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How to Reach More than 250,000 Readers from a Blog Post

  1. How to Reach +250,000 Readers from a Blog Post By Emilie Alba April 1, 2013
  2. “One morning, you are informed by your client that your blog post got noticed by a REGIONAL NEWSPAPER !”
  3. Just a Content Strategy …
  4. 1- When opportunity knocks, 2- Answer the door ! should be: - Inspirational - Educational - Informational 3- 4- Optimize your content No Black Hat Create your own content -5- On Social Networks
  5. - Case Study -
  6. The Opportunity *** The hotel received a film-maker, who made a teaser trailer for the announcement of his future short film. Visual, Inspirational, Informational Content generate ENGAGEMENT !
  7. Own Created Content *** Blog posts allow to generate FRESH CONTENT, which informs Google that your business is still running !
  8. The Online Consumer Behavior is driven by EMOTION !!
  9. Catchy title Pun related to French culture **Keywords** **Backlinks** pointing towards the hotel web pages Exclusive film-maker’s introduction by the film maker himself ! Click to See the Blog Post !
  10. CONTENT and ENGAGEMENT should reflect your brand’s PERSONALITY !!
  11. Optimize Social Media Sharing ! Catchy post + keywords + location Backlinks pointing towards the hotel’s blog Special “congratulations” message to the film- maker from the hotel. Click to See the Page !
  12. Twitter Page Here ! G+ Page Here ! **Photo** **Backlinks** # - Keywords on Twitter @ - Twitter Profiles
  13. After spotting the blog post, the regional newspaper La Dépêche interviewed the film-maker, and wrote this article… in which Le Grand Balcon Hotel is mentioned many times ! La Dépêche = 771,000 Readers Mentions of Le Grand Balcon Hotel Read the French Article !
  14. March 20, 2013 Logged off from Gmail account 1st page The hotel has gained visibility under additional keywords
  15. You Need to Learn More @emilie_alba @futuremkrs Market My Room Future Makers By Emilie Alba @emilie_alba