Cns studies with rodentPACK2 telemetry system


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The rodentPACK2 transmits data via radiotelemetry, offering a well-tolerated, humane alternative to tethered EEG. Direct inputs from the device to cortical and deep brain regions provide a high signal-to-noise ratio, facilitating the detection of EEG events.

The EEG analyzer module, within ecgAUTO software, allows scientist to easily:
generate FFT power spectrums with user defined frequency bands detect epilepsy seizures
differentiate between four sleep stages and calculate global sleep score.

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Cns studies with rodentPACK2 telemetry system

  1. 1. cliquer pour ajouter un titre Epileptic seizure detection & sleep scoring EEG telemetry semi-invasive biopotential, temperature & activity in rodents
  2. 2. software for CNS studies rodentPACK2 EEG telemetry A B C D E sources of EEG/EMG data epilepsy seizure detection sleep scoring rodentPACK2 for EEG telemetry using third party files and telemetry
  3. 3. sources of EEG/EMG data smart tools – swift services – sharp research
  4. 4. emka SOFTWARE ACQUIRE & PROCESS DATA • recorded by emka iox data acquisition software • recorded from third party device with analog outputs • converted from text file • converted from third party acquisition software • recorded directly from third party telemetry
  5. 5. B epileptic seizure detection smart tools – swift services – sharp research
  6. 6. EEG ANALYZER MODULE within ecgAUTO software Automatic software seizure detection is peformed using combined analysis of various parameters
  7. 7. EPILEPSY SEIZURE DETECTION within ecgAUTO software • detection is based on a user defined multicriteria condition involving 1 to 4 parameters and associated thresholds • among these parameters, some may be derived from FFT computations • analysis is performed in successive epochs of adjustable length and overlap percentage
  8. 8. EPILEPSY SEIZURE DETECTION within ecgAUTO software Example of detection settings: • epochs of n seconds (typically 2 to 10) • successive epochs overlap by x% (typically 0 to 50%) • epoch is a candidate if its energy, or power within some frequency range (typically 3Hz to 10hz) exceeds a threshold • seizure consists of a minimum number of consecutive candidate epochs (typically 2 to 3)
  9. 9. EPILEPSY SEIZURE DETECTION within ecgAUTO software Epochs of 4s, with 50% overlap. Single threshold on total epoch energy. Main data table shows epoch status and detected seizures
  11. 11. EPILEPSY SEIZURE DETECTION plot with individual spectrums shown along input EEG trace
  12. 12. EPILEPSY SEIZURE DETECTION Detected seizures are visible: • in main results table • listed in a specific seizure table for review and edition
  13. 13. SEIZURE SUMMARY TABLE Seizure table shows: • index • time in file • duration • limits on trace • individual epochs
  14. 14.
  15. 15. SEIZURE SUMMARY TABLE Seizure table other key features: • display seizures listed per time, or increasing/decreasing duration • summary per time frame (number and total duration of all seizures in successive 15mn frames), • status of criteria used to detect candidate epochs
  16. 16. EPILEPSY SEIZURE EDITION • manual edition of seizures limits is possible • invalid seizures can be deleted • undetected seizures can be created • valid seizures can be exported to text file
  17. 17. EPILEPSY SEIZURE EDITION Automatically detected limits (in green) Manual cursor to modify limits (blue & red arrows)
  18. 18. EPILEPSY SEIZURE EDITION Manually added seizure shown in yellow on trace and in summary table
  19. 19. EPILEPSY SEIZURE INVALIDATION Invalidated seizure in dotted red on trace, in pink in table
  20. 20. EPILEPSY SEIZURE EDITION TRACKING All manual edition actions: • shown in summary table and on data traces • are recorded in data file • can be reversed
  21. 21. EPILEPSY SEIZURE DATA EXPORT Seizure text format table with date, time, seizure length Full epoch per epoch table also available __________ cpu-date january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 january 7, 2009 __________ __________ __________ __________ epilepsy table report cpu-time site-time (hS01+)__EPL_epoch# (hS01+)__EPL_lengthS 15:49:13.000 00:01:21.991 17 65.59 15:50:13.000 00:02:21.987 8 29.592 15:53:09.000 00:05:17.991 41 157.599 15:54:57.000 00:07:05.984 1 1.594 15:57:37.000 00:09:45.974 5 17.593 15:58:13.000 00:10:21.991 8 25.612 15:59:01.000 00:11:09.988 10 37.591 16:00:57.000 00:13:05.981 22 85.588 16:03:13.000 00:15:21.992 32 121.605 16:04:09.000 00:16:17.988 12 45.591 16:04:37.000 00:16:45.986 5 17.593 16:06:41.000 00:18:49.978 3 9.593 16:07:41.000 00:19:49.975 6 21.592 16:08:41.000 00:20:49.990 8 29.592 16:10:17.000 00:22:25.984 3 9.593 16:10:57.000 00:23:05.982 1 1.594 16:12:13.000 00:24:21.977 3 9.593 __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ _____18 end of report text file section
  22. 22. sleep scoring smart tools – swift services – sharp research
  23. 23. POWER SPECTRUM ANALYSIS EEG analyzer module withing ecgAUTO software • power in up to 6 adjustable frequency ranges • absolute and relative power values • versatile scheduling of analysis, epoch lengths, overlap factor, windowing
  24. 24. SLEEP SCORING From top: cortex, hippocampus, muscle, sleep score, active wake, quiet wake, REM sleep, SW sleep • easily differentiate between four sleep stages • calculate global sleep scores • FFT power spectrums • epileptic seizures detection • optional video for confirmation of sleep score
  25. 25. SLEEP SCORING Spectrum shown for each epoch - Automated and manual scores
  26. 26. SLEEP SCORING MODULE • define thresholds applicable to any parameter from any input • software applies logical rules to attribute 1 out of 4 sleep stages to each epoch • trend graph displays parameters as well as sleep stages • on the fly, adjust thresholds and see the effect on sleep scoring • reassign scores, also using up to 15 custom labelled scores
  27. 27. smart tools – swift services – sharp research
  28. 28. SPECTRUM DATA EXPORT Export FFT spectrum from each epoch Possibility to group frequency data to limit number of data columns.
  29. 29. D rodentPACK2 telemetry smart tools – swift services – sharp research
  30. 30. TETHER-FREE EEG TELEMETRY rodentPACK2 wireless, low cost, head-mounted EEG for rodents Acquisition of EEG and other biopotential signals, as well as activity/ positional data Applications are varied, e.g. sleep and epilepsy studies, ECG and EMG recording
  31. 31. TETHER-FREE EEG TELEMETRY rodentPACK2 wireless, low cost, head-mounted EEG for rodents • head-mounted biopotential telemetry for rodentstransmits data via radiotelemetry • humane alternative to tethered EEG • high signal to noise ratio • replaceable battery for lifetime monitoring
  32. 32. TETHER-FREE EEG TELEMETRY rodentPACK2 wireless, low cost, head-mounted EEG for rodents • 4 biopotential signals (EEG, ECG, EMG) each sampled at 1 kHz • 3-axis acceleration, sampled at 50Hz on each axis • global acceleration (computed from 3 axes), for activity assessment • 1 temperature, sampled at 1Hz
  33. 33. TETHER-FREE EEG TELEMETRY rodentPACK2 wireless, low cost, head-mounted EEG for rodents • electrodes implanted in the subject and linked to a connector permanently glued onto the skull • transmitter housing amplifiers, transmission electronics and batteries, to be coupled to the head connector prior to experiment • receiver to read transmitted data
  34. 34. FEATURES Radio transmission range 5m or more Transmission duration with same batteries: 150 hours (cost of batteries: 3€ ($4US) / pair) Group housing multiple animals in same cage Up to 32 animals in same room with no required shielding
  35. 35. ADVANTAGES Noise free, high quality EEG signal EEG electrodes are rigidly welded on the head connector which is itself solidly linked to the transmitter, therefore animal movements trigger no flexible wire movement and cause no artefact 3-axis acceleration allowing activity and posture assessment Very low recurring cost no transmitter refurbishment is ever necessary batteries cost 3€ per recording
  36. 36. MORE ADVANTAGES Low investment cost To record simultaneously from 4 rats, your complete hardware investment is less than 13k€ ($18kUS) Even lower investment cost By scheduling your recordings, you may further decrease cost. For example, conducting a study on 16 subjects split in 4 groups of 4, only requires a total hardware investment of 14k€ ($20kUS)
  37. 37. DATA TRACES from rodentPACK2 5s of data from a rat - cortex, hippocampus, EMG, total acceleration
  38. 38. DATA TRACES from rodentPACK2 50s of data from a rat - cortex, hippocampus, EMG, total acceleration
  39. 39. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Does the device alter subject behaviour? After an acclimation of under 24 hours, the rats ignore the device. They do not « touch » it nor do they try to rub it on the cage sides How long can the implanted electrodes and glued connector stay in place ? Rats equipped with this types of electrodes and connectors have been routinely used for many years in tethered systems Rats used for our tests were implanted 12 months ago and are still in good health. No special precautions were taken during this period to keep the skin-to-glue junction clean or sterile.
  40. 40. third party data files easyMATRIX to read telemetry implant signal smart tools – swift services – sharp research
  41. 41. ANALYZING DATA FROM THIRD-PARTY SYSTEMS emka TECHNOLOGIES analysis software can process data in the following formats: • produced by emka iox acquisition software • produced by DATAQUEST or PONEMAH software • available as text files, for example from powerLab or Biopac • available in format such as EDF, Ishne, others
  42. 42. easyMATRIX Invasive telemetry acquisition with easyMATRIX A seamless solution to combine measurements from telemetry implants and the power of emka TECHNOLOGIES software suite
  43. 43. easyMATRIX • reads signal from any type of implant through any receiver • contains its own ambient pressure transducer • connects to computer through USB port (no need for an add-on A/D acquisition card) • also runs when 2 to 4 receivers read signal from a single implant • iox2 directly records fully calibrated data • OpenART not required
  44. 44. easyMATRIX • up to 16 receivers connect to a single easyMATRIX  • up to 8 analog signals connect to a single easyMATRIX • perfect synchronization between telemetry implants and analog signals •1 easyMATRIX manages 1 to 4 receivers per implant • up to 4 receivers connect to a single easyMATRIX • up to 4 easyMATRIX connect to a single computer
  46. 46. SETUP EXAMPLE 4 animals with 4 receivers/animal
  47. 47. SETUP EXAMPLE 16 receivers connected to a single easyMATRIX
  48. 48. cliquer pour ajouter un titre solutions for lifesciences research @emkaTECH