Viral Strategies and Buzz Marketing


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Viral Strategies and Buzz Marketing

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Viral Strategies and Buzz Marketing

  1. 1. EMAKINABuzz Marketing & Viral Strategies and ViralStrategies Buzz MarketingEmakina Academy
  2. 2. Welcome Brice Le Blévennec President Emakina
  3. 3. About Emakina Emakina is the leading independent Belgian web agency. We offer the following integrated services – creative consultancy and graphic design – web development and IT integration – e-business and strategic consultancy – marketing communication services With an award-winning team of over +80 web experts, Emakina delivers state-of-the-art projects.
  4. 4. Some Emakina Customers
  5. 5. Selected Cases Viral Buzz Volkswagen New Beetle ! Volkswagen Polo Fox ! Proximus Vodafone live! ! Ugly Duck ! ! Proximus 3G ! ! Sprite Light Goblin + Goblin Blog ! ! Jean Paul Gaultier ! !
  6. 6. Today’s topic “Viral marketing is like succeeding in Hollywood: every actor wants to do it, only a few succeed.”
  7. 7. Case Studies Volkswagen BeetleVolkswagen Polo Fox
  8. 8. Buzz– A low, vibrating sound– A particularly intense kind of Word of mouth
  9. 9. Buzz Marketing A term used in the marketing industry to describe activities that companies undertake to generate favorable word of mouth publicity about products and services
  10. 10. Initial Briefing Make some animation on the website to relaunch New Beetle Cabrio mini-site before the summer
  11. 11. The Idea Benefit from the notoriety of the "Yeti" game which was one of the largest buzz on the Internet in 2004
  12. 12. The Concept The goal is not directly hit the target but rather to create a rumor that can reach to the target
  13. 13. The Storyline– The New Beetle Cabrio assists the penguins martyrized by the Yeti– New Beetle Cabrio saves them and makes them rebounding on its capotte to the sea– Positive wink ;-)
  14. 14. The Game– Basic arcade game, easy to understand– The more you make rebounds with penguins, the more you get points– The more you save penguins, the more you get big points
  15. 15. The Game– The game stops after having let 4 penguins falling on the floor or if you send your car to water
  16. 16. Design Approach– Cartoon design– Fresh interface
  17. 17. Excite the Players At the end of each part, the player will have the possibility to send by email a certificate (HTML format) attesting that he saved a certain amount of penguins
  18. 18. Excite the Players At the bottom of the certificate the address of the game with an invitation: "Defy your friends by sending them the address of the game!".
  19. 19. Excite the Players A permanent table of high scores is posted on the first screen of the game in order to stimulate the challenge
  20. 20. Demo
  21. 21. A Few Figures– 5.000 monthly single visits on the mini site before the game was launched– 130.000 single visits on the mini site the month the game was launched– 12.000 monthly single visits on the new beetle cabrio mini site today.– 75.000 players have already registered their email address !
  22. 22. Campaign Appreciation– Low cost promotion !– Email sent to the 40.000 registered users of the VW e-News (– Bannering on the home page– Bannering on "Play the Game" site– Emailing via "Play the Game" list– Word of mouth did the rest! What a buzz!
  23. 23. New Buzz Campaign in May 2005– Volkswagen launch new Polo Fox– 3 week prelaunch buzz & blog marketing campaign–– 2 month activation (interactive video) on Volkswagen website–
  24. 24. Tony Sheraton – Chain mailMessage:Hi Fred,You told me once that I could count on you if I needed some helpWell, I think I getting where I want; I’m at the top!I’m in super-form and my artistic feeling has never been better!Could you ask the people you know if they have a job for me? That would be super!I also have a website where they can find more info about me.Tony S. (" yes, I’m keeping the name)
  25. 25. Tony Sheraton – Weblog
  26. 26. Billboard
  27. 27. Case Studies Vodafone live! Ugly Duck Proximus 3G
  28. 28. Context– Proximus presents Vodafone live! – Summer 2004, from June 21 till July 22 – Launch of Vodafone live! a new product from Proximus – Only for Proximus customers
  29. 29. Context– Vodafone live! vs. WAP – Unique integration of exclusive multimedia services • Intuitive & enjoyable multimedia experience • Exclusive content: tones, games… – Customized handset # No more technology, but a real lifestyle proposition!
  30. 30. Context– Why Internet in the media plan? TV spot TV spot youngsters Image postering Proximity postering Magazines Internet – Former e-campaigns show (pre/post tests) that “WAP-oriented” products generate good results online – The average user generates more revenues than the average Proximus customer
  31. 31. ContextThe target: the “connected” – 61% female, 23% students, 18-35 years old – Motivation: Social talk, SMS – Main driver in their life: search (almost compulsive) to be loved and to be recognised through their social and family contacts – Characteristics: social, extravert, strongly focused on the “loved” ones (friends and family) “Connected are continuously in search of new ways to communicate, however they find the current offer of multimedia services inaccessible in terms of user-friendliness”
  32. 32. Objectives– Create awareness for Vodafone live!– Reduce the technology perception by replacing it by a lifestyle proposition!– Call-to-action to purchase a Vodafone live! handset/content– Increase brand preference for Proximus through differentiation– Increase leadership and innovation perception of Proximus
  33. 33. Key Message– Intuitive and enjoyable multimedia experience– Better relationships– Vodafone live! offers more freedom to the users
  34. 34. Expectations– The campaign must be… – Surprising – Impactful – Worthy of a leader– … and should create – A hype, with a word-of-mouth effect – Contagiousness – A mix of “discovery” (make them want Vodafone live!), “interaction”, and “awareness” – A lifestyle experience!
  35. 35. StrategyWebvertising, in line with the concept and objectives– High visibility: 23.000.000 impressions– Creative formats (1st ones in Belgium!)– Exclusive partnership with Skynet (rebranding GSM channel)– 2 waves – Awareness: discover Vodafone live! – Awareness + contest: play and win exclusive Vodafone live! handsets
  36. 36. Strategy > Emakina ApproachThe Vodafone live! offer The strategy • P2P communication as heart of the campaign 1. Exclusive content The message • The handset/the Vodafone live! menu as 2. Lifestyle mode 1. Intuitive & enjoyable “access point” + usage! multimedia experience • Easy (!), fun, lifestyle, no 2. Better relationships tech atmosphere: in line 3. Customized handsets 3. More freedom for the with the target users • Viral marketing as “part of the game” 4. For Proximus customers only
  37. 37. The Concept“One day in your life with…” (how Vodafone improves your daily life) Scenario • 2 characters: a woman & a man • We see them in different places during the day: each place/moment is to show the relevancy of Vodafone live! • The final destination is a place of fun, colors, sounds and friends… # THE perfect opportunity to create viral… Marketing description • Catalogue view of the 4 pillars: tones, games, MMS, fun & info Handsets • Description + call-to-action
  38. 38. Creative ApproachAwareness also means consistence & coherence– Specific photo shooting for the website + webvertising– Vodafone visuals for products to stay consistent with offline creatives– Lifestyle: easy, fun, entertainment, user-friendliness
  39. 39. The Campaign – game/contestMarketingdescriptionHandsetsPromoteProximus
  40. 40. Marketingdescription° Presentation ofthe Vodafonelive! experience &services° Description ofthe 4 pillars° High-levelpresentation, tostimulate traffic
  41. 41. The handsets° Presentation ofthe 3 Vodafonelive! handsets° Call-to-action
  42. 42. The campaign– Scenario: game/contest – Play our game to discover the Vodafone live! experience – Win exclusive Vodafone live! handsets1 Conversations/ interactions via 2 Different the handset places/moments: - Opportunities to discover Vodafone live! 3 Final destination: - Questions for the - Be together, share fun contest moments thanks to Vodafone live! - Gathering/ member-get-member
  43. 43. The campaign– Scenario : game/contest – Play our game to discover the Vodafone live! experience – Win exclusive Vodafone live! handsets1 Conversations/ interactions via 2 Different the handset places/moments: - Opportunities to discover Vodafone live! 3 Final destination: - Questions for the - Be together, share fun contest moments thanks to Vodafone live! - Gathering/ member-get-member
  44. 44. The campaign– Scenario : game/contest – Play our game to discover the Vodafone live! experience – Win exclusive Vodafone live! handsets1 Conversations/ interactions via 2 Different the handset places/moments: - Opportunities to discover Vodafone live! 3 Final destination: - Questions for the - Be together, share fun contest moments thanks to Vodafone live! - Gathering/ member-get-member
  45. 45. Ringtones
  46. 46. Mobile gaming
  47. 47. Photo/MMS
  48. 48. Fun & infos
  49. 49. Also …partners
  50. 50. Also … TV ad
  51. 51. The campaign– Scenario : game/contest – Play our game to discover the Vodafone live! experience – Win exclusive Vodafone live! handsets1 Conversations/ interactions via 2 Different the handset places/moments: - Opportunities to discover Vodafone live! 3 Final destination: - Questions for the - Be together, share fun contest moments thanks to Vodafone live! - Gathering/ member-get-member
  52. 52. Key Figures 160.000 visits 135.000 unique visitors 700.000 pages views 60% Proximus 26.000 participants 40% non Proximus Viral effect Opt-in SMS: 65.000 E-mail: 5.000 MMS: 9.500 SMS: 6.500
  53. 53. Why this campaign is good viral marketing1. 2.The viral function is The viral component happens on thefully integrated in the campaign same mode as the rest of the campaign • Not just a “nice to have” • But highly relevant…: a place to • Participants are busy playing with share, communicate and have the handset since the beginning of fun…with friends the game: the target is “hot”…3. 4.Launch of a new and exciting product An attractive content • New product: curiosity & interest • The carrot: mobile phones to win • Huge buzz and impact due to the + free SMS/MMS whole campaign • Fun and relaxing atmosphere
  54. 54. Objectives > Were they met?! Create awareness for Vodafone live!! Reduce the technology perception by replacing it by a lifestyle proposition!! Call-to-action to purchase a Vodafone live! handset/content! Increase brand preference for Proximus through differentiation! Increase leadership and innovation perception of Proximus # YES!
  55. 55. Case Studies Proximus 3G
  56. 56. Case Studies Find My Goblin Goblin Blog
  57. 57. Welcome Customer : Ides Ticket Marketing Manager Youth Brands The Coca-Cola Company Leading and coaching of Fanta and Sprite brand team Development of youth brand strategies and innovations Partner in charge : Brice Le Blévennec Executive Partner Emakina
  58. 58. Presentation Watch PPT Play Movie
  59. 59. Goblin as Carrier– New icon – Sprite Goblin is the new product icon – Build a new communication platform around the Sprite Goblin– Rationale – The goblin is a proprietary and likeable icon (completely weird, strange and unconventional but cool) that enables them to trust their abilities to make right choices. – It represents the unconventional and unexpected Sprite has in itself.– Brand effects – astonishing, excentric, delirious, unexpected – trendy, modern, contemporary – cool, likeable
  60. 60. Sprite Goblin > Plan OSTResearch Objectives Strategy Tactics• No stand alone – Sprite light Holistic plan to Teasing awareness establish the • Buzz marketing• Link Goblin- Goblin as an • Viral campaign Sprite – Goblin interest unconventional and unexpected • Wild postering Sprite light brand • Guerilla• Goblin Role vehicle marketing• Complicity Reveal • PR campaign • Sprite website • Banner campaign Boost
  61. 61. Emakina Strategy > Campaign PhasesTeasing – Strange creature has been lost; call for help launched – People report sightings and photographs of the missing goblin to the website; the best ones published on the site – Websites, emails, blogs continue to relay this info, adding more credits to the factsReveal – Young boy discovered a strange creature in his fridge – Video ad in avant premiere on a website – Everyone understands it is all about the Sprite light goblin – PR campaign, “Strange News” fake newspaperBoost – internet site + experiential marketing continue to relay exceptional and incredible news about the goblin and incite to pass the word to friends
  62. 62. Emakina Strategy > Campaign map TEASING REVEAL BOOST Forums, blogs Friend’s blogs myGoblin The site Video site Street guerrilla Sampling The entire story stays online even after the reveal to make it a good read / extra promo
  63. 63. Sprite Goblin > Campaign Timeline18 21 27 3/2 11/2 14/2 WK4 17-21 WK5 24-28 WK6 31-04 WK7 07-11 WK8 14-18 WK9 21-25GO copy site Webcam email Game email vid 1 “Lost Goblin” site updates + story development No more updates Forum, blog promotion No more updates Massive Bannering posters vid 2 Street guerrilla Reveal Awareness
  64. 64. Online TeasingWEB EMAIL– Fake amateur site – Chainletters via email– Mysterious photographs & movies – ‘Keep Me Updated’ function– Webcam recordings with shocking – ‘Send to Friend(s)’ function element – Dissemination of top-topical– Fake editorials manipulated photos– Funny picture and email publication PHONE – Mobile phone answering machine – Regular updates of site with new– Creation of fake blogs on MSN, sightings, SMS, voice messages, ... Skynet, Redbox and other BTL– Fake discussion on major Belgium – Wild Postering forums – Guerrilla Marketing– Purchasing Google keywords – Poster for download– Continuous Blogging PR – Fake Newspaper – TV coverage: TMF, PlugTV
  65. 65. Like any other“missing pet” CREDIBLE!
  66. 66. Semi-prof design Call for Supporting assistance material Mystery Email functions How to help Shocking videoPut up your Emotionalown poster! description Sexy Jessica
  67. 67. Sprite Goblin > Kick-off & GrowingCONTROLLED BLOGS FIRST UNCONTROLLED BLOGSredbox skynet PICKING UP THE STORY!MAIN MAIN SUPPORT Awaiting approvalother msn/spacesSUPPORT MAIN SUPPORT http://www.findmygoblin.beCONTROLLED FORUMSGENERAL FUN FORUMS STUDENT FORUMS studiant.beml?or=menu_forum&l1=communication&l …2=forum&l3=home (Insertions queued for publication) (Heavily moderated)Categories: old friends, blogs, lost&found,animals, …
  68. 68. Sprite Goblin > Some SMS Collected - My name is izzy and im from new zealand. The goblin you are - on a retrouver ton goblin!! enfin on actually la vu passé devant nous a - Si tu ne retrouves looking for is mine. He used to goblin, jen pas ton jambes! on y croyais pas! puis on a vu live with me back home. I ai un a adopter. Il wont ton affiche!! mon num c 049793 sapelle give 77836 (+32 477 200xxx) hime back. HES MINE (+32 Bento. Mais il est 473 21 xx 46) Vergeet me nietjes laan 12 bus 14 liégeois. (+32 494 60 - WHERE IS 82 xx) YOUR GOBLIN bij hermus (+32 476 89 06 xx) ? (+32 486 24 07 06) - Lors dune promenade au bois de la - allright dude i found your cambre ma licorne a été effrayée gonlin an im keeping him 4 par 1 mvement ds 1 bosquet*elle est me youre partie au galop,jai perdu sa never gonna see his pretty trace*peut_etre sont ils ensemble,cela face again EVER (+32 486 94 me semble une piste à 97 99) - G vu un type verdatre exploiter*bonne recherche*appel moi si denviron 80cm faire la tu as des informations*joannie planche dans la meuse (+32 485 27 10 xx) sous le pont d arches mais g - - FOUND HIM! WHAT ABOUT t saoul (+32 496 35 89 xx) REWARD? (+32 478 57 53 xx)
  69. 69. Sprite Goblin > Some emails collected Bonjour , Je suis sorti hier soir au bowling a Salut Monsieur, Libramont puis dans une boite a bertrix , je pense avoir aperçu le goblin sur le bord de la route. Depuis que jai vu votre affiche, près du cimetière C était sur la route entre bertrix et libramont!!!!!!!! dixelles, je suis à la recherche de votre goblin... voila jai peut etre trouvé J ai pris peur ne sachant pas si cétait un goblin Malheureusement, je ne lai pas encore quelque chose qui pourrait apprivoisé ou non , je ne me suis donc pas trouvé...Souvent, jai eu limpression de le voir...un peu tinterresser. Ton goblins arreté..... qcomme quand vous êtes amoureux, vous voyez ? aurait apparement décidé de Je vais afficher sa photo dans toutes les Vous avez limpression de voir votre seconde un peu faire un jeu pc. ardennes belge... partout mais, cest rarement elle, vous voyez ? a+ J espere que ça portera ses fruits . Bonne chance ciao et bonne continuation on est tous avec toi!!!!!!!!!! Soit... dans tes recherches François Vanorm Je continue mes recherches mais y aurait-il quelque (Ps :Si tu mets mon mail sur ton site merci de chose de familier qui pourrait lattirer ? Je ne sais pas, corriger mon orthographe ) comment lappeliez-vous dans lintimité ? Avait-il unSuis toujour dans une grande vile surnom, un prénom, voire même un nom ?en Bèlgik Pour linstant, quand je lappelle, je crie "GOGOGO,Il pleut baucoup mais je vais bien GOBLIN..." mais personne ne me répond; excepténe tinquiete pas mes voisins qui commencent à en avoir marre (et qui Je comprends parfaitement la situation et je vous exprime trop rigolote lidée juste pour le fun je valide nuisance sonore, les cons !!!) mont attaqué pour toute ma sympathie concernant la disparition de votreje tenvoi des photos des que je ...dailleurs, même au cachot, les gardiens mont dit gobelin.peux Je tiens à retrouver votre Goblin, regarder ds ta cave de disque"...auriez-vous de cela quelques jours, mon troll des Alpes mais a tu penser a mais jaimerais "de changer Sachez quil y a éventuellement savoir dans quelpeut être chez ta petite amie ou coin vous habitez, le goblin disque à me proposer aussi disparu. Si vous retrouvez votre gobelin, peut- un a lui ?PS: pardon pour le verre. sûrement pas dû trop séloigner de lendroit où il être pourriez-vous lui demander sil na pas des nouvelles habitait... quoi quil en soit que le dieu des goblin soit avec toi votre recherche. Je peux Merci et bonne m****de mon Poupou (cest le nom de mon troll). Il est grand, a dans adios amigos et que ton but imaginer ce quelle quque de perdre un tel être et je soit atteint que cest il soit un caractère de cochon et ne mange que des bananes Sinon, ce site, cest juste un délire ou cest autre souhaite corage et persévérance. la confiture quil accompagne de sodas vous écrasées avec de chose ? Parce que payer un nom de domaine pour au cola, pour ne pas citer de est venu un soir Il marque. retrouver un goblin... cest un peu gros :) A bientôt, Bonne chance. nous aider à battre Tamara des elfes noirs en jeu Bien à vous. Nicolas PETIT de rôle!!!:) Puis, il est Franck. reparti comme il est venu....
  70. 70. Some blogs messages collected
  71. 71. Sprite Goblin > Additional Blogs
  72. 72. Sprite Goblin > Spreading the Word Receivers B4 B3 B2 B1 B1 A3 A3 A1Friends of A 4 A2receivers 4 A Believer #A Offliners Supporters has blog
  73. 73. Banners
  74. 74. Results vs Expectations
  75. 75. Some Figures Viral Campaign Sprite Site Running time 6 weeks 8 weeks Unique Visitors 120’971 55’220 Visits 141’448 62’381 Page views 448’831 101’806 Emails sent from site 10’140 Opt-ins 2’582 Spontaneous people contributions (mails, stories, pictures, videos) 493
  76. 76. Success Ingredients– Huge fun, new & intriguing factor– Creative copy writing and visuals– You should be original when forwarding to friend– Easy to forward– Offline and online integration– Emotional story– Energy and drive of posters/bloggers is crucial Selected and motivated underground posters working day and night– Credible look&feel (professional amateurism) Rumour should be believable: people are credible, corporations not
  77. 77. Goblin Blog– Starting 6 june–
  78. 78. Launch Video– MPEG Video
  79. 79. Goblinblog - top topical Roland Garros
  80. 80. Goblinblog - top topical Star Wars 3
  81. 81. Goblinblog - top topical Werchter
  82. 82. Goblinblog - stars and jokes
  83. 83. Goblinblog... hundred more posts... and 3 newsletters sentResults - 20.000 unique visitors - Average visit length: 19 min.
  84. 84. Case Studies Ugly Duck
  85. 85. Content of this document– Strategy & concept– The teasing phase– The reveal phase– Emakina’s conclusions– Appendixes
  86. 86. 1. Strategy & concept
  87. 87. 1. Strategy & concept – Strategy: a campaign with two phases – Be the first on the market while not revealing the offer1. Teasing phase 2. Reveal phase ° Only brand ° Full commercial offer awareness: ready online logo & name only ° Only reactive PR ° PR starts ° Objectives: ° Objectives: => Create curiosity => Visibility => Be the first => Trial (vs. Simyo)
  88. 88. 1. Strategy & concept – Creative approach by Emakina:1. Teasing phase 2. Reveal phase ° Message: ° Message: the “no frills” aspect focus on main offer is the entry point features => No mention of => Simplicity offer => Quality => “By choosing Levis, you are => Price smart”
  89. 89. 2. Teasing phase,by Emakina
  90. 90. 2. Teasing phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Viral effort– Results
  91. 91. 2. Teasing phase: creative concept– Pas de chichi: Pas de – Short & dynamic video sequences, chichi! in a funny & ironic (fr) atmosphere – Different situations where some people should better have used less frills… Geen – Each film is signed with the tralala! Levis logo + the following tagline: “Pas de chichi !” (nl)
  92. 92. 2. Teasing phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Viral effort– Results
  93. 93. 2. Teasing phase: campaign map Text ads Viral effort on Skynet by & MSN Emakina / minisiteSee/download Viral: send Opt-in: Goodies the movies them to friends possibility (see further) to be warned of reveal
  94. 94. 2. Teasing phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Viral effort– Results
  95. 95. 2. Teasing phase: creatives This is the homepage of the minisite
  96. 96. People had thepossibility to see ordownload the three movies
  97. 97. To enhance the viral aspect:- The films were signedwith “”- The possibility wasgiven to forward thefilms to friends
  98. 98. To enhance the viral too, people could invite friends to visit the site
  99. 99. People also had access to different goodies: here the wallpaper
  100. 100. People also had access to different goodies: here the “manifest”
  101. 101. The possibility was given to opt-in & be warned of the reveal
  102. 102. And finally, the FAQsection had also be made “uglier”…
  103. 103. 2. Teasing phase: creatives– Apart from the minisite, the advertising formats: – The following slides contain the “text ads” that had been placed on & on to promote the teasing minisite – The choice had been made to use text-only format to stay consistent with the underground strategy of UglyDuck
  104. 104. The first presence onMSN was with a simple text link on the homepage
  105. 105. Then, on the Hotmail site
  106. 106. Then, within theMessenger window
  107. 107. On Skynet, there werethree different places, all on the homepage
  108. 108. 2. Teasing phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Viral effort– Results
  109. 109. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– Broadcast to different e-mailings lists: – “Brice site of the day” – Other Emakina opt-in lists
  110. 110. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort – Research network: – Find first echelon of target traffic sites: write the editorials & directly access the videos • Forums:, Skynet forums, blogs… • Funny sites:, – Find second echelon: sites that help people to find the promotional material & increase referencesFR (80-sites) NL (70-sites) EN (50-sites) ...… ...
  111. 111. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– Create site accounts and start posting: – rademakd/******** –********* – rademakd/*************** – – – rademakd/***** – rademakd/******* – rademakd/******* – rademakd/************** – rademakd/******* – rademakd/******* – rademakd/******* – –****************
  112. 112. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort – Insertion & activation: forum posts – We maintained a diary to keep track of what posts were when inserted (to avoid duplicates). Editorials and promotional texts were custom adapted to the style of the site in order to increase the changes of acceptance:28/07/2005 NL submit griffe_nl.swf Dude, dont pimp my car (link) Bald guys should NOT try to pick form up chicks…28/07/2005 http://www.studiant.b NL submit strip_nl.swf Zoals ze in t Engels zeggen "Is that a gun in your pocket or are e/forum form you just happy to see me?" - (link) - t Zal wel weer een of andere reclame zijn maar toch goed gedaan… – Insertions of certain material were followed-up by insertions of other material. This allowed us to be present at many fronts with a variety of material
  113. 113. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– Insertion & activation: funny sites
  114. 114. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– Emails to webmasters – Mails were sent to various webmasters to convince them to pick up leads. Webmasters are always on the lookout for new original material and catchy headlines – We assisted them in this by suggesting headlines and matching captions – Close to a hundred webmasters were contacted like that
  115. 115. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– See also appendix 1: mention/review of the teasing phase on (e-)marketing sites/blogs
  116. 116. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– Even after the launch…
  117. 117. 2. Teasing phase: viral effort– Even after the launch…
  118. 118. 2. Teasing phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Viral effort– Results
  119. 119. 2. Teasing phase: results– Quick facts: – Total traffic: 216,574 unique visitors – Before product launch: 102,212 unique visitors – Highest day peak: 22,025 (Sunday, July 31) – Language ratio: NL 57% - FR 43% – Number of video views: +/- 275,000 (all videos) – Peak on number of links: +/- 250
  120. 120. 2. Teasing phase: results– Comparison webvertising vs. viral: (*: see next slide) – Overall figures: • Paid bannering: 73,144 visits (33%)* • Viral traffic: 143,430 visits (66%) – Before product launch: • Paid bannering: 73,144 visits (60%)* • Viral traffic: 47,843 visits (40%) – Within identified top-5 referrers: • MSN-Bannering: 25% of referred traffic • Skynet-bannering: 10% • Main posts & stimuli: 65% of referred traffic
  121. 121. 2. Teasing phase: results– Note on accuracy: – Reported unique visitors/visits numbers are guaranteed minimums • In reality, one can add 10-20% to compensate for proxy caching effects (i.e. large corporations frequently surf from a single IP address and all employees count as 1 visitor) – Missing referrer data • We can not independently confirm (via our referencing counter) the numbers as reported by MSN/Skynet but we accept them • Normally we can confirm these numbers with an error range of about 10% but here it seems to be more like 75% # can be result of counting scheme at media reps
  122. 122. 2. Teasing phase: results– Cost efficiency report: – Classical bannering will always be necessary to support a campaign but it does not make or break a campaign – Here, the quality of the viral campaign had a far more important effect than bannering – Some figures for costs per click • Bannering: 20K ! / 73K clicks # 0.27! / click • Viral promotion: 7.5K ! / 143K clicks # 0.05! / click • Efficiency of viral vs. bannering: x5!!
  123. 123. 3. Reveal phase,by Emakina
  124. 124. 3. Reveal phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Results
  125. 125. 3. Reveal phase: creative concept– Message focusing on: – Quality/reliability – Simplicity – Fair price – In the “ugly & bad” tone of voice of the brand – All this is a 100% consistent design
  126. 126. 3. Reveal phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Results
  127. 127. 3. Reveal phase: campaign map Bannering no content on Skynet anymore, & MSNbecomes a redirect to UglyDuck.beOpt-ins from teasing phase have been warned by e-mail Page where to see/download the page for press
  128. 128. 3. Reveal phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Results
  129. 129. 3. Reveal phase: creatives– The redirect page on
  130. 130. This e-mail was sent toopt-ins from the teasing phase
  131. 131. The press had access to this page (LG&F)
  132. 132. On the homepage of UglyDuck, a link wasplaced to see the movies
  133. 133. This time, the movies were signed with “”
  134. 134. 3. Reveal phase– Creative concept– Campaign map– Creatives– Results
  135. 135. 2. Teasing phase: results– Further role of viral in traffic generation (via teasing site): – Total traffic: 216,574 unique visitors – Before product launch: 102,212 unique visitors
  136. 136. 3. Reveal phase: results– E-mailing to opt-ins from teasing phase:
  137. 137. 3. Reveal phase: results– Webvertising (figures from DAD): Best CTR Imp. CTR régie site Clicks DAD for CTR real Reçues benchmark Format Proximus MSN MSN HP IMU 1.038.756 4.010 0,4% 0,6% 0,4% Leaderboard 524.266 2.978 0,16% 0,4% 0,6% Leaderboard expandable714.161 36.475 0,29% 3,3% 5,1% Overlayer 160.605 8.805 2,18% 13,8% 5,5% MSN entertainment Skyscraper expandable 192.057 1.525 0,29% 1,7% 0,8% Messenger Mini banner 18-34 2.915.647 17.029 0,5% 1,2% 0,6% MSN Total 5.545.492 70.822 1,3% Skynet Skynet HP IMU 414.260 2.459 0,4% 0,6% 0,6% Leaderboard 114.234 603 0,16% 0,4% 0,5% Skyscraper 175.581 342 0,23% 0,4% 0,2% Skyscraper expandable 628.949 1.533 0,29% 1,7% 0,2% Skynet ROS Skyscraper 190.036 380 0,23% 0,4% 0,2%=> Exceptional high resultsSkyscraper FREEEmakina1.547.153 3.172 thanks to creatives!! 0,23% 0,4% 0,2% Skynet Total 3.070.213 8.489 0,3% Grand Total 8.615.705 79.311 0,9%
  138. 138. 4. Emakina’s conclusions
  139. 139. Prelaunch Launch Post-LaunchTeasing campaign Internet website visits Calling behaviorViral marketing Contracts/sales Customer profile! Channel Visibility ! Sales !Consumer Behavior !# of visits to partner web sites !Sales per gross-gain !Age !CTR (Click Through Rate) * !Sales per swap !% of voice !# of videos downloaded: !Sales per Port-in !% of SMS +/- 275’000 !Frequency of Reload !# of videos forwarded via site ! Channel visibility !Amount of Reload +/- 2500 people did send video to !% of Free Minutes used friends via site !External (number of recipients: unknown) !# of people seeing banners !# of inscriptions !# people clicking on +/- 2000 people wanted to be banner Via our informed of reveal/follow-up !# of visits (CTR**) tracking tool !Internal !# of pages visited 194,680 visits !# of visits converted into Via ourfigures could These tracking tool contracts !% of be answered via our French/Dutch/English tracking tool visitors 57% NL vs. 43% FR*Webvertising only with text link on **the CTR will only indicate the number of Skynet, MSN, Messenger, Hotmail visits through the banners and not the direct click to the site
  140. 140. 4. Emakina’s conclusions: timeframe– Normal viral campaigns take 1-2 months & require carefully planned multi-platform presence– The timeline was very challenging (2 weeks): – Effective time window for viral campaign was decreased – Action plan was adapted from “slow build” # “massive tam-tam” – Was very challenging but we met traffic expectations and even surpassed our own hopes / wild dreams
  141. 141. 4. Emakina’s conclusions: comparison with theSprite campaign– – Sprite Goblin– Ultra-high traffic in – High traffic in short period (150k ultra-short time window / 1.5 month) (almost 200k / 2 weeks) – Low pick-up rate of creatives– High pick-up rate of but more word-of-mouse high-quality creatives on other – More content, story telling websites – More interactive– More visuals, videos (custom images posted on site)– Lower interaction model – Lots of online links (1000)– Less web links (250) but this is because campaign was shorter
  142. 142. 4. Emakina’s conclusions– Traffic: this must be a record on the Belgian web (but we were a bit lucky since time was unrealistically short)– Planning: time-window to be enlarged across different media (3 to 4 weeks is ideal)– Brand awareness: to be improved: more text/captions to position funnies
  143. 143. Appendix: Pasdechichi onbuzz/viralmarketing sites
  144. 144. Case StudyJean Paul Gaultier
  145. 145. Campaign Results– 2005-Q4– European campaign– +160’000 visitors– +215’000 visits– Site even made it to official Apple QuickTime Guide
  146. 146. Case StudyYes By Sodexho Archive Online
  147. 147. Yes – Gift Voucher– What Ticket Restaurant is for food, the Yes! will be as gift voucher for presents, special occasions, … exchangeable in many prestigious outlets
  148. 148. Buzz Campaign– A certain Sam Lennov has returned from the future and is making various predictions on social, cultural and economic level. Highlights are the prediction of the YES…
  149. 149. Designing a story development … and let the story evolve to YES more specific CURRENCY topics to build e a climax tim 4 geo-political changed world 2 8 technological economic changes changes 3 scientific changes 6 cultural changes 4 environmental changes 4 social 2 1 changes medical time changes machine 6 entertainment changes SamWe’ll start here, talking Lennovfrom a human interest These numberslevel to get the story indicate the proposedgoing… number of topics / weight within the story
  150. 150. Scheduling posts Traffic picks exponential up and posts becomes mainstream July 2005 Story gets picked up by Sam’s friends Sam leads a quite life Press and is considering coverage10th planet isdiscovered but not going public with his March 2005 July 2005 July 2005predicted. However, story but it’s thethis is the realisation coming Tsunami thatthat he knows and will kickstart it.influences thefuture… June Aug Sep Oct Jan 2004 Oct 2004 Dec 2004 April 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 time Blog is created Starts additional posting
  151. 151. Campaign Figures– 1.5 month campaign– Budget 10K– +30’000 unique visitors– +42’000 unique visits– +184’000 page views– 4.5 page views / visit– 13min average visit– 21 highly creative posts on a variety of human interest topics– 1325 quality interactive comments
  152. 152. Campaign Appreciation– School forums, class speeches, countless online forum discussions,– Magazine and TV journalists seeking contactGeachte heer Lennov,Ik werk als journalist voor het maandblad Menzo, en in functie Hey Samdaarvan stel ik u graag volgende vraag: kan ik u ergens zien,interviewen? Ik begrijp dat u op uw privacy gesteld bent, maar ik kan Met verstomming en met veel respect enu garanderen dat indien we tot een akkoord komen voor een interesse bekeek en las ik je webpagina’s!interview, wij uw identiteit (adres,, mailadres, …) zeker niet Het is nl zo dat ik reporter ben voor VTM. Nu wilzullen prijs geven. Ik ben best wel onder de indruk van uw kennis en het toeval dat ik net voor een reportage op zoekvisie op verschillende zaken, maar zou u toch graag wat concretere ben naar verhalen en getuigenissen over levenvragen willen voorleggen, zonder onze lezer ook maar enige duiding in de toekomst? Mag ik je hierover eenste geven of u daadwerkelijk uit de toekomst komt of niet .. laten we contacteren (telefoonnummer ofzo). Ik beloofhet beschouwen als een open interview, reclame voor uw blog maar absolute discretie en kijk uit naar je mailtje?wel in die mate dat we werken met vraag en antwoord. Bovenal: ik Thanks, nog veel plezier hier en nu en hopelijkbegrijp dat u geen foto’s uit de toekomst kan laten zien, maar u tot heel binnenkort.vermeldt wel enkele voorwerpen, die ik graag eens zou zien .. ikhoop alvast dat u toch even over mijn voorstel wil nadenken, u kan Mortimij altijd met een privé-nummer bellen op het nummer:0496/xx.yy.zzzmet vriendelijke groeten,Jorn
  153. 153. Reveal Phase– Sodexho endorsing the campaign– Admitting the claims made on the site
  154. 154. Contact us EMAKINA Rue Middelbourg, 64A 1170 Brussels Tel : + 32 2 400.40.00 Fax : + 32 2 400.40.01