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Photography assignment 3


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Photography assignment 3

  1. 1. Street PhotographyEmily White
  2. 2. What is Street Photography? Street photography captures people and placeswithin their daily lives. It usually features subjectsin candid situations within public places anddoes not necessitate the presence of a street oreven the urban environment.Simon Cross Matt Weber
  3. 3. Street Photography: Do’s and Donts Good judgment and goodmanners; be polite to who youcould be potentially shooting. Look for things, people, andplaces that interest you; Life ishappening all around you, socapture the range of emotionsand expressions that go alongwith it. Make sure your ready for anypicture opportunity; you may misssomething amazing if yourplaying with your camera.Don’tsDo’s Act suspicious; people wontwant you taking their photo ifyou dont ask. Sneak up/stalk;whoever/whatever you couldpotentially capture wont likeit if you shove the camera intheir face. Obsess over your camera.
  4. 4. Street Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt was born in Dirschau (Tczew) in WestPrussia, Imperial Germany in 1898. His family moved to Berlin in1906. Eisenstaedt was fascinated by photography from his youthand began taking pictures at age 14 when he was given his firstcamera, an Eastman Kodak Folding Camera with roll film.Eisenstaedt served in the German Armys artillery during WorldWar I, and was wounded in 1918.
  5. 5. Street Photographer: Alfred EisenstaedtV-J Day in Time Square New YorkCity,1945Children at Puppet Theater, Paris, 1963I like Eienstaedt’s work because his images capture thesubjects emotions perfectly. His photography style shows adocumentary or a photo journalistic style. His images arevery natural and many are spontaneous which I love abouthis photos.
  6. 6. My Photography
  7. 7. My Photography
  8. 8. My Photography
  9. 9. My PhotographyI think thisphoto is agoodexample ofStreetPhotographyas the coupleare justenjoying thesun andminding theirown business.
  10. 10. My Photography
  11. 11. My Photography
  12. 12. My PhotographyI think this photo is a great example of Juxtaposition as it shows business men in suitshaving a beer in the middle of the day.
  13. 13. My Photography