYLY CONTROL PRODUC- TION /ACTION PLAN KPI & HOSHIN KANRI BMC Business Model Canvas AS IS TO BE KAIZEN PROGRESS Chart/Table PPM POTENTIAL PROBLEMS MAP All People’sPa rticipation LONG TERM VISION KPI DAILY MEETING KPI & Q MONTHLY MEETING FAULT TREE ANALYSIS PARETO & Correlation ANALYSIS RCE Root Cause Analysis TQM ISO… Suggestion Scheme QCC What IF… SAFETY MONTHLY MEETING RCE Root Cause Analysis BPMN 2.0 PMP PRODUCTION MONTHLY MEETING PRODUCTION WEEKLY MEETING QUALITY COMITEE SAFETY COMITEE Production COMITEE DESING THINKING TOOLS… MVP Minimum Product Viable MGMT. COMETEE MGMT. MONTHLY MEETING 3S CS, ES, SS KAIZEN COMITEE 1 2 3 45 1 2 3 45 6 CHAKU CHAKU YAMA- ZUMI KARA KURI LCA Low Cost Automation 3P Production Preparation Process OJT/TWI Hancho CELL LCA Live Cycle Assessment Burn- down Chart Ji Koutei Kanketsu ILUO Matrix (STM) PCT Process Capability Table SWCT Standardized Work Combi- nation Table SOS Standardized Operation Sheet PAB Production Analysis Board STM Skills Training Matrix ILUO Matrix OBC Operator Balance Chart SWC Standardized Work Chart KANBAN BOARDs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Handan- kijun Process Spaghetti Diagram SIPOC Diagram Production Plan 30 Days 1 Production Plan Weekly 2 Production Control DAY 3 Forward Control DAY 4 Machinery/Line Production Control DAY 5 PRODUCTION CONTROL* 7 RAMMPP Bureaucracy 6 Wastes KAIZEN HEIJUNKA LEAN Start-Up Technics CIA’s LIST OF PHOENIX Moon- shine Concept TMA Therbligs Motion Analysis This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit (ELG 2016 ©) Pointing & Calling Pointing & Calling A3/A2 The Trimming Technique Ø VA/VE Eduardo L. García. V3.6 © 2016 STREAM FLOW

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Summary of Lean Manufacturing/Management V3.6 (2016) Updated V3.7(2018):


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